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  1. Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras 'beaten like a dog and crucified' by EU sanctionshttp://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/greek-prime-minister-alexis-tsipras-6059935 Greece goes on strike: Civil service workers announce 24-hour walkout after government gives in to creditors... as summit insider reveals leaders' furious rows in tense talks i was reading some of the comments, its like reading this forum, here's an example Antipodean, Sydney, Australia, less than a minute ago Lol, Greece on strike, UK taxpayers to shell out a Billion Pounds to keep those lazy idiots afloat. What's wrong with this picture? So nuts, its actually comical (thank God my tax dollars aren't paying for them!) http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3159710/Greek-civil-service-workers-announce-24-hour-strike-government-gives-creditors-insider-reveals-leaders-furious-rows-says-Tsipras-crucified.html Goldman Sachs fixes Greece Euro entry, then bailout- more debt - crush the people and pinch some assets - then bailout(more debt) then crush the people through austerity/cuts again and pinch more assets, and on it goes. At what point is enough enough and we exit? it should have happened 5 years ago. yet all i'm reading is that my UK tax contributions are keeping Greece afloat because they're too lazy to work.
  2. If Mavrias makes 20 appearances(premier league) for Sunderland then PAO receive 1million euros, there's no way that's gonna be allowed to happen, he was doomed from the start.
  3. Of course there'll be a 4th, the debt is un payable(regardless of any poxy 'reforms') and the goal is to loot all of Greece's revenue generating assets and turn the people into serfs. The fact Tsiparas has no desire to exit meant the EU held all the aces in the negotiations, the last thing they'll do is let Greece leave and miss out on their looting frenzy. The US certainly doesn't want Greece to exit either in case it has more influence from Moscow, did Tsiparas bottle it or did they let him know any exit might result in friendly neighbours being given the green light to annex a little land, either way Greece is being carved up amongst private creditors.
  4. Of course they know, which is why they're looting it all. Greek debt crisis: Meet the Goldman Sachs banker who got rich getting Greece into the eurohttp://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/greek-debt-crisis-meet-the-goldman-sachs-banker-who-got-rich-getting-greece-into-the-euro-10381951.html
  5. Privatisation, its like a feeding frenzy for the 1% by the way all the above went on regarding queuing at banks no insulin drugs etc and we're in the EURO, and the reason it went on is because they can do that to us whenever they want as we don't control the very currency we're using. i don't see anything marxist/Lenin/communist about wanting your own currency, and not being told how to run your affairs by people hell bent on owning your country and impoverishing your people. Everything that has been privatised in the UK has led to increased costs to the consumer, be it gas electricity water, i have no problem with capitalism but you cannot privatise monopolies. i suppose in your world those that want to be self reliant are twisted people that need gods help. An apologist for the very people that are carving up your country amongst themselves, and you wonder how they get away with it.
  6. Greek debt crisis: Goldman Sachs could be sued for helping hide debts when it joined euro http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/greek-debt-crisis-goldman-sachs-could-be-sued-for-helping-country-hide-debts-when-it-joined-euro-10381926.html what a waste of time that referendum was, Greeks vote no but tough s%$#!, your vote counts for nothing because your government sold you out to the troika. its also sold anything that can make money for Greece to creditors. Cheers Tsiparas, you should be shot. At least you knew where you stood with other governments, this clown was elected to make a stand against the EU. Now our debt will now increase, next bailout will come with more privatisation and brutal cuts.
  7. Can't be worse than losing every revenue generating state asset Greece has left. And for what? A little temporary relief with the Europeans restocking Greek banks so people can access their own money. Greek people will now suffer worse pensions higher taxes/VAT and the loss of some airports and ports to privateers and some think its a good deal. All the parking money generated at these airports and rent from restaurants/bars and shops and airline offices and the levies airlines have to pay will now go to the new owners of these airports, the immigration/customs staff will still be paid by the state. And you know what, next time Greece needs bailout money, and it will, it'll be in exchange for even higher tax hikes and the loss of more assets, which is clever by the EU as it will make it even harder for Greece to exit.
