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4 hours ago, Amorgos said:



4 hours ago, aek66 said:

modern day liberals x conservatives; a freedom of choice debate has to mean abortion. those against abortion use 'right to life', those pro-abortion are 'pro-choice'. right to choose.

And, conservatives have been trying for ever to take away a woman's right to choose. Who's anti-choice?

But, this is not new. Backward views they try to masquerade as reasonable views, while they don't like anyone having choice that does not conform to their stone-age views. Pfff..


To the mods: You are all nice fellas and I understand you try to keep the peace here, and I totally understand you're in a bind, but at the same time, I have to ask you, are you some liberal pushovers who allow the whiners to have their way undisturbed so you appear impartial? Same posters keep spewing their garbage and I (and a couple others) call it, they whine that their views must be respected. Well, I demand you respect my views too. Views that I now claim to be my religion.

YOu have to decide: is it a personal attack to reply to ... Hitler (I'm exaggerating to make a point), who has been haranguing us about black crime, the lieberals, alternative facts/reality, and other bullshit claims, and we can't say anything because Mr. Hitler gets upset?  Should I preface my response to him by "Mr."? or, "your honor"?...  {cause I know we can't call him for what he is... that would impolite}

kkk-baby.jpg soooo cute! :cycling-617699:


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And, then this magic box.. fixes everything needs fixing.  So the con-artist in chief, tells the cult members that he, only him, has the magic box. You have a problem with immigration, I will fix

Let Trump do his thing. He knows business better than anyone else. He has done more in 4 days than that bozo in 8 years

I said, As to the dance around the issues, some people are conservative first. The rest is finding ways to attack their opponents. If you are a conservative, you are religious; you have archaic ideas

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32 minutes ago, Bananas said:

Trump wants to fix infrastructure and create jobs.  Here's a "shovel ready" project for Trump.


Friend, the WT is not a reputable publication. It's a conservative rag, owned by the ..Moonies (Unification Church), but it gives lots of favorable coverage to conservative pols.

Have 18 min. to spare and get a laugh? Watch this video (Rev. Moon--King of America)


@Bananas A theocracy would be splendid, as long as I was the head of it.  Church of Bananasology. <<<

>>>that's a church I'd consider joining!

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2 minutes ago, Amorgos said:

How so Hudson? IMO abortion should be optional to the very person effected, not one should be asking for the choice to be removed 

"Should" is the operative word here. The conservatives have been trying to take away this choice since the US Supreme Court decided Roe v. Wade in 1973. Several conservative states have made it impossible for women to have abortion. Of course this affects those who can least afford it.

Choice?....  Please ask the conservatives if they think a woman should have a choice!

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2 minutes ago, aek66 said:

really? and some say that the unborn also have a right to live, or no? is there a 2nd side to this or does hudson say that since hillary is pro-choice, Christ himself, would be pro-choice?

Oh, the same unscientific verbiage...  The "unborn" ? OK. What does this mean?  Sperm and egg are "unborn" Women have spontaneous "abortions" (fertilized eggs) and don't even know about it. It's part of nature, which I suppose Christ had a part designing it?

If you think you make your argument more valid by invoking Hillary C., or somehow I speak for her, you're off the mark. But, that's how you roll... I don't expect much anyways.

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32 minutes ago, aek66 said:

exactly, you say, "why is there any doubt about that?", just because you say it's so, there shouldn't be any doubt.

you are trying to draw a timeline and connect the dots between today's republican party and all the perceived evil in the usa from day 1 of the republic. not sure how you skipped over the dixiecrats and what they represented.

by the way; did you post in here when obama temporarily banned iraqis from the usa?

You need more schooling? (I doubt you'll learn, but let me give it another try)...

1. not all opinions are of equal value; some rely on facts, on science, and the art of reasoning. I don't think you possess such qualities judging from your posts. What did I say that is not factual? You saying I'm wrong doesn't it make it so. You sound like Trump: what he doesn't like, it's fake! :1eye: sure, whatever...

