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  1. Giannoulis is bad? Really? Honestly he has been Paok's most effective offensive threat this season. Giannoulis is good but Tsimikas is also good. For my opinion both sohuld fit in a 4-4-2 on the Left Flank. Because if not them, who else? Chatzidiakos is good. Really like him and the last 2 seasons Alkmaar has been amazing defensively, with him being mainly a starter. Mavropanos and Retsos were bomb signings so im pretty sure that there is something there that needs notice, more than what a last resort 4th cb of paok (michailidis) and low budget Aek's starter (svarnas) need for sure.
  2. We have a lot of time until the qualifiers start, which is on March 25. considering we have Baldock and the coch monitoring the fact that Retsos and Mavropanos have been playing relatively consistently in Germany and France, I would love to see Siovas and Manolas back. This would give us a solid defence to at least look competitive.
  3. the problem with ranieri was that there were expectations of him and there were players in the NT that loved Santos and hated how EPO treated him. Noone has expectations fron JVS.
  4. Ι disagree about hte confidence. The team would be confident if they topped the Nations League Group. Being unable to do that probably hurt the morale. So did the draw.
  5. Forsberg? Kulusevski? Claesson? They re no top 10 in their positions like the spanish line up but seriously? The rest of their squad is all playing in midtble tems in England, Germany, Italy. You are A swede in a swedish forum identical to this one, but for the Swedish national team. You have no idea about the Greek NT but you search for them in wikipedia. Players like Svarnas, Bakakis, Pavlidis, Kourbelis pop up as starters. You check their teams. Half of the teams never make it to Europa qualifications. Half of the teams are bottom feed in Europa Groups (Paok, Aek). A couple of names in S
  6. I would give us a 20% possibility of ending up 2nd. 20% possibility of ending up 4th and 60% of finishing 3rd. Sweden although not the kafeneio you guys present it. Are really relatively chokers and as a NT they never had good duration. Thats the only reason we can end up higher than them. Under other circumstances we re nowhere near their level. If we play them 10 times we might win them once.
  7. This is not the post meant for such discussion but this team's ταβάνι is the 3rd place and a very good run which depends on the group will be the 2nd place. We have no hopes to qualify for the next WC and if you look the next games hoping we will you will just be dissappointed. The aim for this qualification is for our NT to grab some points, remain 3rd pot and maybe get some better ranking to secure 3rd pot for a while and see us be able to play the damn ball vs both minor nations (like Kosovo and Slovenia) but also look competitive with better Nations like Austria, Romania , Czechia , Russi
  8. I asked why today because 5 days ago all the sports sites in Greece stated that his Greek naturalizing has returned and was frozen due to the pandemic situation. I suppose for all of them to return stilmultaneously as well a post being made her about him someone must have heard something about Balldock.
  9. he ain't good defensively. plays in a team that goes for 3-5-2 / 3-4-3. Honestly I would kill to see a backline of 5 with Tsimikas and Giannoulis both on the Left Wing and Baldock Limnios on the Right.
  10. Is it official now? I dont understand why the thread was made today. Guy is as good as Bakakis is defensively. Mediocre to bad, but his offensive duties are like the ones of our wingers. Huge addition in the defence. Hoping to see Manolas Siovas and why not Sokratis back in the team too, or at least some of em.
  11. Winning Kosovo and scorign 1 more with Moldova. Also u forget the line-up vs Slovenia at matchday 1. Coach lost it. We literally had the easiest group in League C.
  12. You can blame him of course. He is the only one to blame. The reason this match was a final was beause his selections in the matchday 1 vs Slovenia and matchday 4 vs Kosovo ended up in us not winning. When Slovenia is playing for literally 2 results it's twice as easy to manage the game.
  13. No. On the good news. Bosnia lost and Finland also lost. We are 29th in the UEFA rankings, remaning in pot 3.
  14. The qualification was not lost today. It was lost because Fortounis didn't play vs Kossovo.
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