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  1. King Takis does not seem to think they should be regulars... being a regular at osfp in 2017 is not the same as being a regular at osfp 2001-2014....
  2. that's fine ...if we assume Retsos, manthiatis, Androutsos Limnios will be good enough for NT by 23.. Recent history has proven this is not always the case... The Retsos, Limnios, Androutsos, Manthiatis of 5-10 years ago were Skondras, Vellios, Triantafyllopoulos, Marinakis, Fourlanos, Balafas, Iliadis, Skourtis, Lambropoulos, etc... Point is....players need to prove themselves at club level and perform at a high level before they are NT starters. Retsos, manthiatis, Androutsos have much to do yet to establish themselves at osfp..
  3. you believe that if the senior NT coach thought ANY player could make a contribution in the most crucial WC qualifier, they would care about an under age tournament?
  4. he's 18...and he is still learning.. unless you have exceptional talent and killing it at club level. its a big ask for an 18yo to play in NT.
  5. No Samaris, Taxi,Tzavellas for Bosnia. I see Lykogiannis being called up in the 23 Skibbe will most likely replace Samaris, Taxi in the 11 with Zeca, Maniatis.
  6. Let's not burn the kid... He was not very good in that DM position nor at FB..
  7. They are still better than some of the guys running around.. Surely siovas is better than De Costa.
  8. our loan players are better than what we have.. Kasami, Siovas, Pardo, Giannotas, Vergos, Kolovos, Laifis ,, ....that says a lot about the way the club is run??
  9. 35-40 is the magic number .. Only in Greece would Votanikos not be seen as ideal..
  10. There was no $$$ conspiracy... Leali has done this a few times this season... v Astana v APOEL... Besiktas were a better side...we are garbage.. however..it would have been fascinating if we went to the Poli at 1-0.... And been 2-1 down with 15 to go!! and Kapino in goal...
  11. I agree...This is Greece...Building a football stadium does not get you votes!!
  12. no doubt Croatia have a fantastic youth development program.. Yugoslavia were playing in WC finals in the 1930s when we were losing WC qualifiers 11-1 ..So they have 50 years head start in football schooling.. However if you are to bring this back to the topic in hand which is Oly record in europe this year..and our record in Europe overall.. we do much better than dinamo Zagreb or any Croatian club.. Look at Dinamo's record in UCL group stages in the last 5-6 years.. In fact no Croatian club has played football in Europe post Christmas since 1969.. So we n
  13. Leali was only meant to be a back up ....He was tragic in many games...gave away comical goals... Once Roberto left we were never going to have 2 Quality keepers... Kapino would be no.1 There are no good young Greek keepers that could be signed as back ups... Vlaxodimos at PAO proves that...He is totally garbage....worse than Leali. The point is we SHOULD have been more diligent and found better than Leali.. In regards to having a Greek coach and giving him 2-3 years to build with young Greek players...This sounds lovely in theory.. But the reality is
  14. tsipras and foreign investment DO NOT MIX!!!
  15. I think marinakis knows a lot about money.. But knows less about football than we do,,, To do well in UCL at group stage and have a good run in EL...You need a good team... i really am doubting whether he wants to spend $$$$ to build such a team... I think he is happy in the belief that we can somehow squeak through to UCL groups thru Champions route...then finish third...then maybe one win ...and that;s it... all without spending or having a good team... We will never see the likes of Galletti, Mirallas, Mellberg, Kovacevic etc ever again.. The ol
  16. the issue is does Marinakis have any appetite for Europe? and what is 'European success' in his eyes?
  17. Galitsos and Lykogiannis are both playing for clubs that are below osfp level..and certainly way below European level we are aspiring to... Tsimikas is young...but the Danish League is not at any high level..
  18. Kapino is injured... This was the best possible team we could put on the park..given how poor the squad is.. Way too much hype about Retsos, Androutsos, Manthatis....they are very young and very promising....but none are going to carry us through a European tie at this level at this point of their careers... I have seen it all before with 'young Greek talent'....Where are Tsimikas, Lykogiannis, Diamantakos, Ioannidis, Vergos, Soelidis, Galitsos, Avlonitis, Fetfa etc???
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