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  1. Correct, and he also won the league and cup in his first season there.
  2. Thats already happened mate with all these zero hour contracts, sports direct, amazon and starbucks all have horrific working conditions already, infact starbucks book their employees off duty during quiet periods and then back on again when it gets busy, they get away with it because of an infinite supply of cheap overseas labour, as for the bankers, the swine who time after time are embroiled in things like laundering drug money, fixing the LIBOR rate and being bailed when their gambles don't come off, they can piss off to Asia today as far as i'm concerned, no one will suffer if these swine go. The Swiss and Germans have higher wages than us yet they are very competitive. Besides a BREXIT vote was in no way an endorsement of the current (or any) UK government. Make that 10 years time, they don't want to leave, the referendum is not legally binding and it was not legally binding for a reason.
  3. They also added Brad Guzan from Aston Villa, I doubt he'll feature this season. Shame really he played really well for them last season. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/36923593
  4. You miss understand, the issue is not one of security but of wilfully providing classified information to a family member in order for them to profit hugely from it.
  5. So Hilary's son in law made a fortune on the Greek debt crisis because she was emailing him classified information. I wonder what consequences she'll face in the land of the free.
  6. When the Dutch and French voters rejected the EU constitution the EU changed it to a 'treaty' which was pretty much the same as the EU constitution, when this treaty - now the Lisbon treaty - needed to be ratified by Ireland Irish voters rejected it, so they were made to vote again until they voted correctly. No other EU state even bothered to give their people a referendum with regard to this treaty.
  7. Johnson a Bullingdon boy the same time as Cameron and Georgie boy was never really pro Brexit he always hinted at using this result to get a better deal and stay in, Farage had no chance of ever being in a position to negotiate Britains exit so quitting UKIP makes no odds. I think a more appropriate description of "rats jumping ship' would be to describe those leaving Greece/Ireland/Portugal/Italy and Spain to look for work elsewhere as their own countries are all 'sinking' despite all being members of this wonderful club who have imposed austerity on them. And as members of the EU we can't stop them from coming to the UK and competing with us in the job market. Its strange how people still want to come here and are not leaving despite 'life in the UK becoming uncertain' Besides like I said earlier the EU doesn't do democracy and has a history of ignoring referendums and the UK government has no desire to leave which is why they haven't triggered article 50 of the Lisbon treaty.
  8. Is that not also the case for those that voted to stay in? Wasn't the bulk of media coverage in favour of staying in? Wasn't every single political party (besides UKIP) trying to persuade the public to vote remain? Yet you say that many Brits who voted out did so through a lack of understanding, which is exactly the same case nearly all political 'journalists' and the impartial(EU funded) BBC are making. The UK government even used taxpayers money to post to every house in the UK a leaflet detailing all the wonderful benefits of remaining, is it not patronising to suggest that those that voted out did so through ignorance or a lack of understanding? This is the media narrative we're hearing now in the UK, surprised to read that here also. Misinformation occurred on both sides, however the remain side had the bulk of the coverage.
  9. No I don't respect a global financial system that makes money out of thin air and lends it to governments with interest that is never created, its just one big debt cycle designed to keep nations in debt, its pretty much why every country is in debt, in plain English the UK contributes far more in
  10. The EU take no notice of referendums, which has been proved time and time again, Boris Johnson says there is no rush to invoke article 50 of the Lisbon treaty and set in motion the UKs exit right away despite Cameron pledging to invoke it immediately should Britain choose to vote out, its funny after a general election a government is formed immediately now Cameron said he'll leave it to his successor and Johnson doesn't seem to be in a rush either. What will happen now is the media will go into overdrive to scare the population with stories of financial meltdown, old people voting out ruining young people's future etc etc, and in a year or 2 we will be told that concessions have been offered by the EU and to vote on these new terms which will lead to another vote. The EU have no intentions of letting Britain leave despite this result. Another amazing point was that every political party(besides UKIP) were in favour of staying, nearly all major corporations were too as were the unions whose role it is to protect workers from these very same corporations and some of the disgraceful behaviour by so called liberals in the media after the murder of Jo Cox blaming right wing brexit campaigners for their 'rhetoric and vitriol' its amazing people still voted out. All these economists were for staying in, all these 'independent' think tanks (who if you do any research you'll find receive EU funding - as does the 'impartial' BBC) were warning against brexit even Mark Carney - who as chief of the bank of England his role forbids him from making his opinion public pined in warning against brexit. Now Moody's has downgraded Britains credit rating, the very Moody's who gave triple A ratings to toxic assets that caused the collapse in 08 and we're now supposed to take their credit rating seriously as they are 'experts'. Good on the Brits for voting out, but understand they'll never be allowed to leave, the EU doesn't do democracy.
