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  1. Galitsios has done well and played consistently in Belgium, not sure that Diego Figueiras is that much better, Lykogiannis is doing very well in Austria is Aly Cissokho that much better? Tsimaks is still very young and promising and playing regularly in Denmark but I don't think any of the players you mentioned played as much first team football as Retsos at the age of 18. Retsos Androutsos and Manthatis are all capable of playing at this level and if they're not given minutes they'll never be able to carry you through a European tie.
  2. Besiktas totally dominated, this was a good result for Olympiakos when you consider the stats, it would have been amazing if they'd managed a clean sheet, I don't fancy their chances next week. On a positive note it's great to see Retsos and Manthatis play 90 minutes, no reason why they and Androutsos shouldn't get a call up from Skibbe.
  3. Athens your assumption is correct
  4. How can they just terminate a contract? I assume there must be some sort of pay off.
  5. A thread already exists for this great great player but it's locked. signed only until the summer though.
  6. You misunderstand me, I wasn't calling you a racist just pointing out that the term is banded about and used to discredit people we don't like to hear, the media do it all the time. A meaningless term now. OLAF is notified of some 12,000 cases of possible fraud every year, and says that it adopts a “zero tolerance” policy towards corruption and fraud in EU institutions. In reality, OLAF must be somewhat more tolerant than “zero” as it investigates only some 200 cases per year – that is to say 98% of reported cases go uninvestigated. This is the most likely explanation of the fact that, since 1999, OLAF has sent only 335 people to jail and recovered only 1.1 Billion Euros of EU money – less than one-thousandth of the amount unaccounted for. One other obstacle to OLAF nailing anyone inside the EU is that EU law gives EU officials immunity from prosecution both while they work in the EU and then for the rest of their lives for any acts committed in the course of their duties. Even if OLAF managed to put together a case against an EU employee, he or she could not be prosecuted anyway. First Chief Accountant appointed This long history of corruption and fraud brings us to the case of Marta Andreason, who in 2002 was appointed the EU’s first Chief Accountant, the director responsible for budget execution and the EU’s accounting officer. From the start, Andreasen was critical of the EU’s accounting system for being open to fraud, criticisms she raised with her superior but to no effect. She voiced her doubts to Commissioner Michaele Schreyer and the Commission President Romano Prodi, and when she got no reply approached members of the EU Parliament’s Budget Control Committee. Because of her doubts, she refused to sign off the 2001 European Commission accounts and went public with her concerns. She suffered a similar fate to Paul van Buitenen before her, and was sacked for speaking out (“failure to show sufficient loyalty and respect”.) In reality she was fired for refusing to sign the account and embarrassing the Commission by letting the cat out of the bag about the extent of fraud. http://www.richardmilton.net/have-the-eu-accounts-been-signed-off-or-not/ You really wanna be part of this union?? Cameron lost the vote, his position became untenable so he left, Theresa May also campaigned for us to remain and is appointed as PM, you couldn't make it up. Theresa May also handed G4S loads of contracts despite them being caught fleecing the government over tagging prisoners who had long been released or dead and still charging the state for tagging dead people, they ballsed up the security during the olympics and we had to draft the army in, and they are still handed lucrative contracts. Some conspiracy theorists believe that its because her husband is a major shareholder in G4S as the reason they keep getting contracts, it's probably just bad management. Remember May campaigned for us to remain, why would she have an exit plan when she clearly doesn't want us to leave? Besides my loathing for the EU is in no way an endorsement for the UK government.
  7. You gotta love the racist tag, band it about to anyone we disagree with in an attempt to discredit them, its funny though no one on these boards gets called racist when they band about terms like'Monkeydonian' or 'Skop mongrel' or when people say let the boats sink full of immigrants. Maybe Cameron could be accused of racism for the bombing of say Libya. Or maybe someone who has grief and outrage when terror kills in France or Belgium but isn't too bothered when the same happens in say Turkey or a Russian plane. Saying all that I can call anyone I don't agree with racist. A meaningless term nowadays. As for Fraud, MR Obama, MR Trump, MRS Clinton and Boris Johnson all spring to mind(and many more too) And we're still in the EU and it still hasn't been audited and we're still net contributors and voting is still irrelevant. But then deep inside we all know that.
  8. 'Extreme' to describe those that don't share your view. 52% of the people are also extreme and mis informed. Come up with a plan? how about trigger article 50 and respect the will of the people, or don't they matter? But they drag their heels, keep delaying, legal challenges, all on purpose by the way as the government has no desire to leave. And yes they won't let us leave they never intended to(like I mentioned straight after the referendum), dress it up how you like but that's the case, it wasn't legally binding for a reason. Correct and they won because people were desperate for a referendum, and despite the lies from the establishment doom and gloom predicted by the likes of Mark Carney and the promise of 'change the EU from within' by the remainers people still voted out. True but they'd never have let them make it legally binding. Official position? they're all incompetent, for a reason in my view. As for Farage he single handedly forced the referendum which has shown British people that voting doesn't matter its irrelevant. He deserves a peerage for that.
  9. https://www.rt.com/news/367235-greece-refugee-camp-fire/?utm_source=browser&utm_medium=aplication_chrome&utm_campaign=chrome Refugees set Greek migrant camp on fire, loot nearby stores
  10. Gina Miller who was quoted as saying she was 'sick to the stomach' when the result of the vote came in has now launched a legal challenge because she was worried about 'procedure' I believe her. What was the point of the referendum my well informed Europhile?(unlike us misinformed brexiters) MPs have to ratify it now, most of whom were remainers. Wonder if there would be a legal challenge if the vote went the other way Ms Miller? But from the beginning I said they wouldn't let us leave, the rest is window dressing. If the vote went the other way we would be told how wonderful democracy is and the will of the people and such tripe. And one more time, what was the point of a referendum??
