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6 hours ago, Epicurus said:

I can't fathom how so many people have been duped by Trump. His lies are so obvious and he's bullshitting all his life.

They were concentrating on the wicked witch.  They didn't want to vote for her.  I can only presume they didn't realise they were voting for a baboon.

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1 hour ago, Bananas said:

They were concentrating on the wicked witch.  They didn't want to vote for her.  I can only presume they didn't realise they were voting for a baboon.

Yes, she was very unpopular and, as it seems, she didn't excite her base to come out and vote.

But, these two represented two different worlds. She was qualified to be president. And, she would appoint competent people in vital positions. And, probably she'd be raising her own taxes instead.

I think many voters don't really think about the greater implications of voting for a president. Probably they voted against HRC without thinking about the Supreme Court, the environment, science, education, health care, foreign relations, etc, etc. 

I'd like to think that most of us would call out a bullshitter like Trump no matter what party he belonged to. It was so obvious that he was either lying or didn't know what he was talking about. So obvious.  It's like you walk into a room to talk about something you know nothing about.... you'd say generalities and bullshit that would make people happy.

Hey, if you elect me to run Phantis I'll give everyone free internet access, money for every post, and a new car every month to the person whose posts are liked the most. Trust me, I'm very successful, and I can make Phantis great again. Just give me the keys!


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Donald Trump’s Racism: The Definitive List

"The media often falls back on euphemisms when describing Trump’s comments about race: racially loaded, racially charged, racially tinged, racially sensitive. And Trump himself has claimed that he is “the least racist person.” But here’s the truth: Donald Trump is a racist. He talks about and treats people differently based on their race. He has done so for years, and he is still doing so.

Here, we have attempted to compile a definitive list of his racist comments – or at least the publicly known ones."

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15 hours ago, Lazarus said:

The US is rapidly becoming a Banana Republic.

Yeah man bring it on.  I’ve always wanted my own Republic.

3 hours ago, tantra129 said:

i think the USA and the world will get a rude awakening come Q32018

What’s happening in Q3 that’s significant ?

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Let's look at some facts....

Is there anybody on this planet that thinks that Russian meddling in the USA 2016 elections had zero impact on the outcome?

Anybody that thinks that the Russians are wasting money and resources in world wide interference campaigns and are doing so without getting the results they seek?

Anybody else that thinks that this Orangutan of ours is elected fair and square? Anybody, other than scary Pence, that is....

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The intelligence community, as explained in the video, did say that the Russians meddled in our election and they had a clear preference to help Trump by discrediting (hacking and leaking internal emails, etc) HR Clinton.  Indeed DJT and the GOP used the Russian info to attack HRC.  Last week, we learned that Russia "successfully penetrated voter systems" ....

If you think the constant leaks and attacks on HRC didn't make a difference in an election decided by a few thousand votes in 3 states, then there's no point of discussing this topic.


Those who are OK that a foreign, hostile gov interferes in our electoral process, and hacks into American emails, computer systems, etc, then they may want to check their super-patriotism at the door. (and please don't tell your patron saint, Reagan)

Inside the Muller indictments....  and how Russian oligarchs and other Putin allies spent tons of money supporting Trump in many ways. I remember how many of our (ex) members were citing those sources, pictures, hacked emails, falsehoods, etc. A major part of any US election strategy is to mobilize your voters while suppressing the turnout of the opposite voters. Democrats had/have more voters, but given HRC unpopularity, many stayed home on election day.

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Hacking voter systems is one thing and leaking information about HRC is another.

As someone who didn't really follow the election my very limited understanding of it is that the Ruskis leaked information about HRC using a private email address.  Which she knows she shouldn't have but did anyway.  Her last name is Clinton after all.  Or was there more to it.

The fact that TRUE information is leaked is not that disturbing to me.  What is disturbing is if information is completely false.  Again, my limited knowledge of the election is based on sound bites and headlines.  I did follow the thread here on phantis briefly but it resorted to chest beating and I lost interest in the thread.

If voter system were hacked that is most disturbing of all.  It depends on the type of hack.  Was it due to poor security practices which is very worrying.  Or was a "back door" left deliberately open (wink wink) in which case we're talking criminal behaviour.  Possibly even treason depending on your point of view.

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13 hours ago, Bananas said:

Her last name is Clinton after all. 

