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Trump and cronies are not patriots. They're crooked and corrupt to the bone. They have no intellectual abilities, and their reasoning capacity is in the minus. Oh, and also lie about everything, and then they call you a liar for exposing them.

So, he's ..truthful about having a solution for stuff he lied about! (fake facts)


To highlight some of the points in this video, which can independently verified (not that I have any expectations the cult drones will do so):

  • Trump and his drones saying he had the largest crowd and that God made good weather for him
  • Politifact verifies that 70% of Trump statements are false/lies, and that doesn't include words like "terrific" "great" "I alone" "loser" etc.  I'm saying the other 30% is him repeating the same words 3 times in a sentence
  • Mass voter fraud while offering no proof of that, and not one Secy of state (R or D) agrees with Trump;  @14:30 "millions of illegal voters"...
  • @3:10 Trump's divorce from reality impacts policy decisions and how the US gov sees the world
  • claims up to 42% unemployment
  • @ 4:20 brags about sizes, including with blg, Trump Tower; his 58 floor bldg became 68!
  • US GDP below zero! (which of course is impossible)
  • lied about Obama's birth certificate for 8 years.
  • lied about "thousands of Muslims celebrating" the attacks of 9-11 in NJ
  • The murder rate is the "highest it has ever been in 45 yrs, while the FBI statistics show the opposite for the last 55 yrs.
  • has not clue about the "triad of nuclear" US strategy
  • @ 8:30 relies on rumors, unsubstantiated personal impressions (or dreams), conspiracy idiots like Jones, Faux News, Breitbart (and Banon), Alt-right... you know, the stuff that birth control makes women ugly and crazy, Plant Parenthood is controlled by Nazis, and that the Confederate flag represents a glorious tradition, and thousands of people celebrated 9-11 in NJ, but the liberal media failed to document this celebration. Breitbart: "Trump vindicated"..
  • @12:00  How Trumps relies on INFOWARS (wingnut Alex Jones) for his news and admires AJ. Same a**hole who claims that Sandyhook school massacre was fake (with actors), because gosh guns don't kill children. Come to think of it, several of our members have been repeating his  garbage here.....   and demand, yes, demand we respect them and their stupid views. geesh [you know who you are, but if you've forgotten I can name you]  Trump to Jones: "I just wan to say your reputation is amazing.... I will not let you down"
  • so many people believe Trump because they get their "news" from him and the garbage generators that support him. Some of our members here are like that. They're immune to anything that may even slightly contradict their cultish devotion
  • @ 23:10  what a false statement is and what a lie is.... the latter when you repeat something false after being presented with facts.
  • the view articulated from the White House: the power of the president will not be challenged....  Like the Nixonean view: if the president does it, it's not illegal.
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And, then this magic box.. fixes everything needs fixing.  So the con-artist in chief, tells the cult members that he, only him, has the magic box. You have a problem with immigration, I will fix

Let Trump do his thing. He knows business better than anyone else. He has done more in 4 days than that bozo in 8 years

I said, As to the dance around the issues, some people are conservative first. The rest is finding ways to attack their opponents. If you are a conservative, you are religious; you have archaic ideas

Posted Images

The strange thing is the love of Russia and Putin from the diehard Trump supporters.  These are the same supporters that would have called them "Commies" a couple years ago.  I don't think we should go to war with Russia or shouldn't work together with them but they have Russia above the USA and can't get enough of Putin.  I'm so puzzled at that.  

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Surely, you can't be serious when you say that the Bible doesn't condone stealing and murdering, are you? Do you read only those passages that makes you feel good? To begin with, any book that includes instructions how to keep slaves can't be a sources of morality. Slavery is worse than stealing, at least. Oh, do you want more examples? OK. Here there are:

