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  1. Lambrou and Limnios need to become decent GSL players before getting a call up... Let's not forget that we have to set our sights on Euro 2020 qualifying befre we even think about WC 2022
  2. not sure the last time the Socceroos played a Croatia team this good to 'fancy themselves'? This is the socceroos team that struggled vs Thailand , Syria and Iraq >>>>>
  3. this is NOT an OLYMPIAKOS UCL SQUAD!! If we attacked ..10-0 was a possibility.... I think we need to acknowledge, that as individuals we have some decent footballers...as a TEAM..This is the worst TEAM by UCL standards we have EVER HAD!! And we are in the hardest group possible!! Remember last season with arguably a more settled team.. we struggled vs APOEL, Young Boys...
  4. just worry about them getting an u19 or u21 call up first.. they are playing under age football at the moment..
  5. do not underestimate how strong this Barca team is... No Greek team from any era, would do much better against this Barca team if the Greek team has been thrown together over a few weeks... Greek teams to do well at this level MUST Keep the same core for 2-3 seasons then refine strengths and weaknesses... We had 11 blokes who played together for the first time vs THE BEST TEAM IN THE WORLD!!!.. Just try and comprehend that... Botia and Nikolaou HAVE NEVER BEEN PARTNERED AT CD BEFORE..And they were asked to FACE MESSI AND SUAREZ!! Anyone that expected anymore from
  6. Croatia is much better than Bosnia. Decent defence and brilliant midfield....much more cultured footballers all round..
  7. Denmark are our only chance... Portugal/Swiss Italy Croatia will tear us apart
  8. The only chance we have to ever be competitive at this level and take points is to build a strong core and keep them over 4/5/6 years.. I only wonder how strong a unit we would be if we had some of these guys still playing together. Toro Marcano Manolas K.Pap Holebas Samaris Mazuaku Weiss Mitroglou Kasami Mirallas Roberto Fejsa Perez etc.....these guys are all still playing at the highest levels.... the concept of taking Nicolaou, Engels, Proto, Koutris, Zdeljar to Torino and expect anything but a brave
  9. I am sure Manolas tries and cares... The coach would pick up on it otherwise... Our problem is that Taxi, Samaris have had little game time in the last few months.. Mitro, Karelis are injured..Klaus has fallen off the face of the planet in the last 24 months... We lack creativity and speed out wide... Lazaros should be recalled....But let's not forget that 12 months ago he was also MIA...And part of the problem..not the solution We need to win in Cyprus...so my 11 would be: ..............................Karnezis.......................
  10. He is not a coach from Kosovo.....He is a Kosovar...However he is a coach from Belgium and he has learnt his football in Belgium...a far more advanced footballing school than Greece..
  11. I think we need to out things into perspective... there is the 'ancient era' - PAO making Euro Final the 'old era' PAO making semis X2 and Oly making QF... AND THE VERY MODERN ERA...THE LAST 5-8 years...where Oly made last 16 twice.. In the very modern era making the last 16 is a huge success.. the goal posts have changed and not too many teams outside the Elite will be making QF/SF.. If you compare the last 5 UCL campaigns of both you will find Oly have done better.. And Oly's last 5 would be in this decade where the bar has been raised much hi
  12. I find it interesting that many Greeks believe Belgium will not try v Bosnia...yet believe Cyprus will go all out to beat Greece.. The logic in this 'conspiracy theory' baffles me.... I doubt that EPO will approach CFA to roll over...Too risky if leaked... You need to essentially have some players or coach on board..coach is a foreigner the risk is magnified... again way too risky.. Most likely scenario...Individual Cyprus players are fully aware of what is at stake..I guess their own 'patriotic duty' will prevail....they will chase balls at 80%...they will jump at 70% ..th
  13. Any player who has not had a meaningful impact for club should not be considered a future prospect.. Limnios, Evangelou, Nikolaou, Siampanis...are barely senior footballers... lei's try and keep this into perspective..
  14. If we had drawn today...we would have been 4 goals behind Bosnia.. If Bosnia beat Belgium by 1 and Estonia by 2. A 2-0 win at Cyprus and a 6-0 win over Gibraltar gets us second spot... Also the extra point would be handy....As I am feeling as if though either Bosnia or greece will miss out altogether by being the 9th best second team.
  15. Hows this for a potential scenario We draw to Cyprus...Belgium beat Bosnia 3-0.... Then Estonia v Bosnia and Greece v Gibraltar comes down to some goal shoot out.. were we need to beat Gibraltar by 3 more than Bosnia beat Estonia....
  16. a point today meant that if we smacked Gibraltar by 5-0 or 6-0 and Cyprus 1-0 or 2-0...we may have pipped Bosnia on GD regardless if Bosnia win both matches....And also certainly have pipped Montenegro or EIRE...as we and Bosnia are now both in danger of missing out altogether...as the 9th best second based team..
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