Huh? I'm really floored (and disappointed) to hear this far-right wing unsubstantiated name calling coming from you. Even though this could be a separate topic on its own (The Bill Clinton Presidency), please be informed that the US experienced an extended period of economic prosperity during the Clinton presidency, and that Bill Clinton left office with high approval ratings - these are the facts.

Back to the subject though... The Russian interference in the US 2016 elections is not simply about leaking information. Athinaios was kind enough to provide a couple of links referencing the latest developments. It's about the active involvement on the ground and in the digital world to influence, penetrate and alter the outcome of the US Election system. It is part of an active and ongoing war and the US finds itself on the receiving end.

One could argue that the US has been engaging in such behavior in other countries for decades now. That's a valid point and (again) a topic for a different discussion.

What we have here is a case where the Russian government is actively trying to alter the electoral landscape in many countries across the globe using similar tactics. In the US, they succeeded in changing the (anticipated) electoral outcome. What remains to be seen is how exactly did they accomplish it. Hopefully, time and investigations will show.

There is a lot of misinformation going on and it is difficult to navigate through the streams of falsehoods. That being said, we need to stick to proven facts and not perpetuate rumors, falsehoods and unproven facts.


An Op-Ed, by Thomas L. Friedman, worth reading from the New York Times: Whatever Trump is hiding is hurting all of us now

Maybe non-US citizens can understand the magnitude of what is at stake in the US after reading the op-ed.


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The Asshole in Chief held a listening session with survivors of mass shootings.

This is what he held in his hands:


1.) "What would you most want me to know about your experience?"

2.) "What can we do to help you feel [unclear]?"

And the last visible point on the sheet was not a question, but seemingly a reminder to be empathetic: "5.) I hear you."

A freakin' cue card? He has no words of empathy for people that lost kids, family and friends? Instead he proposes arming teachers with guns? Is this the Twilight Zone we are living in?

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      A record number of Democrats are lining up and declaring themselves as Democratic candidates for the 2020 Presidential Elections in the USA.
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      Trump is not the problem; the DNC (i.e. the Democratic National Committee) is.
      When Carter (screwed by OPEC, unpopular thanks to OPEC, and sabotaged by his own party) was defeated in 1978, the Democratic National Committee decided that the plebe that voted Democratic could not be trusted to choose electable candidates. In the future the DNC would choose its own super-delegates who would enable the choice of good candidates.
      In 2016 those who read newspapers read that:
      The super-delegates were 15% of the total. Therefore, if the elected delegates were Sanders 49% and Clinton 36% of the total, Mrs Clinton would have been the Democratic candidate.
      At the New Hampshire’s primary Sanders received 60.4% of the poll vote and Mrs Clinton 38%, of the poll vote. Sanders had 15 voted delegates; Mrs Clinton had 9 elected delegates and 6 superdelegates. Is that possible that the the D in DNC stands for Double-dealing?
      On October 30, 2016, the DNC interim chair Donna Brazile was fired from her position as a political commentator at CNN over e-mail leaks suggesting she had improperly supplied Hillary Clinton’s campaign with advance knowledge of debate-questions.
      Let us move beyond the lady Macbeth aspects of the DNC. How idiotic must one be in order to manage to lose an election against a pathetic bimbo? This demands great talent. Examples:
      α) Trump brags that he will bring the factories back to the USA; the DP claims that the new factories will use robots and the unemployed will remain unemployed.
      β) The DP is all for clean energy. What about the coal-miners in WV? Under the DP plan they will live longer because of cancer avoidance. Moreover, since they will have less money, their life-span will feel even longer.
      γ) In the US the members of every group live, on the average, longer than the previous generation. With one exception; low-class whites. To the best of my limited knowledge, the DP has no plan for them.
      My impression is that Trump is not the problem. The doctor Frankenstein that created him is.
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      We had another mass shooting in the US, this time in Las Vegas, the deadliest of its kind, until the next one of course. Our right to be safe is trampled by the right for someone to own military-grade weapons.
      We had hoped that after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, Congress would act to pass some federal gun safety laws. Nothing!  The victims' stories and pictures in Vegas are beginning to circulate now. I'll leave you with the images of the children of Sandy Hook as a horrific reminder that how a political party and its leaders are essentially in the pocket of the gun lobby.
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