  • God will kill the Egyptian children to show that he puts "a difference between the Egyptians and Israel." 11:7
  • Joshua, with God's approval, kills the Amalekites "with the edge of the sword." 17:13 ; various times God instructs his followers to invade, rape, loot, and pillage. Well, not kill all.... "keep their virgin daughters for yourselves" he says...
  • "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live." Thousands of innocent women have suffered excruciating deaths because of this verse. 22:18
  • Those who break the Sabbath are to be executed. 31:14 ; same with disobedient children and adulterous wives!
  • God tells the Israelites to make slaves out of their neighbors and their families. The "heathens" and "strangers" are to be their possessions forever. 25:44-46   Gee is this stealing? I wonder...
  • After God killed Korah, his family, and 250 innocent bystanders, the people complained saying, "ye have killed the people of the Lord." So God, who doesn't take kindly to criticism, sends a plague on the people. And "they that died in the plague were 14,700." 16:41-50
  • If you worship the wrong god, God will get jealous and kill you. 6:15
  • God instructs the Israelites to kill, without mercy, all the inhabitants (strangers) of the land that they conquer. 7:2
  • do you want more?....
  • OK, I'll throw in a freebie: 9 million children under the age of 5 die every year from natural disasters and diseases. Go to any children's hospital and if you have any heart, you'll begin to cry.... Unless suffering doesn't matter, or early death that gets to heaven (?). I suppose this is part of the grand design?

You say, "the Church did some heinous things but the Church did some good things that many people would be grateful for." Some heinous things? Again, are you serious? No other institution has done so  much evil for so long. I guess, your God is OK with murder and torture, and stealing from the vulnerable and the poor.

It's is the Enlightenment that has given you the kind of life (science and freedom and opportunity and open tolerant society) you enjoy today. The Jacobins weren't promoting the ideals of the E. including ind. rights, due process, etc. They were acting more like theocrats.

There you go with Obama, again....but, your knowledge about "God fearing Washington" reveals that you are not really well versed about the deists. Though it reveals your view: God fearing. Precisely. It's fear that paralyzes the mind, and it's fear that makes people drop to their knees...


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Reminds me when Saddam Hussein who was never religious all of a sudden got religious when Bush jr invaded Iraq, to attempt to motivate the Muslims that this was a war against religion.  Trump has always been a heathen but now he is reciting the Lord's prayer to get the base charged up again.  All part of the political circus.

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I don't want to start a big debate about religion in this thread, but imho Trump isn't religious, but he's playing everyone as such. He has to, since he has to rely on GOP voter support. But, for a person who bragged as never having read a book, I doubt he read the Bible. Remember when he said, "nobody reads the Bible more than me"?  Seriously? Who says that really? And, his "2 Corinthians"?  [It's "Corinthians II"] :- D

Does anyone here thinks Trump is religious? Or, that he follows any religion? Never mind, whether he behaves like a good Christian...  Up to a year ago, he'd go on Howard Stern show to brag about lots of stuff no serious Christian would say out loud... The "grab 'em by the pussy" wasn't an isolated incident.

I hope one of these days someone asks him to recite his favorite passage from the Bible. 

Anyway, for me, actions matter more than words in this case.


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3.3 million you say, well, he is def a successful sell out, even that requires some form of skill or expertise it must be said...but really now, who are these people that support the alex jones' the yiannopoulos' the ickes' of the world?

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You can hardly call the US economy a total mess. 2008 was a total mess, 2017 is quite different. Arguably, we are, economically, in one of the best positions in the world.  Our unemployment rate are at record lows, our stock market at record highs.  Not sure what "mess" means to you. Regarding our foreign policy, there are things we need to change but if anything, we are less safe today than we were 3 months ago.

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2 hours ago, ELLAS75 said:

Trump having meeting with CEOs in bringing jobs back to America. He inherited a total mess.

You are joking right? or are these more alt facts fresh out of Trumpf's poop shoot?


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  • 3 weeks later...

So, what happened to, "I have a plan that will cost less and will insure everyone"? Now, "nobody knew health care was so complicated!"...

Is that possible that Trump didn't have a plan for health care? Now he's relying on Speaker Ryan to promote something that will conservatives don't like and the CBO says it'll make 24 mil. lose health coverage.

Are we great yet?

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Also, the "wiretapping" Trump said "sick" Obama ordered on him....  So, here are the possibilities:

  1. Obama ordered an illegal surveillance
  2. Some agency did this illegally
  3. There was a legal investigation (with warrant and proper procedure) about something, like Russian hacking.
  4. Trump is a liar.

Given DJT's history, which one do you thing is most probable?...  By the way, he's the president now, so he can find out whether this took place, or that million of illegals voted, or the kind of "carnage" he inherited, or the unemployment figure, or the FBI, CIA, NSA findings on Russian interference, etc, etc.