  8. anyone see a pattern here? do you realise what their(EUs/creditors) goal is yet? They ain't gonna stop until they own EVERYTHING. Now they want some regional airports and ports, what next? the Acropolis, perhaps an island or 2?? they're taking these assets on top of impoverishing the people with higher tax/VAT and raising retirement ages and inferior pensions. And for what, to put us further into debt. Anyone think this is a good deal? good news? What the F uck do we get out of this that benefits Greece/Greeks apart from some temporary relief when they restock the banks? the referendum was a waste of time, vote yes and they'd say see the greek people want reforms that they implement, vote 'OXI' and get the f ucking same. http://www.theguardian.com/business/2015/jul/09/greece-debt-crisis-athens-accepts-harsh-austerity-as-bailout-deal-nears?CMP=share_btn_fb
  9. He should have made plans for leaving the euro/EU submitted them earlier and stuck with them, the fact he hasn't seems to indicate he has no desire to do either, now the 'reforms' demanded by the troika will be implemented in exchange for Greece being in further debt, these reforms will just mean further cuts rotting people's standard of living further, and giving more revenue generating assets Greece has left to creditors. The EU have played a blinder, capital controls leaving people with money in their accounts unable to access it which further kills trade, businesses unable to pay their employees. http://greece.greekreporter.com/2015/07/07/40000-greek-workers-fired-or-suspended/ When you don't have the bottle to go it alone and are reliant on the EU they pretty much got you by the balls. Do as we say or you get more of the same, they smell blood, they sense Tsiparas doesn't have the desire to leave so they'll keep turning the screw until he accepts whatever they want - which is to eventually own everything in Greece.
  10. A credible reform package, translated as, further rot the peoples standard of living, privatise everything for the benefit of my corporate chums and continue to destroy public services and then 'we gonna find a solution' Reforms are pointless while Greece remain in the EU/EZ everyone knows the debt is impossible to repay regardless of reforms. Basically do as we say, like the previous spineless Greek administrations have and like the PIGS countries. Not a mention of the banking racket, the problems are all about Greek public sector, the banks are blameless.
  11. ^^^ you gotta love Nigel Farage, he's really nailed it in that 3rd video.
  12. Really? so why don't they dump us then? The last thing they want is Greece to leave, they want to get their grubby hands on all of Greece's profitable assets, which results in decreased revenues for Greece followed by a demand to cut public spending. BTW who forged those documents on behalf of Greece, got paid a massive consultancy fee and then went away and bet on Greece failing, you forgot to mention that part. And thanks for the 'free' money, with strings attached. Greece did not fail on its own. It was made to fail. the banks wrecked the Greek government, and then deliberately pushed it into unsustainable debt while revenue-generating public assets were sold off to oligarchs and international corporations. http://21stcenturywire.com/2015/07/06/greece-the-one-biggest-lie-you-are-being-told-by-the-media/
  13. what you're saying (if i'm not mistaken) is a competent right wing Greek government would have done everything the troika demanded, then Greece would negotiate better terms with the EU with possibly some debt relief and a better deal and eventual growth and stability? The problem i have with that position is that even the IMF have said the debt is impossible to repay, something everyone knows regardless of reforms and cuts, and i(and most Greek voters) don't trust the EU/troika/creditors, i believe their agenda is to own everything Greece has through privatisation in exchange for debt relief and then we'd rent everything back off them. They create fresh air money lend it to us with interest and when we can't pay back they demand state assets, and austerity to impoverish our people. I get what you're saying 'jobs for the boys' 'i'll scratch yours you scratch mine' so to speak, however under the current system of private banks that still goes on, ministers pass laws that benefit banks, make bankers immune from prosecution, allow their bonuses to be sky high, use taxpayers money to bail out their toxic investments and then low and behold these ministers leave their government position and take up a job in the very bank their legislation benefited, its like a revolving door and it happens globally. Also private banks can set interest rates that benefit themselves not the 'real economy' socialising debts and privatising profits doesn't benefit the 'real economy' why can't the Greek government print its own debt free money? why does money have to be created by privateers and loaned to governments + interest? if the interest isn't created how is a debt supposed to be repaid, there's not enough money in circulation to pay debt + interest. And now we have a situation where Greek people who are not in debt can't have access to their own money because the private banks have decided to limit withdrawals(political gesture perhaps?), just like in Cyprus where Cypriots with money in their accounts had their money frozen for weeks. Private banks eh. @grkjet great video you posted.