  11. http://www.focus-fen.net/news/2015/12/02/391300/greek-defense-ministry-confirms-russian-su-24m-bomber-was-downed-in-syrian-airspace.html
  12. Some interesting tweets from Tsiparas. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3338844/Greek-PM-Tsipras-takes-Turkeys-Davutoglu-Twitter.html
  13. NO one is suggesting they want Russia to bomb Turkey, at least I wasn't, the point is with the goings on in Syria Turkey is more useful to NATO than Greece and are allies to the US and UK, Greece are irrelevant and are treated as such, Cyprus' geographical position makes them very useful but regardless of who 'owns' Cyprus the British bases will remain and the UK will use the Island as they please. Oh I see, anyone that points out NATOs atrocities is an 'anti NATO poster' after all they're trying their best and can't export democracy everywhere. They've destroyed Libya and Iraq and are attempting to do the same in Syria but as we do business with other regimes which are far worse than Assad and we prop them up. It's funny Assad has been in power since around 2000 yet only in the last couple of years have people began too flee his regime, perhaps its NATO they're fleeing, just like in Libya. None of these countries were a threat to NATO or any of its members, the only reason i pointed out Saudi's Bahrain etc is precisely because of NATOs policy of intervening in the name of so called democracy. But hey what do I know I'm just an irrational anti NATO poster so I would say that wouldn't I.
  14. Perhaps Greece could test your theory by violating Turkish airspace, besides in an earlier post you blamed Greece for sitting on their hands allowing Turkey's violations. I doubt an international court would be required, the less useful nation would be told in no uncertain terms what the outcome would be, and in this case we know who that is. You don't need to be smart to be an elected Greek politician(just lie well), Tsiparas is living proof, besides elections in Greece are meaningless as are referendums, why vote when those you are electing are not contractually obliged to do what they profess? Again Tsiparas is living proof, doesn't say much about voters really does it. The point I was attempting to make is the hypocrisy in NATO and how it takes the moral high ground I find reprehensible. Quick question, if 2 years ago(before anyone had heard of ISIS) parliament hadn't blocked Cameron's attempts to bomb Syria, what would Syria look like today? My guess would be it would be another failed state like Libya. Remember the guys we were itching to assist 2 years ago those anti Assad forces have spawned into ISIS, Cameron wanted 'our boys' to fight alongside them. Fast forward a couple of years UK France and the US are itching to bomb again, this time ISIS, but you can bet the real target is Assad, they want him out at all costs while they prop up other despotic regimes.