As we knew during the campaign, Trump is a man-child, ill-tempered for the office, a buffoon and an ignoramus, and a narcissistic pathological liar. Sadly, this is not my "liberal" opinion, it's the facts.  Politifact

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I don't get why he is going after Obama, I mean, obviously he does not like him but, Trumpf is Prez now, Obama should be in his rearview...


Noam Chomsky predicts Donald Trump’s administration will cause another financial crash

President’s repealing of regulations on banks spells danger for the future




Trump travel ban: Hawaii judge rebukes 'palpable' illogic

Federal judge in Hawaii blocks revised Trump travel ban nationwide




Trump Fights Snoop Dogg on Twitter, Apparently Has Nothing Better to Do



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Yeah, the president of the United States picks a fight with dept stores, and entertainers...

How did we get this buffoon is beyond me...  It's not just an ideological/political disagreement here. We all have different values and priorities, and it's OK to disagree, but this is way beyond that.... It's about a person being unqualified, intemperate, ignorant, and dangerous for the power he holds.


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The conservatives claim to be faithful, especially those pious Xtians who miss no opportunity to tell us how morally superior they are. In reality, they and their party are morally corrupt when it comes to public policy meant to help the sick, the powerless, and the poor. 

The Good Samaritan story? Who's that socialist person who redistributes resources, advocates something unsustainable, and reinforces bad behavior?...

Here's today's NYT Op-Ed:

Editorials, Op-Ed and Letters | OP-ED COLUMNIST

And Jesus Said Unto Paul of Ryan ...

What would Jesus tell House Speaker Paul Ryan about looking after the sick and the needy?

A woman who had been bleeding for 12 years came up behind Jesus and touched his clothes in hope of a cure. Jesus turned to her and said: “Fear not. Because of your faith, you are now healed.”

Then spoke Pious Paul of Ryan: “But teacher, is that wise? When you cure her, she learns dependency. Then the poor won’t take care of themselves, knowing that you’ll always bail them out! You must teach them personal responsibility!

They were interrupted by 10 lepers who stood at a distance and shouted, “Jesus, have pity on us.”

“NO!” shouted Pious Paul. “Jesus! You don’t have time. We have a cocktail party fund-raiser in the temple. And don’t worry about them — they’ve already got health care access.”

Jesus turned to Pious Paul, puzzled.

“Why, they can pray for a cure,” Pious Paul explained. “I call that universal health care access.”

Jesus turned to the 10 lepers. “Rise and go,” he told them. “Your faith has made you well.” Then he turned back to Pious Paul, saying, “Let me tell you the story of the good Samaritan.

A man was attacked by robbers who stripped him of clothes, beat him and left him half dead. A minister passed down this same road, and when he saw the injured man, he crossed to the other side and hurried on. So did a rich man who claimed to serve God. But then a despised Samaritan came by and took pity on the injured man. He bandaged his wounds and put the man on his own donkey and paid an innkeeper to nurse him to health. So which of these three should we follow?”

“Those who had mercy on him,” Pious Paul said promptly.

Jesus nodded. “So go ——”

“I mean the first two,” Pious Paul interjected. “For the Samaritan’s work is unsustainable and sends the wrong message. It teaches travelers to take dangerous roads, knowing that others will rescue them from self-destructive behaviors. This Samaritan also seems to think it right to redistribute money from those who are successful and give it to losers. That’s socialism! Meanwhile, if the rich man keeps his money, he can invest it and create jobs. So it’s an act of mercy for the rich man to hurry on and ignore the robbery victim.”

How hard it is for the rich to enter the kingdom of Heaven,” Jesus mused to himself. “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter heaven.”

“Let me teach you about love, Jesus — tough love!” Pious Paul explained. “You need a sustainable pro-business model. And you need to give people freedom, Jesus, the freedom to suffer misery and poverty.”

“The Lord God has anointed me to bring good news to the poor,” Jesus replied, emphasizing the last two words. Then he turned to a paralyzed beggar at his feet. “Stand up!” Jesus told the man. “Pick up your mat and go home.” As the man danced about joyfully, Pious Paul rolled his eyes dismissively.

