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  1. Reminds me when Saddam Hussein who was never religious all of a sudden got religious when Bush jr invaded Iraq, to attempt to motivate the Muslims that this was a war against religion. Trump has always been a heathen but now he is reciting the Lord's prayer to get the base charged up again. All part of the political circus.
  2. The strange thing is the love of Russia and Putin from the diehard Trump supporters. These are the same supporters that would have called them "Commies" a couple years ago. I don't think we should go to war with Russia or shouldn't work together with them but they have Russia above the USA and can't get enough of Putin. I'm so puzzled at that.
  3. Russia will try to bail out Trump pretty soon to make Trump look "tough" on Russia. A geopolitical "crisis" will come up and Trump will put Russia in their place but its a wink wink deal between the two. I have never seen such amateur hour in my life. Russia is losing billions on sanctions and they are in a world of pain right now and they need these sanctions to be lifted. The big orange idiot is trying to figure out a way to lift them but he has the GOP senate in his way and they are all anti-Russian.
  4. The whole "fake news" thing is getting annoying. It is the new catch phrase from the Trump supporters if someone writes an article they don't agree about. I have a feeling this Trump presidency is going to end ugly and it doesn't help his cause when you have Conway making up stuff and repeating it over and over and then calling it fake news.
  5. I noticed Trump has changed on a couple things. First about moving the embassy to Jerusalem and then his stance on "One China". Complete 180. All it has turned into is Mexicans and Muslims at this point, complete silence on repealing and replacing Obamacare.
  6. http://www.jsonline.com/story/news/local/wisconsin/2017/02/07/trump-voters-await-economic-revival-rural-wisconsin/97585492/ This is a good article on the heartland Trump voters. Financially struggling, can't afford health insurance, jobs all pay $12 hour etc.. This will be a tough problem to fix and I don't know how anyone can fix this. Funny thing is that they don't care about immigration issues, they care about their pocketbook.
  7. But Obama deported 3 million people. This is an article in the economist from 2014 http://www.economist.com/news/briefing/21595892-barack-obama-has-presided-over-one-largest-peacetime-outflows-people-americas
  8. I was always surprised to read comments online that Canadians support Nafta. Is that the general consensus in Canada?
  9. The funny thing is that you think I'm some sort of right winger because I think Islam is a disease like cancer. I'm liberal and for gay rights, marriage, adoption etc... On the other hand, people who love Islam and defend it to death... I have no idea what the hell you area. Definitely not a believer in gay and women's right and other liberal values. Gay people are scared. You want to ignore the massacre in Orlando like its not big deal.
  10. That's not violence. Stop it. All your Jihadists are being allowed in so they can have 6 kids and start petitioning that we all must hear the "call to prayer". Got to love "liberals" and their love for a religion that advocates killing gays.
  11. The LGBT community which votes democratic has actually been very upset with all the protests from the so called liberals who advocate Islam and ignore the fact that 6 out of the 7 countries on that list have the death penalty if you're gay. They are terrified at the idiot protestors allowing all these bigots to pour in the country and also alarmed at the fact that the liberal community turned its back on the massacre in Orlando where an Islamic terrorist scum killed everyone because they were gay. The Republicans seem to be the party of gay rights lately. Shame on all of you who support Islam and the way they treat women, gays, pets, etc... It says a lot about you to think so lowly on LGBT rights and freedom and supporting of people like this
  12. They are not refugees, they are economic migrants who from what I've read, destroyed their documentation so nobody knows who they are. The second problem is that these people will come into your country and they will be parasites, have 6 children, leach the generous government system, and then who knows if "Sudden Jihad Syndrome" will kick in and they start going crazy. There are no positives to bringing them in, only negatives.
  13. I can never understand your need to constantly post pictures or videos instead of replying with your opinion. Now you post a picture of Obama that is upside down and I'm supposed to be manipulated to change my stance that Obama was soft on Muslims and never used the term Islamic terrorism although it was Islamic terrorism. Come on man, your turning these boards into pinterest.
  14. That deal that Obama made with Australia was a dumb deal and mind boggling. I'm starting to think he was really Muslim. Hey, lets take future terrorists that Australia doesn't want. DELETEDxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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