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  1. Im gonna disagree with a lot of people here by the way. There is a huge problem at the CF, something we didnt have with Mitroglou the years 2013-2018. On those ages we made a few good chances on each match (that was the problem) yet he did manage to get a lot of them to go in. Now we have a totally different problem. We create by the fcking ton. And I mean a lot. I ve never seen the Ethniki create that much like it did in the last 3 games of NL. Kossovo - Moldova - Kossovo. I know the opposition is low but our opposition was equally low on the 2016 Euro Campaign , 2018 WC Campaign a
  2. He is a clown. When his players ditched him on the press conference he kicked them out. Now he is doing the same thing to Fortounis. Kinda diminishing him saying that "he is not even a starter at Olympiacos all the time". I can expect Fortounis dodging the next call ups and declining the invitation. Every window that goes through I understand those clown Olympiacos fanatics that are saying that EPO is fighting them. I unironically keep agreeing with them every damn NT window.
  3. Good result. Amazing offensively but truth be told. Half of our chances were created vs 9 men and after Fortounis and Fountas joined. Those guys are too mobile to be left on the bench. I know Moldova is a coffeeshop but truth be told Kossovar defence is a similar coffeeshop as well. Hatzidiakos is terrible as a RB. Couldn't help the build up at all. Rota made the Right flank a lot more promising even tho he fcked up with the penalty. I'd like to see Fountas and Fortounis start at the next match.
  4. I doubt it is that. A coach who can only play one system is a system babby. And that is what JVS is. He can only play 3-4-3. Αnd players who don't he can't somehow make them fit in there (biggest example is Fortounis). Problem with Austria match was simple. JVS focused on CBs building up game which could not happen with the current faces. Sokratis could do that. Siovas could do that. Stafylidis could do that. Hatzidiakos can (to some extend), and I expect Retsos when fit and match ready to also do that - guy is good with his feet. What happened instead with Austria is midfield and defence bein
  5. This team can't defend teams better than Slovenia, Moldova, Kossovo. The score benefits us at 2-1. At least Fountas and Fortounis seem mobile and I could see them score on the upcomming matches. Siovas , Chatzidiakos, Manolas are desperately needed in the lineup.
  6. I dont understand why Lazaros Lamprou has not been called yet. (Just checked his birthday - guy is ineligible for the U-21 squad. No Chatzigiovanis, no Vasiliadis. What exactly are we testing? RB position Rota and the same midfield and the same attack? We ve had like 10 CBs playing for us under JVS seriously losing my temper with this guy. Kossovo will come and win us in Greece. This is my prediction. Moldova is nowhere to be found in the football map but Kossovo is comming with a completely different squad and a lot of their players (as they re probably very cheap) will have confid
  7. Austria is slightly outside the European top 10 National Teams rosterwise, at least in my opinion. Outside the top nations like France, England, Germany , Portugal , Spain , Belgium, Italy who are the top of the top, teams like Croatia, Poland , Denmark, Sweden are equally decent to the likes of Austria. This will be a really good indicator of what the team can do against better opposition but I would like to see more entries with the likes of Vasiliadis Baldock Donis (last one has not played a gme under JVS that's why I call him a "new entry").
  8. He does actualy because he has a long shot and there need to be at least 2 players on him most of the time. The problem is that our midfielders are not going up front so the enemy opposition has enough players to mark our wingers as well. For me I 'd like to see a 3-5-2 with bakasetas a real second striker: Vlachodimos (Barkas was bad in the last 2 matches) ??? - Chatzidiakos - ??? Limnios - Zeka - Kourbelis - Giannoulis Fortounis Bakasetas Fountas ??? : Literally any one of those called as they re all shitte.
  9. ? You re playing a 3-4-3 with your 2 midfielders being fullbacks what do you mean? 5 out of the 10 infield positions are practically defenders and you re shocked half of the call ups are defender? LoL....
  10. Vasiliadis is a creative box to box for sure I wanted to see him. Also for everyone saying that before, Stafy had a surgery last week he won't be picked. Reminder he was injured vs Kosovo at his shoulder, and thus the surgery. Hasnt had playtime since last year with his team.
  11. We re playing a 3 CB scheme. Svarnas will probably start. Chatdisiakos as well, but who is the third ? Michailidis is my bet. A CB trio with average age 21,5 Ouch.
  12. If you did answer, then you are unaware of what the question was.
  13. you would be banning me because of his attitude or me going with the flow with him? Woah.
  14. Thanks for replying without answering, sorta proving my point. As for Ouzo I love it with fish and Tzatziki breath never bothered me in my love life both if it was comming from me or from the girl. As for the rest, I am not sure there is an answer. My favorite ritual, however, is the calling of the intenstine gods. I go to the toilet, and when I am done, I grab my trophy and throw it in the mirror calling for them. They hardly ever listen though.
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