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  1. I seem to remember Cameron trying to scare us into voting remain, in fact he was caught giving government contracts to 4 companies in exchange for them announcing leave would be disastrous for Britain, so there were rich people campaigning for remain, but it's quite telling that you call those who voted out - who had the audacity to not agree with you - 'ignorant and racist people' not sure by the way how some can make themselves poorer when they're completely broke, besides how do you know we'll all be poorer? Why would Nissan build Diesel cars in the UK when they can't sell them in the UK? and the reason they can't sell them in the UK is because of the low emission zones and taxes being implemented on Diesel cars as part of green legislation which makes Diesels not viable economically for people, green legislation which incidentally came from Brussels, which is why they are being built in Japan and not another EU country. Your language is very telling and typical of a lot remain folk that our media are full of, poor saps eh? Any idiot can read between the lines? Nissan made their reasons clear which make complete business sense, what lines am I missing that I should read between. The arrogance and complete contempt for democracy and feeling of knowing what's best is breathtaking. We'll ignore what the majority voted for because they're just stupid ignorant racist chavs that don't know what's best for them. But like I said you can all relax because we ain't going nowhere.
  2. They have a history of ignoring referenda that doesn't go their way just ask the Danes Dutch French and Irish voters. They sent the boys round to bash up Catalan voters that wanted to secede. Criteria for all new members is they adopt the Euro By your logic then every election is also a farce, lets just ignore those too because we didn't like the result. Lets not try and rewrite history, the UK government sent leaflets to every house in the UK urging people to vote remain but making assurances that the result would be respected, also Cameron Osborne Clegg Johnson and many others on both sides all made it pretty clear on the Andrew Marr show that leaving meant exiting the single market and customs union lets not pretend we didn't know what Brexit meant. My goodness aren't you virtuous because you voted remain, I'm pleased for you that you have a wonderful living standard in the UK so we should ignore the referendum because you're thrilled how things are, but many aren't as fortunate as you, guess they don't matter. Funny how it's ok for you to call them Chavs whilst at the same time accusing them of being racists and too stupid to vote. Lets stay and make changes from within, good idea mate it's worked the last 40 years hasn't it? Just ask our fishermen if you can find any. Ah those brainless Chavs spoiled thing for everyone didn't they, but you can relax with your feet up and big income because we ain't going anywhere, like I pointed out 3 years ago straight after the referendum. And there aren't 10 versions of leave, it was made pretty clear what leave was with the government leaflets and the politicians trying to scare the voters by saying clearly leaving means out of the single market and customs union and the European court not being able the supersede the UK courts.
  3. Actually no, what keeps me up at night is guilt for the white privilege that I enjoy. But thanks for asking.
  4. Koulouris probably deserves a chance, don't see anything in Durmisaj, I think Maios Vrousai is better than both of them having a brilliant season in Holland.
  5. Now that you've discredited the video by using words and phrases like conspiracy feeble minds and simplistic explanations, can you for my own education tell me what was untrue in that video. Private company, nothing to do with the Russian State. I'm sure he got loans from other banks in the US too despite a history of being declared bankrupt. I wonder where wikileaks got hold of them, some say former DNC employee Seth Rich released them and it wasn't the Russians but we'll never know as Seth Rich was killed in a street robbery that went wrong. Have the sanctions been lifted? Like the way the Smollett allegations were on CNN every 5 minutes as a symptom of Trumps racist America despite them being false. Seems strange to me that he's perceived as pro Russian, otherwise he'd recognise Crimea as part of Russia. I guess I must be feebleminded and simplistic.
  6. The UK government doesn't want to leave hence campaigning to remain, and has no intention of leaving. The EU doesn't want the UK to leave and has a history of ignoring referenda. Was obvious from the start it wouldn't be allowed to happen because neither side wanted it, apart from the voter of course but they don't matter. I understand leaving is bad for Briton as you've so eloquently outlined(despite bizarrely thinking Cameron was a Brexiteer) however you either respect democracy or you don't. Criticise the choice made by all means as you believe it's the wrong one which is your right of course but to in someway justify it being overturned is plainly wrong and undemocratic. Because they had no intention of leaving, which I said pretty much straight after the vote, besides Cameron didn't for a minute think he'd lose that vote. A 'hard Brexit' is what British people voted for, the Politicians and mouth pieces in the media don't want that, neither does the EU. Very similar to the democrats in the US, they didn't like the outcome and Trump being elected so they scream Russia conspiracy to try and get it overturned. I understand life in the US would be much better under Hilary however you have to respect the vote or accept people are too stupid to make the correct choice and give up on democracy, like we have in Britain. It was very clear, crystal clear, leave without a deal on WTO terms because that's what was voted for, this 'hard' 'soft' 'deal' 'roadmap' rubbish was introduced later as a way of delaying stalling and stopping Brexit altogether which has been achieved. You have know way of knowing that 1/3 had immigration as a top concern. Britons are not in the schengen area and do not enjoy open borders, only with the Republic of Ireland does Britain have an open border where you can fly to Ireland without a passport. And it's their absolute right to not want other nationals to be allowed to live and work in the UK without being accused of being racist barefoot knuckle dragging dungaree wearing morons(which is pretty much what is being suggested in the media here) hence their vote should be ignored.