  14. Either you're naive or being mischievous, even the IMF who championed austerity said austerity hasn't worked, so if the previous government was still in power you'd have more austerity and asset sales to the point of Greece owning nothing, which of course is the goal of the creditors. Can someone explain to me in laymen terms what the problem with nationalised banks is? we've seen private banks all over the world run amok and cause the global crash in 2008 which governments around the world are still paying through the socialisation of debts and nationalising only the banks that were in trouble to stop them going under, and with the exception of Iceland these reckless speculators and bankers were rewarded for their crimes. Problem is so are the EU, in fact the EU are worse have a look at their accounts they won't let outside auditors anywhere near their accounts and even their own internal auditors have refused to sign off their accounts for how many years now? yet they want to lecture Greece about how to run their affairs as though they know whats best. BTW Cyprus did pretty much what the EU wanted and their banks froze for a few WEEKS leaving people unable to trade and withdraw money which crippled some businesses, it was resolved when these private banks decided to help themselves to peoples savings, so again whats the problem with nationalised banks? private banks don't seem to have a good track record.
  15. The EU don't want to get rid of Greece, the EU also know austerity doesn't work, its not meant to work, they want their creditors and corporate buddies to own everything in Greece through privatisation, and austerity to impoverish the people, in exchange for bailouts. When you have impoverished people, they'll do anything, they'll work for these tax dodging vile corporations for next to nothing and if they don't immigrants will, another thing the EU encourages. those of you saying Greece spends more than it makes and can't stand on its own and need reforms. You can have the best reforms that make Greece super efficient but it will never be enough to take care of the debt. Reforms need to occur immediately AFTER an exit from the EU/EZ Thats true but its only short term, the alternative is staying in the EU/EZ and gradually becoming more and more impoverished.
  16. Troika supporters are going all out to scare Greeks to accept what most harms them - endless austerity until the entire population is forced into impoverished indentured servitude to western bankers. @aek, these banks that gave these super low interest rates to Greece on more favourable terms than Ireland did so but Greece is paying a lower rate on a much higher amount so the interest alone still cripples Greece. @gyros, let Greece go to Bulgarian rate pensions, if they stay in Europe they slowly will do anyway but things will remain expensive, as for Europe dumping us because we're not civilised enough, go to any UK city centre on a friday or saturday night and see how civilised the Brits are, in fact go to Faliraki(Rhodes) or any Greek island during the summer months and see how well western European tourists behave. The EU want everything privately owned by their corporate chums under privatisation in exchange for bailout money, Greece will eventually own nothing. Thanks for the subsidies for our highways, but who owns them? where does the toll money go? Nice one Jim, anyone who doesn't want to be governed by an unaudited corrupt incompetent organisation is somehow 'a nationalistic spartan wannabe' or a 'golden dawn supporter'
  17. If Greece had 100% employment zero pensioners and higher taxes they still wouldn't be able to pay that debt off, its not designed to be paid off, the agenda is for the creditors to asset strip Greece and own everything there. the crisis explained
  18. Of course, this was done on purpose to prevent nations leaving when they'd had enough. aek, these subsidies come with strings and policies that don't always benefit Greece, in fact they are designed to create dependance on the EU. Greece is better off in the long run without them. reaper, its not a case of greeks not 'caring' if they've never been offered a referendum in the past thats not the fault of the Greek people, what you should be saying is how little the EU care about referendum results. remember when Dutch and French voters voted NO to a new EU constitution? the EU decided to call it a 'treaty'(the Lisbon treaty i believe) saying a referendum was no longer necessary as its now a 'treaty' when the Irish voters rejected this 'treaty' the EU made them vote again. That's what i call stunningly and embarrassingly democratic. The quicker Greece exit from this cesspit of a union the better.
