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  1. Loved the Villa fans with those inflatable snakes in the stands booing at Delph. Funny stuff 12 games into the Season this is by far the toughest one to predict all over the table as to what will happen in the next 12 games. Amazing to see Leicester City breathing down the Necks of both City and Arsenal and ahead of ManU. Liverpool lost at home to Palace again which proves that Klopp is no miracle worker and he needs time, money and luck in the next two windows to get them playing in his image. Chelsea is just an incredible story to follow and believe what the hell has happened to them in just a few short months. These players are not performing for Mourinho, period.
  2. This current roster isn't going to get much better anytime soon regardless what the new coach thinks and will do. Destined to finish second either way , yeah we might see better structure than Anastasiou had or maybe even more of an attacking impetus but second finish and by a distance is what the end results will show.
  3. Well done to bottom club Aston Villa getting a point to top team Manchester City. Only in the PL today can that happen and that's why it's the most difficult league to win. In France PSG is already 13 points clear at the top , Bayern might as well has won it already in Germany ( beat Stuttgart 4-0 yesterday in a stroll in the park ) Barca and Real only worry about each other. Siera is close this year after years of Juve domination. Take Silva and Aguero out of City and they lose that cutting edge.
  4. He can't bring him back even if he wanted too. His loan ends in June 2016.
  5. United is so disjointed its ridiculous to fathom the amount of money they've spent since the Summer of 2014 when LVG came on board. Like why did they buy an aging Schweinsteinger , why is Martial on the wing, why are Rooney and Mata in the same lineup when neither bothers yo close town anyone defensively and both lack pace ? Why is Herrera ( a quality young player in my book ) on the bench for the most part of the Season. Why did they sign so many left backs but failed to buy a central defender ? Why is Fellaini still there when he offers nothing ? Where are Falcao and Di Maria these days ? Weird, self inflicted nonsense. Good thing they kept deGea even if it was against their will. Class keeper.
  6. Liverpool haven't won the title in 25 years , I'm sure they have nothing else but patience. Not sure it will be 3-4 years under Klopp, maybe never but in this crazy EPL if your luck is aligned perfectly with others having a struggling Season well you can win it next year. When Klopp was winning two Bundesliga titles in a row with Dortmund and reached a CL final as well ( before they sold their two best players to Bayern in Lewandowski and Gotze ) he had this hardworking compact, high press unit n a 4-2-3-1 style in place and even this disjointed Liverpool squad of today is not that far off in style and personnel to try to emulate that particular tactical set up and philosophy of his. Just a few tweaks here and there and for their better impact players to stay relatively injury free. Klopp is no idiot , he didn't accept this job to fail. He's a fantastic coach and man manager and he will not let the standards drop or accept inconsistency.
  7. This year is the best chance Arsenal will ever have to win the title. Only thing stopping them is themselves imploding once again after January. Manchester City are another long injury to Silva or Aguero from being very ordinary in spite of the
  8. Ian Rush was just deadly. His combination with Kenny Dalglish up top early in his Liverpool career is something never matched by an attacking duo in the English game. Unfortunately can't use comparisons with the game 30 + years ago with how it's played today. Just a nice trip down memory lane that's all. Best 6 Liverpool players in my lifetime ( and there were many more excellent new ) were Dalglish, Rush, Souness, Barnes, Gerrard and Suarez.
  9. Aston Villa like Liverpool are owned by Americans and have transfer committees placed with the manager only having partial say on their stupid " moneyball " buying player philosophy. I feel sorry for Sherwood ( unlike Rodgers at Liverpool cause he was a baboon and correctly fired ) cause last Season he took a marginal squad and made them over perform. Too many squad changes too quickly over one window is the cause for their demise now , not the manager. Again, Rodgers underperformed with he quality he had to work with, huge difference. David Moyes to Villa ? Hope not. He's a very negative manager.
  10. Impossible to bring in 10 new players during one transfer window like Villa did this past Summer and expect any manager to figure out a good mix and bring in consistency so quickly. They looked clueless and doomed at the moment and TS is on the chopping block. Yesterday they were a tad unlucky to lose 2-0 against a very ordinary Chelsea team. A horrendous mistake by Guzan and then a unfortunate deflection for a og.
  11. Athinaios makes perfect sense. Join a college soccer program and if you're good enough on the ball then you can enjoy both sides of Uni life. Good luck kid
  12. Go to the Arsenal academy. A random 4-5 year college degree in the US will give you nothing but frustration and debt unless ofcourse you are very smart or connected. Sorry to ask but being invited to an Arsenal academy I think you need to be younger than 19 or so , right ? Basically go to any football team academy, follow your dream and have fun and if you fail at soccer then you can always go back to school , never to late for that. What's this fixation about Mantzios anyway, how randomly bizarre obsession over a bum average pro footballer that must be.
  13. PAO will finish second again , in order for that streak of near misses to end ON the field there has to be a significant increase in quality at a few key positions. Bringing more average to replace other average isn't gong to change anything. Need genuine quality upgrades at CB, CM and secondary striker in my opinion. Basically The spine of the team. Need to focus on a few acquisitions and throw all your money there. Revolving door of squad players on short terms contracts, Bosmans or has beens isn't going to change much. Just the fact that with such poor managing by Alafpuzos and lack of money that we are still second goes to show how piss poor the quality of this stupid SL has become the past 5 years.
  14. It was Liechtenstein .....Berg under a set consistent system and decent service while relatively staying injury free ( all big Ifs at PAO ) is a 20 plus goal a year scored in the Soupa League.
  15. It's impossible not to miss the greatest player in the World regardless which other quality players a team might have. Barcelona without Messi can't win the title as Real Madrid could not without Ronaldo. Manchester City without Aguero or / and David Silva might not even finish in the top 3 in the PL no matter how much their total squad cost to assemble. Bayern Munich is the most balanced of all the " super " European powerhouse teams at the moment.
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