  7. PM Cameron campaigned to stay in, in fact he tried to terrify voters by saying leaving would be disastrous and the government spent £9m sending leaflets to every house urging people to vote remain. He left because he lost the vote and his position became untenable, so they replaced him with May who also voted and campaigned remain. Talking of lies remainers(who are the overwhelming majority in parliament and media) have said a no deal Brexit would lead to Food shortages Mass unemployment Diabetics dying off because of no insulin The port of Dover will seize up The Irish will start killing each other again in Belfast The £ would become worthless The NHS will run out of doctors At present I'm able to travel to Morocco the US Israel Turkey etc. you're not seriously suggesting a no deal Brexit would prevent me being able to travel to France or Belgium that's just ridiculous. As for paying too much for all the wonderful benefits of membership I think £54m per day is far too much but that doesn't matter what matters is people voted out you can call it Trump fiction because you didn't like the outcome. Ok so it's not democracy because people were not informed, so what was the point of a referendum if people aren't informed enough to make the 'correct' choice and the outcome will just be ignored? Funny how I knew straight after the vote that it would be blocked.
  8. I wonder what this organisation makes of the Justin Smollett allegations. I love how CNN and the Democrats went into overdrive about how racist America is and took it as gospel that he was telling the truth.
  9. The 29th of March came and went and low and behold the UK are still fully paid up members of the EU, gee I never saw that coming, who would of thought? Especially after Treeza said and reiterated that we're leaving on the 29th March(I'm sure she tried her best despite voting and campaigning for the UK to remain). Democracy in action, European style. Just ask the Irish the French and the Dutch that all had referenda ignored by this organisation.
  10. Excellent performance by Oly, hopefully they can see this through next week. Awful biased coverage in the UK media about the ref and the Greek players intimidating officials. The match stats seem to escape these people. Possession 68% -32% shots 17 - 3 on target 6 -1 corners 7-2 Seems pretty comprehensive to me. Good to see Fortounis get his mojo back. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/45278531
  11. Unbelievable, Alex Jones the man who blew the most smoke up Trumps backside has been kicked off platforms, seems Trump is not all powerful when he can't prevent his most ardent supporter from being de platformed. But this isn't about Alex Jones it's about the new 'left' that cheer every time they manage to silence someone they disagree with, 15 years ago I'd never have imagined that in future it would be the 'right' that would be the guardians of free speech. I'd never had imagined I'd be called a racist ignorant bigot if I was opposed to having multiculturalism forced on me or that people would become hysterical at hearing certain words but not seem to mind when their tax dollars are used to bomb children around the world. Strange times. I think Carlson is spot on in his assessment.
  12. Well I expect the UK government will be looking into the behavior of Cambridge Analytica and they will be reprimanded for their conduct I’m sure there are laws against private firms being used to influence elections in other countries. Its refreshing to see that it’s only the Republicans stoop to such treachery, but one can’t help thinking the Democrats shot them selves in the foot, If Trump was up against Sanders I doubt any amount of Russian and British meddling would have swung it Trumps way. Still at least us brits and the Russians have something to chuckle about when we look at the US president, perhaps that’s why they fixed the election for Trump, for comedic purposes. How embarrassing for the US. As for treason.....we’ll.... you mentioned it, I’m just wondering why no consequences are faced.
  13. Is treason not punishable by death in the US? Or are rich folk above the law? No wonder those Russians fixed the election over in the US, they must be having a right laugh, however I heard the British also had a hand in rigging the US election, an English company called Cambridge Analytica was also exposed, hope it doesn't ruin our special relationship.
  14. A full 2 years after we voted to leave EU, the UK are still fully paid up members of the EU, like I said at the time the EU do not respect democracy and the UK government has no desire to leave, another wonderful illustration of how voting changes nothing. I'm sure the academics on here will try to educate me and explain all the technicalities involved and deals and scenarios and border issues and people not knowing what they were voting for etc etc etc, but regardless of how you dress it up we will never be allowed to leave.
