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2015 UK General Election


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The British parliamentary election is only a week away now and it looks like it will certainly be a hung parliament. Hard to predict what will happen, but we could end up with some sort of rainbow coalition of miss matched parties. What is your guys thoughts on this?

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quite correct, whether you vote or not you'll get cameron or miliband

both warmongers, both pro EU, both pro uncontrolled immigration, both pro banker, both allow their corporate chums to not pay corporation tax(amazon, google, starbucks, pfizer, npower, vodafone etc etc) both are pro green taxes/levies to combat so called man made global warming(lining the pockets of their chums in the energy sector and handing grants to wind farms that don't work properly)  both have done their best to shield all the paedophilia in parliament, and cameron has done his best to delay the chilcott inquiry, imagine that, a tory prime minister blocking/delaying an inquiry that would devastate the labour party, shielding a former labour PM, you'd think he'd want that out to make his 'opponents' look bad. 


they allow the country to fill up with immigrants thus giving their corporate chums infinite access to cheap labour, those that try and point that out are instantly branded as 'racist' just look at the treatment they give UKIP, the tories and the labour party have labelled them 'fruit loons' and 'closet racists' and 'nutcases' their arrogance is astounding, if you disagree with the status quo thats how you're labelled.


Ed Miliband recently blamed the death of immigrants trying to flee Libya for europe on Camerons actions in Libya, however at the time of our intervention there when we bombed the s%$#! out of them Miliband backed the action.


before the last election Cameron promised to give us a referendum on the UK remaining in the EU, he didn't deliver but is now promising the same if he's elected. they are not contractually obliged to carry out whats in their manifesto's, they face zero consequences when they do the opposite, but as the british people are thick enough to keep voting for them, then you can't really blame the politicians for taking the piss, fiddling their expenses, employing their spouses/children, and in the case of jack straw taking money from a furniture company which amazingly got a contract to supply government with furniture, and now that MR straw is leaving politics guess where he's going to work as a consultant, correct the same furniture firm - who would of thought.


happy voting, count me out.

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Don't forget that Cameron in the past at least has taken a hostile stance towards Greece. He's siding with FYROM in those early days was very provacative and quite undiplomatic.

FOPOG? Offensive and historically inaccurate. I have an intense loathing of the Tories. Cameron is just another Tory twat wanker!

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I'm glad to see the anti Tory vibe coming from a few of you guys. I remember last year UKIP said the Tories even wanted the Turks in the EU ffs. I still think the Tories are the worst party in the UK (sorry UKIP), so anything other than a Tory led government is a minor victory in my eyes.


Then you also have the issue of Scotland and I think the SNP have a win-win situation. Either they form a coalition with Labour and we get Salmond as Miliband's new partner. Or if the Tories come into government (with other right-wing parties like UKIP, DUP or whoever) and we even leave the EU, then this would only fuel popularity for Scottish independence.


Pick your poison.

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You vote for the lesser of two evils.

After five years of Con-Dem rule, I have no doubt which party is the lesser of the two evils.


Away with Cameron! Away with Clegg!

well if you're happy to vote for evil then go right ahead.

count me out

but i will say this, if the party you vote for wins and decides to bomb a load of people somewhere then you got blood on your hands.


i've never understood this 'lesser of 2 evils' argument 



it was tony blair (Labour) who was pushing for turkey to join the EU, it was only Germany and a few other european nations strong opposition to this that prevented it. You know the same blair that called greek cypriots a 'bunch of used car salesmen' after they rejected the annan plan in 2004, and he was very quick to point out that the turkish cypriots had accepted it and wanted peace and to live together. Proper labour values those, pro immigration and staunch anti racists but find it acceptable to call a nation they don't like a bunch of second had car salesmen and loons, nutcases and extremists to those that don't agree with them. 


so go ahead guys vote labour 'the lesser of 2 evils'

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No the people who voted for Labour do not have blood on their hands because did they know Blair was going to invade Iraq when they were voting for him? No, the blood is on the hands of the politicians, they did something they never said they would during the election and went against many of their own voters opinions. We have in the UK what is known as an "elective dictatorship" so the people cannot take the blame on that one.


Secondly even though I do think that Labour are the "lesser of 2 evils" I'm not going to be voting for them, so don't expect me to stand up for Tony Blair's actions, I am against the damage he did to the old Labour party. 

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No the people who voted for Labour do not have blood on their hands because did they know Blair was going to invade Iraq when they were voting for him? No, the blood is on the hands of the politicians, they did something they never said they would during the election and went against many of their own voters opinions. We have in the UK what is known as an "elective dictatorship" so the people cannot take the blame on that one.


they voted for him 3 times, people protested against his war, he didn't end it so they elected him again and again with a huge majority, suddenly he's the most hated man in britain. when i asked colleagues who voted for him after the invasion why - because he's not a tory. genius.


besides they're all war mongers, the paedophilia in parliament is so rife that only the most naive can't see the efforts they're going to in order to cover it up and still the 'plebs' vote.


no wonder they have complete disdain for working people, we deserve it.




they did something they never said they would during the election and went against many of their own voters opinions

this happens every time, and every time people think its going to be different this time, like the battered wife who goes back and wonders why she's been beaten again 'he said he wouldn't hit me again' 

and like i said above, they still reelected him, not once but TWICE more. 


why? i tell you the reason, because he deregulated the banks, they were giving money to everyone, we were all well off with cheap mortgages and rising house prices so we didn't give a F*** about a few dead muslims, we were all rich fat and content, then he stepped down to allow gordon brown to take the flak for the crash he knew was coming, people started to become poor again and now people vent their bile at Blair and are suddenly outraged about being lied to over the war. Meanwhile cameron is doing his best to delay chilcott for the benefit of an 'opposition' PM. 

