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  1. was there any doubt.. they are a spin off from kke.. nothing more nothing less.. only possible reforms in greece will happen when they go.. I am not expecting one job or a change in a positive direction as long they are in power..
  2. little chance bakakis, Ninis, fetfa, kaltsas, kone, vellidis, bouchalakis will even make the 23 man squad.. these type of players have more chance of playing in 'B' grade friendlies in February..instead of a game 4 days prior to a clutch WC qualifier..
  3. Fortounis played well... Astana got behind us a lot more than the score indicates....we actually had more clear chances v APOEL.. only difference was the Cypriots scored early, and were not as naive as Astana..also APOEL had a lot of luck... on balance of chances we should have beaten APOEL by more than we beat Astana. Astana will trouble us away..
  4. I can't go to greece either..too many arvanites..I don't like Albanians
  5. you mentioned people trash him because he was an osfp player... they trash him also for not being full Greek, not speaking Greek, and being a Catholic... let them now enjoy...Tzavellas and staf....?? good luck to them..both are half the player Lloyd is... as far as LB goes..staf has the spot now for a decade... I'd like to see how Lykogiannis would go..He is a regular at Sturm Graz.
  6. for me Greece was number 1 always..but I was also a very passionate socceroo fan until around 2000.. I was devastated when Iran beat us in 1997..I was there..however by 2001 when Uruguay played at the MCG..I was secretly supporting an aussie defeat..have been ever since... I think when I hit around 30..I realised how arrogant/ignorant the masses were here..and the whole jingoism really turned me off them.. the 'ugly australian' sledging on the field....really got me angry.. For me the straw that broke the camels back was post 2000, when the Aussie media was gunning for Athens to lose the Olympics....the total misinformation and constant lies at the time was very offensive and down right racist... After a successful Athens 2004, and no apology from the aussie media..I felt 'stuff you'......combine this with the euphoria of euro 2004..amd the exclusion of south Melbourne fc from A League based on ethnic grounds.. I turned my back totally on aussie sport.. and the sporting culture.. It was difficult to care about AFL..Socceroos etc ..after winning Euro 2004...it was 'like winning sporting powerball'..
  7. The switched on Mitro is OUR ONLY option for striker.. Klaus is the second best Greek striker....and he has never scored for NT.. Karelis is a work horse not a striker... In the NT I dream of...Vellios and Karelis would not be in our best 30..
  8. I don't know who died and Tzavellas became a CD.... Even at PAOK he should not play CD..
  9. We did lose 1-0 or 2-1 to Cyprus at Ethnikos Asteras.....what a bizarre place to play Intl.Football.. nonetheless..the crowds in that era were poor.....too many people like to blame OTTO/Santos/EPO/ Kats/Kara/Tziolis/Vyntra. or economic crisis.etc...for fans not showing up.. but it is not true
  10. This is the big one!! Belgium will not drop a point in this group..
  11. hopefully..toro,sokratis, Samaris and Fortounis will be fit for Bosnia match.. 3 points or WC is over..
  12. The need for 'tutoring' has been created by the teaching fraternity to make money.... its part of the greek system of 'protecting industries' to make money.. they teach the kids 80% of what needs to be taught to pass high school knowing full well the parents will pay extra for the other 20% needed to pass... the education curriculum could easily be engineered to ensure students are taught in school what they need to pass... but its just another example of how far behind Greece is in a socio political sense.
  13. there were many poor crowds watching the NT in the good old days... I can go back to WC qualifier in kalamata v Bosnia in 1996.. or the whole serious of friendlies played v Slovakia, Estonia, Cyprus, El Salvador, Nigeria..at some really bizarre in the late 1990s at some bizarre venues like Rhodes, Trikala, I think one of the matches was at Ethnikos ASTERAS GROUND?? A recall a 4-0 win over Austria ?? in kalamata no one showed up... or how about the recent matches v Denmark and Italy at Karaiskaki...when non one showed.. NO EXCUSES....THIS HAPPENS IN NO OTHER SO CALLED FOOTBALL NATION WITH OUR SIZE POPULATION... THIS IS VERY 'BALKAN'... VERY FYROM OR BULGARIA MENTALITY...THIRD WORLD MEAT HEAD MENTALITY..
  14. Estonia are a poor side..with some very ordinary footballers.. however we need to win...to win need at least two goals.. in 2016 you need quick transition and slick movement to score..be it against Estonia or Belgium. Its one of the biggest reason why we failed to beat crappy teams like FI, NI Finland last campaign.
  15. I don't believe there is a need to call up 3 players... there is a need to play the right players in the right positions.. Lloyd at LB Taxi at CM Mandalos as no.10 Giannotas out wide.. With Karelis,Bakasetas,Mitro, Vellios in the squad Diamantakos is covered. With Lloyd and Staf - Tzavellas is covered. With Mandalos - Fortounis..
  16. EPO are an easy blame for this debacle.. it was the same 'EPO' when we won Euro 2004 and our 19s and 21s were making finals and getting big results..
  17. How long would Wenger have lasted?
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