2. apparently not only you don't pay attention but you don't know history.  I keep saying "conservatives".... I explained (to you, if I remember correctly) in the past that the two major US pol. parties exchanged positions. The Repub. party of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt was the progressive party, while the Dems were the conservatives.  The "Dixiecrats" were Dems who.... (ready for this?) were too conservative to accept dissegration, equal rights, women's lib, social safety net, etc, and left the Dem.party to join the Repub. party which was already the conservative American party!

3. whatever, again... Here's the story from the Washington Post about those Iraqis. Again, you distort the facts and repeat the b.s. Trumps puts out for you.

Edited by Hudson
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2 minutes ago, ThrylosG7 said:

Free abortions is a kneejerk reaction to the decline of the family unit. Its another debate whether this is a good thing or not and has given people a get out jail free card for making bad choices...

Abortions are not responsible for the decline of the family unit. It's the other way around. (and it matters). Abortions are the lowest ever in the US. Why? Because of education, health care, and access to birth control. Guess who's against these policies that work to limit abortions.

Yes, people make bad choices. An unwanted pregnancy is not good for anyone--mother, child, society; same for abortions.

Interesting you use the analogy: jail and pregnancy.


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Listen up, those of you who, I'm guessing, use your religion as a guide, let me put it to you in a different way:

  • God aborts 60%. Who are you to judge the Almighty?  I checked: The Lord says he’s ok with it
  • God prescribes abortion potion —Numbers 5:22-27   Again, who the hell are you to have a different view?
  • Kill fetus, get fined, kill woman, get death —Exodus 21:22-23    It's about the sanctity of life? the  "unborn"?
  • Infant becomes person after birth —Leviticus 27:6  LISTEN!!!!
  • Fetus fetish is idolatry.. LISTEN, again
  • Don’t say you follow Jesus if stopping abortion trumps love, truth, peacemaking, compassion, feeding the hungry, caring for the poor ...
  • Life begins at ejaculation – Ask Onan.  OK, this is contradictory, but the Bible is full of contradictions; either God couldn't make up his mind or men, like you, wrote the stuff
  • If the baby goes to heaven / And the doctor goes to hell/ If the woman gets forgiveness / What’s the problem!?
  • The Bible doesn’t define when life becomes “a living soul.” Don’t put your words in God’s mouth
Edited by Hudson
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This is getting out of control

I'm going to edit/delete posts and ask everyone to cool it and take a breather...

@aek66 don't repeat: "you are the rag and the liberal mouthpiece."

@ jimAdam cool it

@Hudson Don't challenge the mods like that. To the mods: ........Same posters keep spewing their garbage and I (and a couple others) call it, they whine that their views must be respected. Well, I demand you respect my views too..<<< NOT APPROPRIATE

@thrylos don't escalate

@olympic Hellas don't escalate

It's late, but I'll be editing posts here and around the Let's Talk About it, because we're not having a discussion anymore. I tried to reply to several of you, or via PM, but I realized it's not working and I don't want to go around in circles.

I'll also be deleting and hiding some posts until we figure out how to proceed here.

As the mods have said, we don't see everything, and the warnings may be uneven but we have to keep in mind this is not an arena to exercise hooliganism.


As a footnote, I'm following the discussion in the GreekSoccer thread and it's interesting to see what happened over there. We can't allow the same thing to happen here.

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41 minutes ago, Hudson said:

hope everyone got warnings, not only me....

where are some of my posts? I don't feel like rewriting them....

Everyone was also going to get ice-cream but you all blew it.

But seriously, you guys have been getting out of line for a while now.  Not every post but often enough.

Picture the "discussion" you're having in.  Would you guys speak to each like that in person ?  If yes, then I'm guessing it would come to blows in short order.  To me it just looks like you're all yelling at each other.

Oh well, more ice-cream for me.


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2 hours ago, ThrylosG7 said:

The only difference between Trump and the Clintons is they use softer words...barrier instead of wall for example..mention the word wall they y have images of Soviet Era gulags in their heads or something like that 

Also another difference is that the Clintons are qualified for the position, Trump has zero experience. In reality the differences are endless.

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The whole "fake news" thing is getting annoying.  It is the new catch phrase from the Trump supporters if someone writes an article they don't agree about.  I have a feeling this Trump presidency is going to end ugly and it doesn't help his cause when you have Conway making up stuff and repeating it over and over and then calling it fake news.  

