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  1. ....the season will eventually start and will eventually finish.... there will be people crying foul no matter who wins or loses or draws... the circle will continue... so we now have a two week delay?? what will change in two weeks?
  2. not just that...but with the 2012-13 season points dropping off at the end of this season we will be a breath away from Swiss and Czechs..
  3. If foreign companies with expertise are commissioned to help us explore the resources there will massive public backlash.. instead the resources will be let untouched for future smarter greeks to benefit from..may be in 100 years..
  4. I am sure there are circumcised Greeks who were born in the diaspora.... or for medical reasons..
  5. YOU HAVE TAKEN THE GRECO-RUSSIAN ORTHODOX BROTHERHOOD TO A NEW LEVEL... But reading some of the posts here by Greek brothers'..I think they may dream of uncircumcised Russian dicks..
  6. a joke?? hmmmm.. Ranked 25th in Uefa....these points are earned predominantly in UCL... we won our first away UCL game nearly 10 years ago.......you seem to be living in the past... Celtic still have not won away EVER!!
  7. and why aren't we exploring and exploiting our resources?
  8. we never lost to Rubin....we actually beat them twice.. Heerneven we lost to them away.......in a year we got 9 points....They are a Dutch team in the UCL....They were not an A League team.. we did not beat Juve, AT.Madrid...Dortmund, Arsenal , Lyon, Lazio..Benfica, Werder x2, Montpelier x2, Leverkusen ,Ajax, Valencia, Monaco, Liverpool, Man Utd, Marseille, Porto x 3 etc in dead rubbers..these were live and real... just because you begin your response with mate..does not give your comments credibility.. even in the year we lost to Molde..in 1999..long memory I see when it suits....we still beat Porto and drew to Real in a live match 3-3!!! look at the UCL record of clubs who have similar standing to Olympiakos... Anderlecht, brugge, Fener, Gala, Celtic, etc....you will be surprised how much better our record is..
  9. I agree with most of this.. however I don't recall seeing a huge amount of Greek talent going to Turkey..
  10. last season in Europa League Anderlecht eliminated Oly.. however lets remember that first leg finished 0-1 and second leg 1-0. so after 180 mins..the teams were even.. The Belgian league is better..because Belgian society is better... however to those who say miles better is an over statement.. miles better would mean their teams 5-9 would be better than our teams 1-4....that's not the case.. Also Asteras and Atromitos would wipe the floor with their teams 10-16... a comparison of teams 8-18 from Bundesliga, EPL, La Liga v Asteras and Atromitos would be very different.. although I know that Asteras recently eliminated Mainz and not too long ago... Aris defeated Socidedad, Atl. Madrid...Panionios v Socheux and AEL v Blackburn...etc etc..
  11. Diamantakos has been poor for NT...He and Klaus are both out and out strikers... Although I don't rate Karelis highly the advantage in playing him is to play him behind or next to Mitro.. If Mitro was unavailable then Diamantakos or Klaus would be the striker... Curious to see how Skibbe fits in Mitro/Karelis/Bakasetas/Fortounis/Mandalos...even an in form Ninis?
  12. water polo no chance..got smashed by aussies..now playing Italy..its all over..
  13. well..if we pick up enough wins in Europa we won't drop off.. yep..25th best results in europe....and that comes from being a pot 3 team in UCL for majority of time.....that's a hard way to collect Uefa points.... yet some are still not impressed...
  14. have you seen the results of olympiakos in europe over the past 10 years? and the wins and results v. the quality of opposition? then have you analysed the playing budgets of our opposition... wins v: Man Utd, Juventus, Atl. Madrid, Anderlecht x2, Liverpool, DePortivo, Monaco, Benficax2, Porto, Dortmund, Marseille, Real Madrid, Lazio, Hertha, Werder x2, Standard Liege, Arsenal x3, Rubin x 2........etc..etc I can go on....
  15. sadly in greece its the vocal rock throwing minority that run public opinion... Greece has a lot of good people...a lot of capable people....it's just that the rock throwers seem to get their way...
  16. I don't believe syriza care if greece gets banned.. ideologically they oppose UEFA/FIFA....and professional sport... the Che Guevara rock throwers will have another ideological victory..
  17. Let them dream on....
  18. are we a realistic chance for anymore medals?? how did the make gymnast go?
  19. Interesting... it seems that any time any one here meets any Greek football stars they have very positive words to say about them... even when I see them interviewed on TV..They seem very nice down to earth and sincere... not the typical kolopaido arrogant buffoons that we like to portray them to be..
  20. i think we all know the short comings and issues with Greek football.. However the coefficient rankings is the accumulation of points over a 5 year period...we can be deeply analytical as to why we have dropped from 6th to 8th to 10th to 12th to 14th over a 12 year period.. my explanation is simple...6th was unrealistically too high....and at a time when Russia and Ukraine were not spending big $$$$$ also we were never going to sustain a higher coefficient than Portugal and Holland for ever... so in essence our 'real' coefficient ranking or 'sustainable' ranking is somewhere between 9 and 12..... the fall over the last 4-5 years is simple... PAO under alafouzo has become non competitive in europe....hence their ranking and lack of points.. And the demise of AEK..... Asteras has done well for the 'defacto ' 4th best Greek team... Osfp and PAOK have probably been more consistent in collecting points in the last 4 years than they EVER have... So if AEK and PAO were at PAOKs European Level of recent years...we would be at 11/12 now maybe slightly higher ..
  21. and none of that explains how we got in the s%$#! in the first place? Our own structure and sociopolitical landscape is to blame for our mess... We can choose to pick bits of articles here and there to prove a pointless point... However until we realise we are set up to be no more efficient or economically sufficient than Albania or fyrom the rest is mere details..
  22. he is not that good..should have stayed at Ira
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