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  1. 3 mil is a lot of money for eredivisie sides (ajax excluded). they look like they really wanted him.
  2. They dont call paok fans orcs for no reason, if that's what you got from my comment about Mantalos.
  3. Tzolis is a good player on open space. Vs Honduras the kid has a dozen of chances, missed all but he was in them. Honduras played open ball and came to win. Norway was strict and not giving us space to run. Tzolis will be decent for 1st and 2nd tier opposition like Sweden and Spain, if he moves to a better league and gets proper football education, work ethic and competition for a starting spot. I am wondering why we didn't see Fountas who also had another amazing season. Similar statistics to Bakasetas in a similar difficulty league. Hoping he declined the call-up for transfer negot
  4. ? How does the result prove me wrong mate? Mantalos was nowhere to be found on the offensive play. It was amazing key passes from Pelkas and Tsimikas that ended up in goals. I'd rather have Zeka and/or Siopis than Mantalos if all I expect from him is to man-mark.
  5. This NT has the eyes for the W.C. yet somehow this guy is fielding Mantalos, almost 30, with obvious degradation, even tho he is our 3rd choice AM. This is definately a managerial issue. Maybe AEK looking to sell so starting him might up his price/salary in the upcomming transfer window. I love the idea of 5-3-2 vs 2 striker opposition.
  6. Seems to me like this guy is very talented and that is why JVS has been putting him as a starter all these games. He has been solid 2,5 seasons in a row with Willem. And it's his 3rd season scoring 10+ goals. Also has a decent number of assists every season. I think we really need to give him some time, even if that proves to be 2+ years. With Bouchalakis Fortounis and Tzolis, who are considered decent service, we might see some stuff from him. Let's not forget that we are talking about a 22 year old kid. Mitroglou was a back-up 3rd choice striker at Olympiakos at his age.
  7. I dont know the amount of times but I know the time will be close to 90% the time we had possession :).
  8. I cant disagree on u that Id have Tsimikas or Kyriakopoulos or Lykogiannis as RB instead of even Bakakis. We have serie A left backs. One should be able to perform better than Mavrias and even Bakakis ifu ask me.
  9. Stop asking on a LB to play RB. They re not as experienced as Toro was when he did that at Roma. Playing on the wrong foot means u can mostly pass inside and not on your wingman, and it means you need to cut the opponent wingman with your wrong foot (same thing that Mavrias tried to do when we conceded, because he tried to cut inside). Bakakis wouldn't be much better. For me the blame is mostly on Limnios who, knows that kid is talented, stays up front even after we re 1-0 up. The lineup wasn't bad. I repeat. If you exclude the fact that we do miss Manolas and Siovas, the line-up wasnt bad.
  10. JVS has only faced one team that is not 4th-5th tier in the European teams ranking. That is spain last week. We are not losing to them micronations but we are not winning them more than 50% of our matches. Does this comment mean we agree that we became a 4th-5th tier team a well? Realistically, since we can't really prove dominance against them and secure 3pointers against them on most occassions, or at least look like we can, it does. We are a 4th-5th tier team with 2nd-3rd tier players. How can you guys be okay with that and "trust the process". It's been 2 years since the process started.
  11. You re missing the bigger picture. Tow questions for you. When was the last time your team won a team we weren't expected to? I ll tell you. Netherlands - Greece friendly 1-2. 2016 How many teams have we underperformed against and lost or drew to a team that we were expecting to win since JVS started coaching the team? JVS was hired july 2019. Let's start: Finland away loss (im a realist and believe a draw would be a decent result btw). Liechtenstein draw. Kossovo once. Slovenia twice. Georgia now. The guy has us snatching 50% of results vs teams like Finland,Georgia, Kossov
  12. Nah the line up was the best possible. I disagree. Bouchalakis is a more offensive midfielder than the other one in the group, Siopis. We needed him. Fortounis was okay . Bakasetas is a good player but he cannot perform with the NT. Noone would perform better than him tho. Maybe Fortounis in the 10 and Baka on the wings would be better. RB whoever u put was gonna be a yoyo of the opponents. CBs are the best he calls. LB The best we have , and the best player with Fortounis. CF is not much difference between the two. Pavlidis is better with the ball on his feet. The lineup was good. T
  13. This time. There is only one person to blame. The lineup was splendid compared to what and who we have as country. The tactics we re s%$#!. JVS lost it on his own and im not negotiating it. His time is trully up.
  14. You re acting like a 12 year old. This is an anonymous forum. Ignoring someone over the internet is multiple times easier than real life. He is a kid compared to us. You re just commin in for a fight as well, you re just doing it more ύπουλα.
  15. If you know their only real deanger is on the right u put a right DM there much earlier and ask your RM to backtrack nonstop. Masouras should ve been put on the right. The line up today was perfect. JVS tactics were terrible.
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