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14 minutes ago, gyros said:

The whole "fake news" thing is getting annoying.  It is the new catch phrase from the Trump supporters if someone writes an article they don't agree about.  I have a feeling this Trump presidency is going to end ugly and it doesn't help his cause when you have Conway making up stuff and repeating it over and over and then calling it fake news.  

Liberals have been calling Fox News "fake news" for over a century.

Nothing at all has changed. The only difference with Republicans these days compared to 10 years ago is that the younger generation of Republicans have grown a pair of balls and don't take s%&#036;#&#33; anymore form liberals. 

Liberals are not sure what to do, so now they are retaliating in return


I think both sides need to settle down and just let Trump be the president. He's not going to go away if you block a road or smash some Starbucks windows.

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15 hours ago, Bananas said:

Everyone was also going to get ice-cream but you all blew it.

But seriously, you guys have been getting out of line for a while now.  Not every post but often enough.

Picture the "discussion" you're having in.  Would you guys speak to each like that in person ?  If yes, then I'm guessing it would come to blows in short order.  To me it just looks like you're all yelling at each other.

Oh well, more ice-cream for me.


Very well said. Except one.... where did you get that ice cream???   I hope you didn't raid our secret stash.... Did you find the key I misplaced?

Go to Tantra's ingloo and chip some ice, add some syrup and serve!:smoke:

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22 hours ago, aek66 said:

all i read was that all the evil in the usa can be traced backed from today's republican party to day 1 of the republic. a clear timeline. today's republican party = conservatism in the usa from 1776? 

what makes the argument asymmetrical, is what you and i believe conservatism embodies.


You can "read" whatever you want, and draw your own erroneous conclusions. At the risk of my post being edited/deleted/whatever, here's some schooling:

You don't seem to understand the difference between Rebublican and conservative. I keep saying "conservatives" are the problem. Conservatives who have opposed progress--like the abolition of slavery, desegregation, women's rights, minority rights, separation church-state, consumer protection, voting rights, science education, social safety net, national parks, health care, etc, etc. Those conservatives have been present in both major political parties.

The Republican party was the progressive party from 1860 to early 20th c. Teddy Roosevelt (R) was the leader of the progressive movement; he came out of retirement to run against prez Taft (R) in 1912 because it was the time the GOP was becoming beholden to big money and unregulated capitalism. FDR transformed the Dem party into a progressive coalition that fell apart in the 1950s and 1960s. Why? Because the conservatives from the South didn't like progress, especially desegregation! The so-called Dixiecrats were Dems who left the party and joined the Repubs.

What is conservatism according to you? What have conservatives tried to conserve? In my opinion, the want to conserve some pretty bad stuff, regressive policies unfit for a modern enlightened society.

As for the Iraqi ban (as you so proudly mention in your post) here's the truth from Factcheck. The cult Trump drones repeat the nonsense the cult leader puts out.   And, yes, the truth has a liberal bias.

Edited by Hudson
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Trump's national security adviser general Flynn is in hot water because, allegedly, he was talking to the Russians about lifting US sanctions. Apparently VP Pence and others are miffed about Flynn's less than honest disclosures to them.

I'm very disappointed with Trump's picks for his cabinet, with the exception of UN Ambassador,  and Secy of Defense. But, 90% of Republicans approve of what he's doing so far.

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12 hours ago, tantra129 said:

Russia will try to bail out Trump pretty soon to make Trump look "tough" on Russia.  A geopolitical "crisis" will come up and Trump will put Russia in their place but its a wink wink deal between the two.  I have never seen such amateur hour in my life.  Russia is losing billions on sanctions and they are in a world of pain right now and they need these sanctions to be lifted.  The big orange idiot is trying to figure out a way to lift them but he has the GOP senate in his way and they are all anti-Russian.

Edited by gyros
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I can't prove it, but I sense Russia must have something on Trump, otherwise I can't explain his reluctance to criticize Putin and Russia. Even Bill O'Reilly (Fox News) was taken aback the other day:

When Trump said he respected Putin, O'Reilly responded: "He's a killer, though. Putin's a killer."

Trump fired back: "There are a lot of killers. You think our country's so innocent?"

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