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  1. I am not worried about the packed stadium.. This is not a concern. They have played in these circumstances many times and come up trumps. The quality and brilliance of the oppositions is the problem.
  2. Is Bento the issue? Or the limited squad.. and the rotating door every 6 months.. Sure he could have played Chori and Cambiasso but they are old anyway. ..But regardless the team has no leaders or no soul..no 'mentality'...because of the continuous changes.. We look to sell players at every chance... including promising players like Benitez..etc.. Well at least Bento plays young Greek talent
  3. That Hearts Forum is seriously insane...some of the funniest stuff I have EVER read..
  4. The albo striker from OSFP...Vrusaj.....scored 2 goals..
  5. Good Lord!! How low has Scottish Football fallen!! skibbe has him penciled in to chase down Hazard, Lukaku, Mertens and co...
  6. great to see he is finally playing at the level he deserves..
  7. my 7yo son is a FIFA 17 expert.... I don't think my 7yo son should be picking the Greek NT...
  8. I agree he should be in the mix or at least in Skibbe's mind... However I am not sure if he is an attacking LM....I think he is a LB....No issue with him competing with Staf and Tzavellas for LB...There is really not much between all 3.. I think the attacking LM role needs a natural midfielder with more attacking flair and creativity..
  9. seems like the new Greek trend...... AEK, Aris, OFI, Ergotelis, AEL, Niki Volou etc..... so you get relegated to Second tier on the field....and then voluntarily withdraw and play the following season in the third division with the sole driver being to wipe out debt..
  10. well it only relates to alani in the context that the Levadiakos of turkey can afford to pay 2 million euros for 2.5 years..
  11. I am saying the entire 'investment landscape ' in Greece does not suit business people... greece is so far 'left' that the 'lao' and the entire social fiber of society is tainted that way.. i do not admire Russian or Turkish politicians or business people..Nor do i want Greece to use Turkey or Russia as blueprint for the future.. But if you look at Erdogan and Putin and the way they have power/influence/control/presence etc.....One can see how 'corrupt dirty wealthy business thugs can get into bed with these leaders and make lots of money.. Compare this to Tsipra who looks and sounds like a university student council activist... Remember we are ONLY discussing here why Turkish and Russian business thugs pour money into football....and in context where the money comes from... this was merely a response to a poster who claimed Turkey is a wealthy nation and greece is not...and that's why their big clubs spend big $$$$. My view is that Turkey is not a wealthy nation...but the super rich benefit by the system and pour dirty money into football.. There are social/Political and other restraints in Greece that does not allow the same to happen to the same level....Regardless if many think the 'Greek system only benefits a few families'...it's not at the same depth as Turkey/Russia.
  12. Ah! Ok..It's you El Cid... I thought there was an 'El Cid" already registered on these forums from many years ago...But had not posted for a long time.. I did not know that you are now Emperor
  13. Thank You.. I am glad that the ARIS fans have started to post here too.. I always found Aris fans on gs.com to be the best rounded and most mature posters... I have been looking for them here...On the members board... Do you know how the great man El Cid is going?
  14. I saw that incident.... The commentators were screaming that two Aris players were in an offside position when the ball was played in the box initially.. (I do not believe they were offside as the offside rules are somewhat open to interpretation in regards to players 'involved or interfering with play'). Regarding the penalty call..However I believe the Aris player in this incident was backing into the osfp player which made it a hard call for the ref. I also do not think there were too many 'non existent' fouls called..
  15. don't want to turn this into a political debate.. but the Turkish rich corrupt businessmen are similar to their Russian counterparts...Very rich who are hiding/spending/throwing dirty money at football clubs.. The Greek landscape is very different....(sure we have equally grubby corrupt businessmen)..however in greece the 'lao' has influenced the government to the point that corrupt grubby businessmen can't invest in Greece even in grubby businesses anymore...The 'red tape' and highly regulated Unionised industrial relations, unfriendly business tax incentives has strangled even the grubby corrupt types....They seek to 'invest' in their grubby ways in other markets.. Government policies driven by the 'lao' over 40 years has lead us here..This is not a new 'merkel created agenda"
  16. I did not believe the Aris goal was off side.. the referee was OK....A few fouls called for either team may have been called the other way...or not given...but that went both ways.. Overall referee had no influence on the outcome of the result or general play.. Stupid tackle by Rovas...He left the referee no choice but to show a second yellow card...May have caused his team to concede the goal.
  17. Lambrou, Limnios, Mourgos, Evangelou have a very long way to go.....None should be on the radar...today.. Retsos and Donis are ahead of them... Retsos is a CD ...so there are a few ahead of him... Have not seen much of Donis...No idea how he is going at Nice..other than he gets minutes semi regularly.. I also like Tsimikas...I would like to see him get more time at a higher level than he is at currently though..
  18. I think it's a long stretch to say Ninis, Kone, Fetfa and Pelkas won't be considered again .... Villafanez is simply an additional option....(His grandfather was Greek).
  19. Pelkas is a bit more consistent can also play central... However..yes in regards to NT...Pelkas,Platellas + Giannotas, just like Kolovos, Vlaxodimos ,Aravidis , Koutsianikoulis, (and Klonaridis) in the past...are not the solution... We are screaming out for quick skillful players to play in these advanced wide positions...and anyone that shows glimpses of something..we are quick to grasp on to... In reality you need players of the quality of Stelios, Mirallas, Galletti, Mak, Djole, Leto in these positions to make an impact.. To compare any of the current Greek players above is beyond laughable... That's why many here are still hanging on to Kone,Lazaros, Ninis and Fetfa...as options....at least these guys have played in major tournaments and club football at a decent level..
  20. Forget about Platellas......he will NEVER be a part of any successful Greek NT team...The guy is GSL bit/bench player..
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