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  1. Surely he needs to be sacked for these actions. This behaviour is unacceptable in 2017.....by any standards..even Balkan football standards should not tolerate this. no excuse can save him..
  2. was the trouble after the game severe enough for Bosnia to be sanctioned? if so, what type of sanctions?
  3. Vellios is a far cry from Osfp quality....The guy is no good.... Siopis - Romao combo is also below par for CL standard.... Risvanis is no good..we need real quality...
  4. without a solid DM/CM it is difficult to take control of any game of football...and as brilliant as Pjanic is and he will be dearly missed, our CM/DM is not capable of really exploiting this. Yes....Karnezis, Torosidis, Manolas, Sokratis, Fortounis, Mitroglou are very good footballers...that is only 6 players...a game like this will need 12/13 players to take the 3 points.. The pressure on Bosnia will be huge...as a draw is better fir greece.
  5. clearly Bosnia's best player, however i believe you underestimate how poor our midfield really is.... Any combination of Tziolis, maniatis, Zeca, Siopis, Kourbelis is comical for a game of this importance...., DM/CM role. We do have Fortounis and Mandalos who are very good footballers as attacking midfield options.
  6. Our midfield is non existent now without Taxi and Samaris . Bosnia will boss the midfield....Their will be no element of surprise for Bosnia.. Our only hope is Manolas/Sokratis holding them out...and Fortounis/Mitro conjuring up a chance or too..
  7. the team is substantially weaker without Samaris, Taxi, K.Pap... we do not have anyone to replace Samaris and Taxi...with experience at this level..
  8. Berg is 31... The Dutch league may suit him..any talk of EPL is rubbbish
  9. throw these aresholes in jail..
  10. the individual can work less than 8 hours...this does not mean shops can't be open 24/7 providing more hours of work for more people.. especially given what Greece needs now is jobs...and this is an easy fix..especially in an economy that has 20 million plus tourists a year... this is a no brainer for Greece...
  11. he should be ahead of Vellios, Diamantakos and Bakasetas....on current form.. And also the style of player we need to compliment Mitro..he is the perfect fit... Vellios and Diamantakos have had horrific seasons....and their style even at their best does not compliment Mitro... Bakasetas has had a bad season too....Also we have Mandalos, Fortounis,Giannotas that can play in the role he plays..
  12. oh well...Niarchos will wait for the ship to sink....then buy it for zilch..
  13. The political scene is the biggest issue...so to peoples expectations... Seriously....they are now complaining about shops being required to open on certain Sundays... I highlighted the problem with this mentality years ago... To me...the 'Greek lao' is hoping for ALL this to go away..so they can return to 'their ways'..lack of accountability,zero reforms, zero progress...
  14. we can lose on Vellios because he is not good enough and we waste another season with no decent striker.. waiting and expecting the 'greek kid' to come good....and this will never happen in the big games..he will be poor in Europe...
  15. He is an Australian..He and Antonis were playing together at Sydney... Antonis was rated higher and seen as more likely to make the next level.
  16. so 7 days before the cup final, they can't decide on a venue? then we wonder why the country is in a mess? Do we now blame this on a Zionist plot too?
  17. no thanks.. a fat slow guy who is a poor finisher... no upgrade on Karim or Oscar Cardozo... that is saying something
  18. Siopis and Kourbelis are from ready... You forget how Bosnia outplayed us in Greece? We have been more than lucky so far in this group.
  19. AEK's stadium was ruined by the earthquake in 2001... I am of the view that AEK will get theirs sooner because it was demolished... as slow as it is..demolishing is a means to an end..(at snails pace).. also those old stadiums like leoforo and NF are a disgrace in 2017 for clubs like AEK and PAO... I said it years ago..stadiums like leoforo with limited capacity and amenities force people away...you teach an entire generation that its OK not to attend football games..attending football games is a habit..once its broken you lose a number of people.. attending football in 2017 needs to be easy, accessible and comfortable... as much as the 'chest beaters' advocate for 'leoforo style' venues for 'history and atmosphere'..it does more long term harm..
  20. the problem with the Bosnia game is that our only quality/decent DM/CM are out. As poor as Taxi and Samaris have been at times, they are our on options AT THIS HIGH LEVEL. Siopis, Zeca, Tziolis, Maniatis. Petsos, Kourbelis etc..will get slaughtered by the BiH midfield.
  21. you reckon? this is greece.. look at AEK? Votaniko? There is always some ridiculous political/state planning regulation that will come up!! Just bloody build a stadium....and create jobs..it cant be that hard..
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