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  1. the problem is that we don't have a natural no.6.....Taxi is the best option..in theory he and Samaris should be the no.6 and no.8 locks for the next 3 campaigns..until EURO 2020....In theory they should complement each other...they have in theory the right game and tools..... this would unleash Kone,Fetfa as the no.10 or wide player...according to opposition....then this would allow players like Ninis,Mavrias,Kolovos,Mandalos,Fortounis,Pelkas, Karelis,Lazaros to fight for the other wide/mid positions....and rotate thru, provide options,cover and depth.... Players like Lagos,Bouchalakis would then be the cover for Samaris,Taxi....this is how you build squads for a 5-8 year period.. then players like Donis (Juve -Sussuolo), find it easier to slot in when their time and opportunity comes...
  2. maybe some post on fb would help to get a lot more of the gs.com crew over?
  3. i don't think the league is the problem (in NT sense)....Serbia,Croatia,Slovakia, Czechs,Sweden,Denmark etc etc....with historically very poor leagues produce quality footballers.....note they all have smaller populations than Greece too... Belgium produced this current crop of 'golden generation' footballers with an average league... The SL will improve in the next few years....a debt free PAOK + PAO will improve, AEK and Iraklis returning in a few months...16 team league......(osfp,aek,pao,paok, iraklis, tripolis, atromitos, xanthi,) that's half the league with either strong administration/infrastructure or historical strong support....Long way to go...But it's a start.... Aris,AEL are not too far away either...
  4. it's sad because this team has some genuine talent... sokratis,manolas,k.pap.xolevas, samaris,taxi,karnezis, kone,lazaros,fetfa, toro are all very good footballers... if we are going to say the next 4 years...we might as well say 10 years... because I think this crop of 18-23 yo is the worst in the last 20 years.... I see zero in the u19s or u21s to get excited about. If you go through the names that played v Croatia u21 and v Ukraine u19s this week.....other than Mavrias there is stuff all...
  5. I believe there will be a friendly before the Faroe's match
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