  11. Really? It wasn't Brexiters that launched a legal challenge to prevent the UK leaving, now its up to the MPs most of whom campaigned for the UK to remain. Besides we both knew that they have no intentions of letting the UK leave. As for the judges who decided that it needed parliamentary approval.... http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/728460/Article-50-three-judges-blocked-Brexit http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3911656/And-s-lot-lining-EU-links-judges-rule-Brexit-impact.html http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/11/04/Four-judges-to-rule-on-Brexit-have-previous-ties-to-Europe/
  12. Never said thats why we drew to Bosnia but Ranieri destroyed us he called up way too many players I get we had injuries etc but we've been over this, he made many mistakes, just read what Fyssas said one more time. Too many changes too quickly, kind of reminds me of what Greame Sounness did to Liverpool. We drew with Bosnia because we have no midfield and Mitroglou is our only forward with any quality. They also have quality like Dzeko, Spahic Pranjic Ibisevic not to mention Begovic. Draw at home is a good result for us when you consider how average we've become.
  13. I wish Claudio Ranieri understood this, he called up anyone and everyone and set us back as a team, we still haven't recovered.
  14. Can the same be said for official narratives, or are we not to scratch the surface when something comes from officialdom?
  15. I really don't rate this player, I must be missing something but I wouldn't have him on the NT, I prefer Diamantakos and even Athanasiadis to him.
  16. How do you know the Russian psyche? Is that what you've been told about them by the media in the US, that borders on racism really saying Russians are nationalists that don't care about press freedoms only consumer goods. I could be equally as racist and say look at black Friday and see what US citizens think of consumer goods, remember 'we got him' when the US caught Saddam Hussain? All the celebrations and chants of USA USA, and you talk about nationalism as though its only the Russians. Putins 'meddling in the middle east' I suspect you mean Syria where he was invited in by the Syrian government, unlike the US(UK France & Turkey) who invited themselves and have a habit of dropping aid packages and arms that often 'accidentally' end up in the hands of ISIS. Crimea has a naval port that doesn't freeze Putin annexed it to guard against NATOs expansion(you know they gave Russia guarantees after the break up of the Soviet Union that NATO wouldn't expand) and provocation, he took Crimea with a referendum and without a shot being fired, I'd say he's slightly more measured than say Obama, Trump or even the transparent Hilary. Media could say he 'reunified' or 'annexed' Crimea, depending on their own agenda. Hilary: Leaking confidential emails to family in order for them to profit from, insider trading? Is that legal over in the US? I could go on let me know if you'd like me to, or watch the video above. Apparently he got approval from the US http://www.globalresearch.ca/gulf-war-documents-meeting-between-saddam-hussein-and-ambassador-to-iraq-april-glaspie/31145 Besides this thread was about the behaviour of the press during the Balkans conflict, it wasn't really objective was it? And Milosevic being cleared isn't even newsworthy.
  17. There are other Americans that believe in their political system, in a country where your choice is Trump who is a complete buffoon and Hilary who lets face it everyone knows is basically a criminal who is completely corrupt its an open secret, in any sane country she'd be in prison, what hasn't this woman being embroiled in?? This choice is no choice, yet you'll all go along and vote thankful that you live in a democracy, unlike say... Russia. Obama increased the national debt, continued Bush's wars, obliterated Libya meddled in Syria, bailed out banks and allowed Detroit to disappear, is pro TTIP (like Hilary) and all I keep hearing is that he can't do anything because those nasty republicans keep preventing him(too much dispersal of power perhaps)? Putin is elected (just like Obama) and has a high approval rating in his own country, now I'm not endorsing the Russian system or Putin but I like a little balance when we band terms like 'dictator' at others.
  18. The media agenda isn't to report fact, they are just cheerleaders - repeaters - of the official narrative to get public support behind the political agenda, see WMDs, and nobody is reporting that Milosevic has been cleared, why? And when he died in his cell nobody dug deeper all we heard was 'he escaped justice'. Imagine something similar happened during say a Russian court case. At the time Serbs were portrayed as the bad guys because the goal was to carve up Yugoslavia, privatise its industries and carve them up amongst privateers which is what happened, now its Muslims and Russians who are the perceived enemy. Exactly, which is why some Americans call Putin a 'dictator' but don't look at their own in the same way.
  19. 'The IEO report blasted its own process' brilliant, you couldn't make it up, 'written documentation couldn't be located' jeez it just disappeared like a 10 year olds homework, and we also got the wonderful MS Lagarde under investigation for money laundering. No wonder the entire Eurozone is f ucked. Now, if we could only squeeze a little more tax off those lazy Greeks. https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/world-news/imf-deliberately-lied-obstructed-an-investigation-into-their-eu-policies/
  20. He's won 3 Greek Super Leagues, 1 Greek Cup 1 Saudi League 1 Crown Prince Cup and represented his country 25 times. Well you did ask.
  21. Perhaps Kolovos and Gianniotas (who scored for APOEL in their champions league qualifier) were worth keeping when you look at the lack of creativity at Olympiakos.
  22. The 'butcher of Belgrade' who just happened to pass away in his cell during his court case is now exonerated for any wrong doing. http://www.globalresearch.ca/icty-exonerates-slobodan-milosevic-for-war-crimes/5539237 http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=137459 https://www.rt.com/op-edge/354362-slobodan-milosevic-exonerated-us-nato/ Strange how the BBC have stayed silent on this.
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