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We can moan about Blair all we want and how bemused you are that he actually got elected. Just remember that Blair was only re-elected once after the invasion, that was in 2005 (before the lies about Iraq were as accepted as they are now) and even then Labour only won 35% of the total vote. Such is the undemocratic nature of our electoral system Blair's 3rd government was probably the least popular single party majority government this nation has seen.


I think its a shame that few politicians are mentioning how much First Past the Post needs to be reformed. The Lib Dems are not so vocal about it anymore after everyone voted against changing the system in 2011. But I still think change is needed, even if there is not a lot of popular support for it.

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So there you go, another 5 years of Cameron as PM looms. Only this time he has a majority, so no Lib Dems to keep the Tories in check, this could be the most right-wing government since the Thatcher days.


Very, very poor showing from Labour and Lib Dems, the polls massively over estimated the performance of Labour. UKIP and Greens have suffered from our undemocratic electoral system, for example UKIP get 13% of the total vote but only 1 seat.


SNP did well, even better than expected getting 56 seats. But the problem is that thanks to Labour's dismal performance in England, there were not enough centre left-wing parties to form a coalition. That means little influence for the SNP MPs in Westminster and that the people of Scotland have to endure another Tory government and it is not even their fault, its the fault of the English electorate for being far more right-wing. I'd expect this to only fuel the Scottish independence movement and to divide our country.

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The Tories may have gone further in their reforms to the NHS, taxation ect but for the Lib Dems. I'm not trying to defend to Lib Dems and this election has shown how they are merely Tories in disguise. But I'm just saying things will be even worse than they were the last 5 years.

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wonderful, another 5 years of uncontrolled immigration and pandering to the EU. glad i never voted, my conscience is clear. don't hold your breath regarding an in out referendum, cameron promised that last time round also. 

we can look forward to more warmongering, more paedophilia, more secrecy and more tax breaks for their corporate chums. 


brits baffle me, they constantly moan about immigration and the EU yet continually elect pro immigration pro EU parties. 

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Well immigration is an issue for me, but have bigger priorities like equality, welfare state and public services etc. I'm probably not the only one who didn't vote based solely on their immigration views. Blair's mass immigration was a mistake, so was much of the immigration before him going back over 50 years. Anyone who says multiculturalism has truly succeeded is deluded, look at how segregated communities have become, like you mentioned  the paedophilia, more religious frictions, people going off to join terrorist groups and the list goes on.


However most of the problem's I've listed are mainly about immigrants who came from outside the EU, from 3rd world countries and often the Islamic countries. I know people from places like Spain, Greece, Portugal ect (which is where most of the recent migrants have come from) and I don't see them doing any of the above. I'm not saying the Southern EU immigrants aren't creating any problems, I'm just not seeing that happening personally.


Having said all that economic immigration is a symptom of the evil capitalistic system by which Europe and most of the world operates. Rich businesses benefit by exploiting the new imported cheap labour, possibly undercutting the original citizens. Then the poor country loses out by having its best workers leave to a rich country. Currently there is one party speaking out about immigration but unfortunately for people like me its a right-wing party. The left wing parties like the Greens or TUSC need to stop being so blind about immigration in my opinion.

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Its just because the electoral system limits their choice so loads of people just have to vote for the best realistic option that can win their constituency. Some of them will actually have genuine loyalty to a party, which is fair enough if they actually agree with that party.


Its the Labour-Tory swing voters who annoy me the most and the Lib Dem voters (who've now all left to the Tories). They can't decide if their left or right and they have a much larger influence over who wins the election than the other voters thanks to FPTP.


Having said that more people (including myself) voted for the smaller parties this election, but in it was all in vain as most of those votes didn't count toward actual seats.

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  • 2 months later...
60 Minutes Australia: Special Investigation Spies Lords and Predators






The Westminster paedophile scandal deepened last night with disturbing new allegations against former Home Secretary Leon Brittan.

The Tory grandee was named as an abuser by an alleged abuse victim during an appearance on Australian TV show 60 minutes.

The man claimed that, like the late Liberal MP and prolific paedophile Cyril Smith, Lord Brittan was a regular visitor to paedophile parties at Dolphin Square in Pimlico, Central London.

The alleged victim, referred to only as Darren, said: ?He (Lord Brittan) liked boys to dress in women?s underwear and he liked to be alone in the room to punish you for wearing underwear.??


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