“Look, Jesus, you have rare talent, and it should be rewarded,” Pious Paul said. “I have a partner, The Donald, who would like to work with you: He’d set up a lovely hospital, and the rich would come and pay for you to heal them. You’d get a percentage, and it’d be a real money-spinner. Overhead would be minimal because every morning you could multiply some loaves and fishes. You could strike it rich!

Blessed are the poor, for theirs is the kingdom of God,” Jesus said. “But woe to you who are rich, for you have already received comfort.”

“Oh, come on, Jesus,” Pious Paul protested. “Don’t go socialist on me again. Please don’t encourage class warfare. The best way to help the needy is to give public money to the rich. That then inspires the poor to work harder, galvanizes the sick to become healthy, forces the lepers to solve their own problems rather than kick back and depend on others. That’s why any realistic health plan has to focus on providing less coverage for the poor, and big tax benefits for the rich. When millions of people lose health care, that’s when a country is great again!”

From everyone who has been given much,” Jesus told him, “much will be required.”

“Well, sure, this hospital would have a foundation to do some charity work. Maybe commissioning portraits of The Donald to hang in the entrance. But let’s drop this bleeding heart nonsense about health care as a human right, and see it as a financial opportunity to reward investors. In this partnership, 62 percent of the benefits would go to the top 0.6 percent — perfect for a health care plan.”

Jesus turned to Pious Paul on his left and said:Be gone! For I was hungry and you gave me no food; I was thirsty, and you gave me no drink; and I was sick, and you did not help me.”

“But, Lord,” protested Pious Paul of Ryan, “when did I see you hungry or thirsty or sick and refuse to help you? I drop your name everywhere. And I’m pro-life!”


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It is so very unbecoming for a POTUS to be involved in twitter beefs, but when a reality show actor is elected, he will behave as a reality show actor does...At his advanced age, we can't expect Trumpf to change now. The economy seems pretty healthy, hopefully he does not deregulate too much and flush Obama's progress down the porcelain throne.

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I don't see any of the morality screamer so called xtians resembling what we know about Jesus in any sort of way. All they do is use his religion to judge others and try to impose their own way of living on others. Jesus healed the sick, held court with outcasts, criminals and the poor. He told us to turn the other cheek, to not judge, that the rich would have an exponentially harder task when it came to going to heaven etc. These loudmouth so called Christians I see either in Government or in those mega churches or the Westboro Baptist types, want to demonize the LGBT community, tell women what they can and cannot do with their bodies, and various other foolishness. There is nothing Christlike about them. Much in the same way as there is nothing pious about strapping a bomb to oneself and expecting to find 72 virgins waiting for you.

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Although not everyone is 100% consistent, I do agree that those who preach that this country was founded (it was not) on Judeo-Christian ethics are hypocrites and morally corrupt, much like their Republican party. This NYT Op-Ed is great.

5 hours ago, Epicurus said:

Don’t go socialist on me again. Please don’t encourage class warfare. The best way to help the needy is to give public money to the rich. That then inspires the poor to work harder, galvanizes the sick to become healthy, forces the lepers to solve their own problems rather than kick back and depend on others. That’s why any realistic health plan has to focus on providing less coverage for the poor, and big tax benefits for the rich. When millions of people lose health care, that’s when a country is great again!”

and this:

5 hours ago, Epicurus said:

“For the Samaritan’s work is unsustainable and sends the wrong message. It teaches travelers to take dangerous roads, knowing that others will rescue them from self-destructive behaviors. This Samaritan also seems to think it right to redistribute money from those who are successful and give it to losers. That’s socialism! Meanwhile, if the rich man keeps his money, he can invest it and create jobs. So it’s an act of mercy for the rich man to hurry on and ignore the robbery victim.”

If health care is a privilege and not a right--especially in this affluent country--then we are a morally corrupt society. Human decency and respect for human life requires health care. More Americans dies from the lack of health care (free to access it? b.s.) than they die from invasions, terrorism, or other threats. Yet, Trump and his cronies want to increase the military budget, which is higher than the next 10 countries combined, higher that the whole NATO, etc... It's appalling we make such choices.  Damn those emails on her private server, Benghazi, and her foundation.... That was the worse of HRC...  How do you like DJT now?


