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  1. WC Blockbusters Fiji v Germany India v Trinidad Qatar v Burkina Faso
  2. the harsh reality is the only solution (sadly) is for TRNC to join Turkey..and Cyprus to join Greece....
  3. it's either A) or B).........One would assume Ketsbaia would be extremely unprofessional and/or stupid to be claiming they are unpaid if indeed they have been paid......
  4. So are Ketsbaia and his associates owed money under the terms of their contract? And is the club refusing to discuss and/or pay? If so, then what he is saying is true and correct?
  5. this season was not an 'off champions league season' !!! It only became an 'off champions league season' due to poor planning and poor transfers... As the highest seeded team in the 'Champions route' Marinakis could have confidently believed this would be a a champions league season.. the signing of Cardozo was last minute panic buying..Another example of poor planning...and poor transfers..This was not a signing to improve the team..But a rich Greek owner wanting to be seen as appeasing the fans with an expensive transfer...(Berbatov, Ledesma style signing)...straight out of the Greek cowboy president handbook!! Greek Mafiozo Chapter 1.
  6. I dont want Vellios nor the Iranian.....garbage footballers... These are Zizi Roberts..Felix Borja style signings...
  7. from what I saw of Sotiriou v osfp at Karaiskaki he was not much..regardless if he scored the winner in the 0-1 result..
  8. He also failed at PAOK and PAO in the last 2-3 seasons...
  9. not good enough.... more giannotas, galitsos, kolovos, goutas, bertos, etc etc etc signings...
  10. They are a La Liga side..He is playing in the best league in the World.
  11. if Vellios is in the mix ...we might as well just pack it up...
  12. Roda are not Chelsea.....But this guy is not a footballers testicle.....We are talking Dutch First division..for a player that failed miserably in his 18 months at Kortrijk ...... Kortrijk are not exactly top shelf either,,
  13. depending how far back you want to go... Mavros, Papaioannou , Saveski , Dusan, Ardizoglou , Manolas Snr. would walk into the team...
  14. yes......however with the exception of a handful of games...He was a hack in the GSL.. Sad...because he had enormous potential before his injury...in his early Aris days...Now going back 10 years..
  15. the guy is s%$#!!!!.. Can't believe Roda even looked at him?
  16. yes..... a lot of those crowd figures look rubbery .. PAS high 4009??? so v Osfp it was 60% capacity...when it looked basically full???
  17. the 10 year turnaround has a lot to do with the general economy more than the GSL... The GSL like all in Greece is suffering because of the way Greek society and business in general operates. yes....there will be a turnaround in Greek economy and GSL...and yes it may take 10 years.. but a turnaround in Greek mentality and sociopolitical landscape may take 100 years.
  18. so........this his level??? a league much worse than the GSL...And a club (past Glory aside).... probably no better on the field today than Asteras or Atromitos.
  19. yeah...but OAKA is NOT used for 'derbies' or 'European' games.... Clubs want to use their own stadiums even for those big matches.... I suspect if PAO ever play in UCL group stages..UEFA will push for OAKA..PAO will push to play at Leoforo. That's why good proper stadiums are required by ALL clubs with any aspirations or who want to attract a strong supporter base. Notwithstanding this.....I support an OAKA type venue for Thessaloniki.....and any future Euro bid would require one.
  20. that photo of him would be appropriate at Easter rather than Christmas time..
  21. currently ALL 3 Thessaloniki clubs play in stadiums that hold more than 15k... reducing capacity...is dangerous and shortsighted....I subscribe to the 'build it and they will come theory'.. given this is greece..it's more a case of 'build it and hopefully one day they will come and one day things will be better hopefully'. The danger with reducing capacity is that you close the opportunity for many fans to to attend...As much as PAO fans think playing at Leoforo is great....you eventually 'condition' a large number of fans 'not to attend'.....and they simply just stay at home..week after week..season a after season... sure PAOK could get 60k...for derbies and big Euro games....but building such a stadium for all 3 teams could only be built by the state...that just won't happen unless we host a Euro or WC....And even then..to only use it 5 times a year would be a shame..and a waste.......It would default into the home stadium of either PAOK or Aris..
  22. you have lived in Australia too long.. that does not make any sense in european football..
  23. let South saturate the media...don't worry how 'annoying' it is to some.... it's clever..the more you put it out there...the more people accept it..and embrace it....every strong marketing campaign involves blanket saturation..and conditioning of the market..
  24. A-League aspirants South Melbourne have lined up Real Madrid greats Roberto Carlos and Chendo as their coach and technical director-in-waiting should they be granted entry into an expended competition. By Dave Lewis 21 Dec 2016 - 9:44 PM UPDATED YESTERDAY 9:44 PM Chendo, 55 - Madrid’s general manager and an assistant coach under Zinedine Zidane - is South’s would-be technical director, while 2002 FIFA World Cup winning Brazilian Roberto Carlos has been earmarked as South's inaugural A-League coach. The potential coup is testament to the club’s soaring ambitions, with advisory board chairman Bill Papastergiadis meeting Chendo - Miguel Porlán Noguera, who made 363 appearances for Real and 26 for Spain – on a fact-finding mission to the club’s training base three months ago. Roberto Carlos, who won four La Liga titles and three UEFA Champions Leagues with the Galactictos, has been on the lookout for a coaching role since leaving Indian Super League outfit Delhi Dynamos in 2015. The 43 year old was initially linked with a stint in Australia before exiting India, having previously managed Akhisar Belediyespor and Sivasspor in Turkey. He has also worked with Russian side Anzhi Makhachkala. “We have also commenced negotiations with Roberto Carlos as coach. Roberto has also said he would be interested in coaching South,” said Papastergiadis. South Melbourne ready for A-League South Melbourne Football Club are confident they will be successful in a bid to join the A-League after meeting with Football Federation Australia. “He thinks Australia is a growing football country and he would like to be a part of it, and that South would be a great entry into the league.” The link between South and Real Madrid has been forged with clashes between their junior teams, with Papastergiadis working behind the scenes to take it to another level. “I met with Chendo at Real Madrid headquarters back in September and spoke with him at length," he said. "He was very interested in a technical development role at SMFC. “He said he knew of SMFC and I would love the challenge of working with a club of our standing." Chendo declared: "It is the Oceania club of the Century and has excellent junior players. "I could implement a whole club training program from the seven-year-olds to the seniors. It would be a great challenge and experience for me work with SMFC. “I have a vast amount of knowledge from working in the greatest club in the world; I would like to make use of that in a club that has a proud history in Australia. "When I toured Australia with Real Madrid a few years ago, I fell in love with the country. I think Melbourne is marvellous." South Melbourne target marquee signings as part of A-League bid A-League aspirants South Melbourne have sounded out agents over marquee signings and a marquee coach as the club ramps up their case for inclusion in an expanded national competition. Chendo has spent his entire career with Real Madrid and was a member of the Spanish team in two World Cups. He has won seven La Liga crowns, two Copa del Reys, one Champions League and two UEFA Cups. Papastergiadis, who was also introduced to Zidane and Real’s players on his Spanish odyssey, believes the willingness of Roberto Carlos and Chendo to embrace South adds a layer of kudos to their bid to join the A-League elite when the competition jumps to 12 teams in 2018-2019. “We are excited and thrilled that we have some of the greatest names in international football who wish to be a part of South’s resurgence," he said. "The club’s reputation allows it to attract some of the biggest names in international football. “South should be the next A-League club. "It has the best football facilities in Australia, the best junior development program, set the attendance records in the previous NSL and now has people with the best international qualifications wanting to lead the club. "The A-League needs a club of South’s stature."
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