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  1. No doubt south have the best bid..but are still outsiders... I am not sold on Kardinia Park being a good long term soccer venue..watching soccer at footy ovals is terrible...a pet hate of mine and many many others.. How and why Marriners got in the first place...and are still there is amazing!!
  2. I don't see Tassie as an option... Geelong (if we ever see a proper bid)..Canberra and Woolongong....are our dangers...
  3. south were NEVER a chance 8 years ago..... South were NOT ready....the mood was against them....there was no swing of momentum.... No South fan even talked about it 8 years ago.....it was really a poor bid... Every south fan I talk to today..is very positive.....there is a mood that even non South..non Greeks see the merit for the first time. South has received a s%$#! load of coverage from mainstream media...even Bogan media.
  4. Kone would be in my best 11.....If he was playing club football...I don't see his name even on the bench for Udinese.
  5. ALL 3 have not played enough this season to justify a call up.
  6. OFI or A League... He would make money in A League.....A low level GSL club may take a punt.
  7. expansion will happen.. Ironically I don't think our junior set up/womams team/ social club/ etc matter.. what we have going for us is that we appear to be cashed up, stable, ready to go now, AND there appears to be momentum to blend the old game with the new game...and this is being supported by high profile people like Bosnich and others. If the new teams are to be announced as early as March 2017....Then Geelong have a lot of catch up to do...because they have been very poor in marketing and selling their franchise..I know very little about their bid.. I'd say Woolongong and Canberra are South's biggest challengers
  8. hasn't wellington got a license extension for 10 years?
  9. I agree Reaper... curious at how you think he can be utilized and in what balanced formation. given that I see Fetfa as a no.10...As are Fortounis and Mandalos... three no.10's don't fit....unless we play one of them out wide as we do now...and the other on the bench... we also need to get the CM/DCM right too...
  10. post of the century Brklyngrk.... My first ever post on forums, when I introduced myself...I said how disappointed I was that morning watching PAO get eliminated by Rangers on away goals.. and one of my proudest moments as a Greek fan was seeing ALL 5 Greek teams win and progress in Europa League on the same day...even though Oly had lost in UCL the previous day..
  11. that's the point I HAVE BEEN MAKING FOR YEARS... Greece's issues are deeper than 'european debt'.. And corruption is not just a fat politician pocketing 50 million.. it's a systemic culture of 'me' and 'entitlement' ..starts from the education system through to heavily politically charged social landscape...to lack of respect for law and order.
  12. I was warning many about these commie nut jobs years ago.. greece has been hostage to the ideological left for 40 years.. they have unofficially formed govt. policy and public opinion since 1974
  13. This is tn Greek coefficient thread... My posts here are somewhat pointed at some very bitter PAO fans who like to think that the GSL was so much better years ago...because our coefficient was much higher. It was higher because PAO and AEK were accumulating points..we know what happened to PAO and AEK 2011-2015....The GSL overall has always been similar..I would say the bottom 6 are better today than 10-15 years ago.. GSL needs strong BIG 4 ..And strong Aris, Iraklis, OFI,AEL,Panionios The GSL was 'better' only because Tzigger was putting money in....The same Tzigger that was driven away by PAO fans...The Same Tzigger that wanted Votanikos built but the Greek LAO demanded they play in a chicken shed...not a modern football stadium..because Tzigger and Vouvo would make money.. The LAO of AEK drove Demi out when he wanted to build a 50k stadium at ODDY.. I ask all the keyboard warriors would AEK and PAO and Greek football be better off if we had ODDY and Votanikos today? The LAO demands.....just like the LAO of Iraklis are happy to riot in the streets in their thousands but refuse to go to the stadium to watch them, Maybe..just maybe the Canadian may have been able to invest or sell the club if the 15000 rock throwers actually came on match day and clapped and cheered instead of riding their motorcycles thru the city throwing rocks..
  14. Karnezis and Kapino are clearly the top 2..
  15. so you dispute if AEK and PAO were 'doing a PAOK" OVER THE LAST 5 Years we would be around no.10-12?
  16. If one was to analyse Greece's performance over 3-5-10-15 years.. you will see that 'our fall' has more to do with the financial instability at AEK and PAO over the last 5-6 years.. OSFP and PAOK have been picking up their usual points.. Asteras has done well for our number 5/6 team...they have picked up for Panionios/Aris dropping off from the previous decade. If AEK/PAO had been as 'successful as PAOK ' in Europe the last 5 years we would now be around 10th.. Keep in mind that historically a 'strong' AEK and PAO....Usually picked up more points than PAOK has... In a nutshell we need AEK/PAO to lift..OSFP/PAOK to maintain .....a good run from an Asteras/Atromitos would be icing on the cake..
  17. @Hudson I was going to respond but grkjet posts covers it very accurately.. whatever you want to throw at modern Hellas...has been eclipsed by Erdogan x 100000..He is a piece of work...and his millions of followers and their mob mentality is not part of the modern world... In the spirit of moving forward and good neighborly relations I was prepared to give modern a Turkey an opportunity ..but Erdogan's attitude..has made me think the sooner he burns in hell...and his followers do to..the world will be better off...so to will HELLAS..
  18. its not greek sport.. It's greek society..and the acceptance of violence and not enforcing laws.. here is an idea..put people in jail for 2 years for causing a riot at a football match or if they riot during a 'political demonstration' and cause damage to property.. problem solved overnight... and follow up with zero tolerance for any lefty/anarchists who choose to protest about these 'harsh measures';. Greece's version of democracy and 'right to protest' is a bad joke... hence why a rock thrower activist is the PM.....Enough said.....no need to blame Iraklis football fans..if the PM is an expert in this bullshit..
  19. Realistically South is the only old ethnic team that has a remote chance of ever playing in A;league... a lot here do not want to hear that..but it's the reality...
  20. well..then that proves that the defence is the major issue...which is the point I made in the original post.. It's unacceptable that the management (3 managers and board) did not see this in July.. Atromitos, Beer Sheeva, Astana, Young Boys, Iraklis, Larissa,Aruca have all caused us to look ordinary and at times embarrassed us.. - This is unacceptable ....
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