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12 hours ago, athinaios said:

More Americans dies from the lack of health care (free to access it? b.s.) than they die from invasions, terrorism, or other threats. Yet, Trump and his cronies want to increase the military budget, which is higher than the next 10 countries combined, higher that the whole NATO, etc...

What a gross waste of tax payer money, and a tragic example of how the world gone crazy, every day people go without, there is enough wealth to ensure a minimum quality of life for all. Greece is #2 btw in military spending in relation to GDP.

Trumpf is not here to make America great again (America is great), he is here to cause division and to make the rich richer off of the backs of the majority. He does not give a rats ass about the average guy, business is about the bottom line, his bottom line, not anyone elses.

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  • 2 weeks later...

From CNN: Gergen: May be worst 100 days of any presidency

Ultimately it's the American people that will be asked to pay the price for an incompetent leader and a dysfunctional government.

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      A record number of Democrats are lining up and declaring themselves as Democratic candidates for the 2020 Presidential Elections in the USA.
      Pete Buttigieg caught my eye the other day in a town hall meeting televised on CNN. I thought he was a well spoken young man, with ideas and values that I agreed with. He needs 65, 000 donors to be invited to the Democrats debate. I would like to see him there, so I donated to his campaign.
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      This is from BBC:
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      While - I have to admit - I'm note sure where PM Scott Morrison stands on issues, It looks to me like taking out a page from the Orange Orangutan's (Donald Trump) book. Divide the country in an effort to conquer. Pitch one group of people against another and start creating a condition that is hostile to people sharing values. Probably now is a good time to break up labor unions also?
      It seems that everywhere one turns, it's a right wing full frontal attack to the voice of the people.
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      Inexplicable decision
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      In the absence of Diavgeia, what is more than certain is that the corrupt and the wasteful will once more be able to hide behind a veil of nontransparency. The removal of the transparency portal was no doubt an incomprehensible decision on the part of the SYRIZA-Independent Greeks administration.
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      Trump is not the problem; the DNC (i.e. the Democratic National Committee) is.
      When Carter (screwed by OPEC, unpopular thanks to OPEC, and sabotaged by his own party) was defeated in 1978, the Democratic National Committee decided that the plebe that voted Democratic could not be trusted to choose electable candidates. In the future the DNC would choose its own super-delegates who would enable the choice of good candidates.
      In 2016 those who read newspapers read that:
      The super-delegates were 15% of the total. Therefore, if the elected delegates were Sanders 49% and Clinton 36% of the total, Mrs Clinton would have been the Democratic candidate.
      At the New Hampshire’s primary Sanders received 60.4% of the poll vote and Mrs Clinton 38%, of the poll vote. Sanders had 15 voted delegates; Mrs Clinton had 9 elected delegates and 6 superdelegates. Is that possible that the the D in DNC stands for Double-dealing?
      On October 30, 2016, the DNC interim chair Donna Brazile was fired from her position as a political commentator at CNN over e-mail leaks suggesting she had improperly supplied Hillary Clinton’s campaign with advance knowledge of debate-questions.
      Let us move beyond the lady Macbeth aspects of the DNC. How idiotic must one be in order to manage to lose an election against a pathetic bimbo? This demands great talent. Examples:
      α) Trump brags that he will bring the factories back to the USA; the DP claims that the new factories will use robots and the unemployed will remain unemployed.
      β) The DP is all for clean energy. What about the coal-miners in WV? Under the DP plan they will live longer because of cancer avoidance. Moreover, since they will have less money, their life-span will feel even longer.
      γ) In the US the members of every group live, on the average, longer than the previous generation. With one exception; low-class whites. To the best of my limited knowledge, the DP has no plan for them.
      My impression is that Trump is not the problem. The doctor Frankenstein that created him is.
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      We had another mass shooting in the US, this time in Las Vegas, the deadliest of its kind, until the next one of course. Our right to be safe is trampled by the right for someone to own military-grade weapons.
      We had hoped that after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, Congress would act to pass some federal gun safety laws. Nothing!  The victims' stories and pictures in Vegas are beginning to circulate now. I'll leave you with the images of the children of Sandy Hook as a horrific reminder that how a political party and its leaders are essentially in the pocket of the gun lobby.
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