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  1. Positives: Slovenia was terrible and considering that they re the 2nd best team after us in this Group, it makesm e feel optimistic. Negatives: Everything else. We keep the result but this team will be unable to break ANY defence in the upcomming future if changes are not made. No matter how much possession and how impossible it is for other teams to get through our defences.
  2. I cannot see why Mantalos starts over Masouras and Kourbelis over Bouchalakis unironically. Olympiakos has had gametime after the pandemic break and had it's last (and pretty good appearance if u ask me) match less than a month ago. I understand the reason he plays is because he defends and tracks back but come on we are playing Slovenia we ll have to open them up somehow.
  3. We should be beating a lot of people after the 2014 WC. Its been 6 years and we ve barely beat any of the ones htat we should. The audacity of believing these are easy matches is insane. We ll both be here tomorrow to commentate on how we barely won/ had a bad result bro. Be patient.
  4. Vlachodimos missing is obsurd. I can understand Sokratis/Manolas reasons missing, but when the ones called instead are Lampropoulos / Svarnas even Siovas for fuq sake I cannot comprehend the reasons behind this. I also have no idea why Koulouris is here and Donis is not instead. Tzolis was expected to be here. Michailidis not, and especially with so many Left Footed defenders (Stafylidis Tsimikas Giannoulis). Rota was also expected to be in the team. The reason is simple. We have noone else other than Bakakis as a Right Back. Slovenia away and Kosovo away are our first t
  5. The call ups are probably delayed for the match of Paok tonight. After this match is done too I expect them to announce them tomorrow.
  6. With Ilicic probably having quit football for a while (rumours that his wife cheated on him - thats why he missed the match vs PSG) there is no way I can see us not winning this Group. I am kinda scared of Kossovo because its a big question mark. Noone knows their true level yet, but even if they manage to draw - win us once I doubt they will not drop points vs other 2.
  7. Check our greece national football team Wikipedia. At the bottom there is the team's schedule. We also have some friendlies. About 8 matches in September October and November.
  8. Look at this defence boys I am expecting a really good campaign. Vlachodimos/ Barkas Baldock/ Retsos - Manolas/Mavropanos - Chatzidiakos/Sokratis - Tsimikas/Stafylidis/Giannoulis With Zeka Siopis and the integration of Vasiliadis on the team I have high hopes.
  9. George Baldock, starter of Sheffield United wants to play for our NT. I believe we have the material to win the Nations League Group we are at undefeated. If this is done we will see younger CBs like Chatzidiakos - Retsos - Mavropanos be more prepared when they are really needed.
  10. Manolas has still a lot to offer. Samaris can only be a 80 min sub in my opinion. Zeka Galanopoulos Kourbelis Siopis are all mediocre but if stuck with defensive duties we have a pretty solid protection of the defence. Offensively we really are better than before, both on the wings and as a Striker. I want to see Fortounis take his form back after his injury. GK stacked CB / LB stacked CDMs is a hole with mediocre players. Siopis is good in transition Samaris is also decent in transition. I would really hope Mantalos starts playing the 8 role because he is really good at
  11. VfB Stuttgart, probably promoted in Bundesliga 1. next season, are looking to buy Taxiarchis Fountas from Rapid Wien.
  12. Lazio eyeing Bakasetas from Alanyaspor. 10 goals 5 assists this season, mainly as a second striker in Turkish Super Lig. His value went from 500,000 to 5 million in this slightly more than half season (pro coronavirus era). 10x the value he was bought from AEK Athens. Also Sebastian Vasiliadis, the guy who was called the last time in the NT ,Born and Raised in Germany, is eyed from Midtable teams in Bundesliga like Gladbach and Schalke. German fans tell me he had a huge impact in Paderborn being promoted and still makes good and decent appearances with the , pretty much relegate
  13. None of these players have the calibre of our usual Defenders. I don't know why he is trying alchemy in the only line that we have obvious talent. Make big talks with Sokratis Manolas Siovas for their return. Like real big talk. Integrate Retsos, Hatzidiakos, Mavropanos (Dude is like the fly in the milk pou leme kiolas in 2. Bundesliga). Leftback with Stafylidis (also can be used as CB also I'd rather not) Tsimikas and Giannoulis/Koutris we are fine. Right back is a question with Retsos being the #1 option in my opinion. Bakakis because we literally have noone else.
  14. Sokratis is the reason Olympiakos qualified. He was marking El Arabi with his eyes.
  15. Best teams from each Pot: 1st Greece (by far in my opinion) 2nd Kosovo 3rd Slovenia 4th Kazakhstan (they play in Artificial so it will be hard for everyone) Personally I would rather avoid all of the mentioned above. But even if we have all of these teams against us, we are literally capable of gathering 18/18 points from this shitfest where every semi decent team of League C is already in League B.
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