  19. probably less(which is why it won't happen, people will vote for the short term), but there's no other option, like i said accept this and a few months down the line the next tranche of cash Greece will need to pay creditors will come with more strings and further pension reductions. There will never be a recovery regardless of what reforms are made. Leave the union, use your own currency, make your own laws that benefit your own country not the EU, and then a recovery can slowly begin. As bad as it will be to begin with it can't really get much worse than it is now. what a sell out, he simply bottled it, i thought it was too good to be true. I don't see it as a 'leftist' flip, he was elected not because he's a lefty but because SYRIZA were the only party opposing(or pretending to) the EU. by the way one of the reasons i don't believe in austerity and don't blame generous pensions for the crisis is below. http://carnegieeurope.eu/strategiceurope/?fa=49185
  20. Well the UK government owe me a pension, I pay Income tax Local Authority/property tax VAT(on almost everything) Tax on alcohol, tax on tobacco, tax on fuel (around75%each time i fill up) inheritance tax, airport tax, road tax, thousands in 'stamp duty' every time a property is bought, National insurance contributions, Capital gains tax, tax on savings and investments, TV license. yet they plead poverty and always want a little more while giving their corporate buddies tax breaks. I provide the state with money through my efforts so yes i expect a little back when i retire, particularly given the extraordinary wastage mismanagement and incompetence by government with my funds. Their policies are starving Greece, the wastage mismanagement corruption and incompetence throughout the EU makes even the UK government look competent. Their direction/guidance/influence/policies and structures are ones of impoverishing Greece through austerity and privatisation of out assets in exchange for loans that go straight back out to creditors with further interest. Their policies prevent countries being self sufficient(in exchange for subsidies) in order to create dependance with other EU nations. like i said earlier reform is pointless until we exit this union and currency, i just hope the Greeks are brave enough to see it through although i think they'll bottle it Agree, its not about growing our economy its about getting their money, be it through new loans or asset stripping the Greek state. http://jubileedebt.org.uk/news/imf-made-e2-5-billion-profit-greece-loans
  21. Read this and re read this, and 3 months down the line more of the same in exchange for further 'reforms' but you know what, they'll get away with it because the Greek people will vote in favour of the bailout because of fear. Any reforms are completely pointless while the above is happening every few months.
  22. The Chinese economy is also doing very well, its one of the strongest, that's been achieved on the back of sweat shops, appalling wages and zero pensions, I'm not sure how happy Chinese workers are that their country has such a strong economy. I think its outrageous really 40 years work and no pension, they get away with it because people accept it. applaud it even. With the amount of wastage in the EU you can forget lower taxes, they need funds to continue with their incompetent and corrupt ways. What future have future generations got in Greece if they continue this path? the EU demands i hear people say are reasonable, well suppose Greece accepts them it will be further indebted and what happens 2-3 months down the line? Greece will need another tranche of cash from Europe which will come with further 'reasonable' demands and on and on it will keep going, that's no future.
  23. if you're right and people vote for the short term implications for their pockets then they'll vote to go with the EU proposals because any exit will cause a lot of short term hardship, which in my view is well worth it. Seems that you're saying people are too stupid to vote, its a view shared by the EU commissioners who changed the new EU constitution into the Lisbon 'treaty' (which was pretty much identical to the constitution) when dutch and french voters voted no and made the Irish vote again when they rejected it because they'd voted 'wrongly' You pay a lot of taxes your retirement day gets put further and further back and you're fine with it? why? why should your pension be downsized what have you personally done to deserve that? to me thats a liberty not something i'd be 'fine' with while the EU doesn't even know where its spent a huge chunk of its money. They get away with it because people just shrug their shoulders and say 'its just how it is' lets have some accountability from those running the EU with a breakdown of their spending and some auditing before they dare to go anywhere near my pension. Retirement ages rise and we wonder why youth unemployment is so high. what's wrong with running your own affairs and being democratic? I don't see this as a left/right capitalist/communist debate, SYRIZA (i believe, but could be wrong) got elected not because they are 'lefties' but because they were the only party prepared to stand up to the EU and their demands to impoverish greeks. If SYRIZA didn't exist and a right leaning party were prepared to leave the EU (or refuse to be dictated to by them) i'm sure they'd have been elected.
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