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  1. For many of us, it's been 4 years of mental abuse. It's one thing to disagree about policies and another to find the most indecent and unqualified person in the top elected office of the land. And, because the prez has the loudest megaphone, you can't escape his assaults.
  2. I find this totally disgusting. Plus, if anyone else was doing this kind of thing to willfully expose people to disease, they'd be locked up. It's sad that we make allowances for utter stupidity and superstition... [it's magic, so it's safe!?]
  3. First, most of us did not vote this moron in chief. He also lost the popular count by 3 million votes. Sanders stood out in a field of many because of his core (some say fanatical) support. But, the majority of the Dem voters want someone who is more moderate and, above all, can be a better match against Trump in Nov. Bernie failed to deliver on his promise to energize the base, especially the younger voters. As more and more candidates dropped out, Biden rose. He got important endorsements, especially in South Carolina--which he won big. His numbers against Trump look good now, but most importantly he's winning good demographics, especially in swing states.
  4. You may have missed this in this climate of COVID19, but tonight, March 17th, 2020, Joe Biden effectively became the presumptive Dem nominee after winning in FLA, Ill, and AZ. He's also favored to win in most of the remaining states. Sanders cannot possibly win unless Biden drops dead. So, Sanders should understand this, sit down with Biden to talk about policies, and withdraw from the race. He can't campaign any more given the situation. The Dem voters have spoken. It'd be best for the party and the voters not to have a prolonged campaign. I think the general election campaign starts tomorrow. Be safe and well under the circumstances. Peace. PS>normally around here on this St Pat's day the bars would be busting with crowds. They're all closed now! Same with many retail businesses. This is devastating to anyone connected to retail, and most workers, and retirees everywhere will suffer from this blow to the economy...
  5. NY will be like Florida soon... no need to go to Canada (at least in our life time).... But, yeah, invest in property that you can sell for lots of $$ but where you'd go? Buy another beach-front property? Maybe you can trade your land for a yacht?!! Actually this is my plan, to have a boat to live onboard if need be.... Safe from the zombie apocalypse too!
  6. You're kidding, right? Or, trolling for a reaction? Otherwise you're committing logical fallacies. [it sounds to me like, what happened to the big scare of the Spanish flu?.... or, the Cold War, or Chernobyl, or... it's all scare tactics to make people obey, pay taxes, and buy things they don't need... . it's all a huge conspiracy, I tell you....]?
  7. In another thread there is a discussion about corruption and incompetency at the top. My point is that the political leaders wouldn't be able to sell b.s. if people weren't buying it. I noticed that Rena Dourou, Attica governor made it to the second round of elections.... So 1 in 5 voters bought her b.s. ... As for the snap national elections, Syriza shouldn't get more than 4% (like in its early days)... There has to be a serious penalty for such a ridiculous and catastrophic exercise of power (of course this won't be the case, I know) if things are ever going to change in Greece. In addition, leaders who try to be truthful and responsible they have to get public support. "Υπαρχουν λεφτα"... (only if you vote for me!)
  8. ΟΚ, fair points... about the few Greeks that had/have no way to react to a bad system. Yet, I do believe most Greeks are responsible if they support parties and leaders that tell them what they want to hear. Not unlike in this forum, when we discuss historical facts versus the fiction most Greeks want to believe. (national propaganda, like national poet Solomos and others had argued, truth is whatever serves the national interest) You argue, what can I do? the system is what it is... Pangalos is right and wrong.... Yeah, the EU money was mostly wasted in bribes, corruption, and hiring unnecessary bureaucrats. There are lots of things individuals can do, themselves and collectively. Good example you use about football fans.... How many do you honestly believe are the sensible ones? This is a sports league100% made and run by Greeks. [well, except the disgrace to call in foreign refs lately... which shows that Greeks can't be in charge of their own affairs?].... If I were in Greece, I would not participate in this charade and wouldn't spend a penny until there was serious improvement. I'd also demand from the political leaders to fix this... and go after my favorite team's leaders if they broke the law. Democracy may be the best regime of all we've tried but it requires sensible people. For example, Trump wouldn't be empowered if it weren't for 40% of Americans who still support him. A con man wouldn't be able to sell you b.s. if people weren't buying. Yet, I'm afraid the corruption is not only at the top--saying so it's only a convenient excuse. It's a culture of corruption and a long tradition of the worst politics.....
  9. ^^^^ One of the most incredulous arguments I've seen here (and heard in many gatherings of Greeks)... What kind of an excuse is this? Don't give me money because I don't know how to handle it and be responsible! If you do, then don't blame me for irresponsibility.... it is you who's at fault! But, when Greeks are told they're not mature to be in charge of their own affairs, they take offense! Sadly, it's been always the case, since the failed revolution of 1821. Greeks themselves echoed the argument above and called foreigners to be in charge, from King Otto to the foreign refs in domestic sports leagues today! Funny, they also think they're superior to everyone else. [referring to recent Pew Research survey of Europeans about people's cultures that showed 90% of Greeks believe "we may not be perfect" but we're better than anyone else] I'm of Greek dissent and I'm embarrassed by such attitudes.
  10. Capitalist corporations do what they can to promote own interests so they lobby and give to both parties, especially the ones in power. Wealthy individuals, on the other hand, may be supporting the left or right.
  11. The Repubs are morally corrupt. They're openly advancing the interests of big business and the wealthy elites. But, in order to get support for their policies from the people, they lie and distract. They lie about their economics. They don't work for strengthening the middle class. They have a negative proposal for (our) government. To them gov is not there to provide a safety net, and social services every decent advanced civilized country has and needs! To them it's a libertarian gov that does national defense and law & order. (and they would even privatize that if the GOP could) only. They're stuck in the 18th century! Distractions? Oh, yeah, Benghazi! Seriously? Let's say it was 100% HRC's fault (It wasn't and the GOP Congress investigated her 30+ times).... still it doesn't follow you'd vote for DJT or any Repub. Corrupt Clintons? OK. but she'd be raising her own taxes to pay for social programs, not like DJT and the Repubs who cut their own taxes and gave permanent tax breaks to the wealthy, when the meager middle class tax cuts expire in a couple years. This regime is a kakistocracy (as some people have already mentioned). Rule by the worst. As for Biden, yeah, I'd take him over any Repub anytime even if he fell into a coma in 2020. Which condition he appears to be in, or he had left the planet between 2007-2017.... when he says now that Trump is the GOP's problem, and once he's gone the Repubs will see the light..... Really? Clearly he's forgotten what they did to Obama. He forgot what McConell said before even Obama took the oath , that he'd make him fail. Trump is the result of the Repub party's ideology and practices in the last 25 years..... a party that allowed unheard personal attacks (DJT began his campaign by questioning Obama's legitimacy, birthright, etc) against political opponents, attacked the legitimacy of our institutions (elections, judges, media, military, etc) advanced racist rhetoric, empowered hate groups, promoted the worst divisions in our society (actually this is their strategy), and lowered the political discourse to new depths. They even denied Obama a nomination to the supreme court.... You want to be supporting the party of ..stupid? Yeah, any party or individual who is anti-science is a moron! No way to sugar-coat this. And, the GOP has this unique distinction among conservative parties in the West.... Anti-science, moronic, and a stance that represents ignorance!
  12. The best would be to give all the money and info to my ..Political Action Committee (PAC).
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