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  1. It sucks but I don’t mind missing out on a World Cup in a dump like Qatar. I’ll be devastated if we miss out on USA/Canada 2026 though as it’s one most of us on here would be likely to attend.
  2. You could see it coming. We couldnt even push up the field in the last 5 minutes, we would make a clearance and everyone would just stay on the edge of our box. Anyway we arent going anywhere.
  3. Was it just me or did a Marseille player give away a handball outside the box not long after the Rafinha incident and didn’t even get a yellow card even though it was more blatant? As for the 2nd penalty, why isn’t the ref going to the monitor to see for himself? How is it even a clear and obvious error for it to be overturned? El Arabi got punched in the head by the Marseille keeper, could realistically be given a red card and penalty, it was called offside but it looked very close, why didn’t we get a stop in play and a trillion replays to forensically review the play and bring VAR in? VAR is an absolute crapshoot. When it comes to offside it always favour the defender even when theirs an armpit in it. Yet here a speculative shot goes in favour of the attacker and the ref doesn’t even bother to look for himself.
  4. Honestly who could we realistically get that would be better? May as well give him the world cup cycle. I doubt even Klopp could make a difference. Mitroglou needs to find himself a club, get game time and return to this team.
  5. How many times did Tzavellas pass back to the keeper under no pressure? Its infuriating. Anyway the only real difference with the Van Schip team compared to Anastasiadis is we play with more intensity now, you can see the effort is there but ultimately we lack the talent to get these results...we were never scoring tonight!
  6. Lol at first they told us 6 week lockdown, this started early July and went to October 28. We had an 8pm curfew for almost 2 months, we have been wearing masks inside and outside for 3+ months and still continue to do so. We peaked at 750 daily cases in August and now we have had 4 days of 0. It was brutal but now we face the potential prospect of 2021 being a normal year for us, no masks, no social distancing, full crowds at sporting events etc.
  7. Australia on the verge of elimination, 0 cases yesterday, just 1 case today in NSW. We will have to cut ourselves off from most of the world in 2021 though. We had a 3 and a half month lockdown in Melbourne that just ended last week, it’s like Christmas here now.
  8. Well that one should at least feel like a home game.
  9. The frustrating thing is a switched on manolas and sokratis would be huge for this young team at the back..can jvs trust them though? Mitroglou is done i think, not sure he fits into the current style of play.
  10. It’s funny how players like Mantalos and Bakasetas were whipping boys for criticism yet now we are starting to see what they are capable of playing in a system that actually lets them play. The team is a joy to watch right now...the high pressing is brilliant we have stolen the ball off the opposition more times in our attacking half the last 3 games than the previous 4 years combined lol.
  11. Another good performance, finally starting to see a team that doesn’t look half asleep, 19 shots, 64% possesion, many clear cut chances. Good chance we will finish the group 3rd...it should have been so much more, but baby steps first, we have a team thats actually watchable now.
  12. I only saw the last 10 minutes, I nearly fell off the couch when I saw us high pressing and playing with intensity, will need to watch the replay 25 shots is ridiculous by our standards.
  13. What a disaster, 40 minutes ago in a great position to get 2nd. Now dead last and 2 losses against bayern to come..likely wont even get 3rd.
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