  15. Calling for gun laws may be 'sensible' but that's just your opinion, others might not agree with that sentiment, it's called diversity of opinion, l thought folk on the left celebrated diversity. While calling for gun laws my not be political, going on the tonight show straight after a massacre to call for gun laws when you were leader of a party that has been trying to get stricter gun laws is absolutely political. Talk about exploiting a tragedy. I wasn't being political I detest the republicans as much as I do the democrats all I said was that this debate is not as simple as gun laws = good and no gun laws = bad. If I was being political I would have said that Harvey Weinstein donated to the Clinton foundation or that Harvey Weinstein contributed large sums of money to Bill Clinton's legal fees when he had that scandal with Monica Lewinsky. But let's not go there...
  16. Disrespectful to victims really? Wasn't it Hilary Clinton that took the opportunity to score political points and exploit the shooting by calling for gun control on the tonight show? With Miley Cyrus wanting to give her a hug, and you talk of disrespect. I would say Ms Clinton to quote you was 'using such a horrible act of violence to take political shots' Meanwhile we have Lazurus posting videos of Obama in tears proving he cares about mass shootings, no such tears for the Libyans Syrians and Iraqis he massacred. Crocodile tears if you ask me but you can be more objective when you're not welded to one side. A democrat would never call out Obomber, just like a republican won't call out Trump.
  17. My personal opinion as to why some Americans hold guns dear is because they have gone from a country where you could draw your gun on a sheriff that came to your home to question you and prevent him coming closer to your home, the sheriff would put his hands up and respect the private property of the suspect. Now we have SWAT raids where police storm houses break down doors and start shooting and there are cases in America where even children and pets have been shot dead and the wrong houses have been raided in many cases. I think some Americans resent that which is why some of them don't want to be disarmed. thats just my opinion of course I can't speak for pro gun folk. But I don't for one minute believe that the likes of Obama and Clinton who reaped such destruction over the world care about the safety of Americans when they talk about gun laws.
  18. I'm not pro or anti gun I have no interest in them but the debate isn't simply guns bad, no guns good. to quote Epicurus if I may 'the claim about the increased burglaries is fake drawn from a pro gun nut's unsubstantiated claims' To disagree with Epicurus makes you a 'nut' in the same post 'burglaries went up In Australia for a couple of years after the gun ban' thats all I asked, whether this was the case or not I didn't have any figures so I asked. to quote the post further 'but no direct correlation can be established' (between the reduction in burglaries and the ban) So if you have a fixed position and stats don't support that position you call people that question your position nuts scream fake news and mock them with silly pictures. Could Someone therefore argue that there's no 'correlation' between a gun ban and a reduction in gun crime?
  19. Whether it's 'considered laughable' or not it doesn't answer the question I posed regarding an increase in burglaries or not. Look at this report in the daily mail, talk about sycophantic, made me wanna vomit http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4950840/Hillary-Clinton-calls-gun-control-Tonight-Show.html#article-4950840
  20. Tziolis played because Samaris and Tachtsidis haven't played and are not match fit, there's no one else, I'd rather Tziolis than Siopis or Maniatis. As for Mandalos, my goodness how is he even a pro footballer let alone an international, Gianniotas or Donis over him any day, and Fetfa too.
  21. why do we only have a debate about gun control after a mass shooting when emotions are high and people react rather than think? I have no interest in guns but a gun ban would not have prevented the events in Vegas and a gun ban doesn't disarm criminals. Didn't burglaries in Australia sky rocket after a gun ban? I'm sure our Aussie posters will correct me if that wasn't the case.
  22. I've heard you can't buy such weapons over the counter and they were military grade weapons, is that true? Or can you buy absolutely anything in a gun store? Could one of you guys over in the US confirm this. Also if someone is mad enough to carry out such an act do you think banning guns would prevent him? Guns are banned in the U.K. But I'm pretty sure I could get my hands on one by this evening if I really wanted to A man so skilled who evaded all that CCTV rigged up cameras all over his room like Jason Bourne and managed to sneak in all that weaponry undetected, I doubt a gun would have stopped him.
  23. A no brainier as far as I'm concerned, the evidence is overwhelming. https://www.alternet.org/drugs/cannabis-legalization-good-economy
  24. You've always got a new coach, and pretty soon you'll probably have another. But I'll try to relaxxx, thanks.
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