  15. So NATO is a force for good, the exporters of democracy whose role it is to police the world and keep those scheming Russians in check, it's now trying to export its democracy to Syria in order to remove a Russian puppet and install its own puppet, like in Ukraine and then they can tell the lao that it was an organic uprising against a dictator that's killing his own people while at the same time NATO members like the US & UK can continue to sell arms and cattle prods to dictatorships in Saudi Arabia Bahrain and Qatar to keep their very own protestors in check whilst screaming about other nations that are run by Russian puppets. Can you imagine the outcry from the self pure peace loving nobel peace prize winner Barak Obomber and his NATO chums if Russia had conducted itself in the manner that the Saudi's are in Yemen with US and UK made equipment? Funny how we here nothing on the news about the slaughter of Yemenis by the Saudi military. Obomber's and NATO don't seem to be too concerned about events there. BTW There were protests recently against US military parades in Czech Republic Slovakia and Poland, just because these nations dislike Russia does not mean they want to align themselves with the 'west' and have to put up with the US army showing off their shiny new toys there. http://sputniknews.com/military/20151125/1030698044/erdogan-airspace-violation-contradiction.html Maybe NATO would have defended Greece the way it has defended Turkey if Greece shot down a Turkish plane that violated Greek airspace for a few seconds. You'd have to be naive to believe the AEK.
  16. This is from a while back but this Austrian politician doesn't mince his words.
  17. So Turkey shoots down a jet belonging to the mighty Russians with impunity but is it any surprise Turkey carries a lot of clout, they are the darlings of NATO and loved by the UK and US governments among others and they have NATO right behind them, a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation which has swallowed up members who are nowhere near the North Atlantic and have former Soviet States bordering Russia among their members despite the fact that NATO and the west gave Russia promises - cast iron guarantees - after the break up of the Soviet Union that NATO would not expand to Russia's borders, meanwhile its emerged that Turkey violated Greek airspace 2244 times in 2014 alone, given that there was only 365 days in 2014 by my maths that means in 2014 Turkey were in Greek airspace pretty much all day everyday, now the president of NATOs biggest and most powerful country has come out and said Turkey has a 'right to defend itself', shame Greece doesn't have that same right eh Barak ol'boy. Is it any wonder that the uneducated lazy Greek kafenio conspiracy type don't like Greece being part of NATO. Another story has emerged alleging Erdogan's son is personally profiting hugely from sales of ISIS controlled oil, this was also alleged a while back by Turkish sources before Erdogans clamp down and prosecution of journalists recently. Erdogan is obviously not happy with Russia's airstrikes on ISIS targets as it may interfere with his family business. http://journal-neo.org/2015/08/24/erdogan-s-dirty-dangerous-isis-games/
  18. Greek-German goalkeeper Odisseas Vlachodimos (brother of Panagiotis) played his 3rd senior game for Stuttgart last night, he conceded 4 in their 4-0 defeat to Augsburg. http://uk.soccerway.com/matches/2015/11/21/germany/bundesliga/vfb-stuttgart-1893-ev/fc-augsburg/2054303/?ICID=HP_MS_05_05
  19. The issue i have isn't with a few behaving like animals what is of greater concern is 1/ The determination of European elite attempting to force this on the indigenous people's of Europe 2/ The labelling of 'racist' anyone who opposes and questions their agenda, legitimate questions like why are (according to official stats) around 72% of those coming to Europe men? And the other 28% made up of women and children. Nick Griffin was quite correct in his observations in the video when speaking to the European parliament only to be labelled 'intolerant' and (here we go again) 'racist' 3/ The coercion of people through eduction/schooling and through media to establish a consensus which attempts to make people revel in their self purity and talk about 'tolerance' and accepting refugees and nonsense like 'European values' to the extent that people will line up at airports with placards welcoming and applauding(like sporting heroes) refugees(72%men if they were genuine in my opinion the percentages would be more even) despite the fact it will make their very own living standards and those of their fellow Europeans worse. 4/ Why when crimes are committed by refugees media don't report that they were carried out by so called refugees in order to prevent anti immigration sentiment. 5/ Why are large numbers of these people being housed time and time again in tiny villages where you have a population of around 200 villagers are burdened with up to 800 immigrants completely ruining their way of life and being told by their own mayor (in the video) that if they didn't like it they were 'free to leave' I don't suppose those wonderful self pure tolerent individuals applauding and celebrating the influx will be affected as much as those villagers.
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