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  1. Seems it doesn't matter who the coach is: we lose anyway (against anyone)...
  2. Those of you who think Olympiakos will get trounced in Munich: do you realise a draw there will put BOTH teams through? ;)
  3. Myself, Dikefale11 and... who else?
  4. It seems they are only offering the current jerseys which means that last year's striped jersey (with yellow being the major colour) has never been up for sale!
  5. 57 euros for kids' jerseys? Isn't that a bit steep?
  6. I am counting on the Greek mentality: mess up the easy stuff, come through when no one expects you to. N. Ireland - Greece 0-1 with a defender scoring the lone goal of the match ;)
  7. NI will be playing without forward Kyle Lafferty who is responsible for much of the success of the team. PS. I have tickets for the game and hope to see a much improved Greek side next month.
  8. Tzimopoulos also sees a 2nd yellow! We're playing against nine men!
  9. 74' Michail gets a second yellow and is out!
  10. After the 65', PAS are dominating...
  11. It was his first start, wasn't it?
  12. 64' Vargas in; Buonanotte out I suppose because he's tired
  13. 56' Aravidis in; Chrisanthus out
  14. Chrisanthus loses another chance
  15. When is Djebbour coming back?
  16. HT: AEK - PAS 2-1 This is a one-man show!
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