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  1. Unfortunately when this is the man leading the political discourse in this country its a huge problem. @Athens4, you make some good points.
  2. I don't necessarily think you're wrong about inequality. Just like the brexiters will soon find out when you vote for chaos the people who suffer the most are the have nots. They don't have the means to adjust to the changing circumstances around them.
  3. I'm sorry AEK66 I compete with far more immigrants than you do for work. You don't have 500 million who can legally compete with you for work, I do. But I know, given I sell into as many markets as I do, I can't have it both ways. You are naive if you think illegal immigrants have had such an effect on your life. Gyros, surely you must have the same view of Christianity?
  4. Obama didn't do Twitter diplomacy like Donald did. The thing with circumventing constitutions is it's plain wrong. But when you're doing it to make a point, rather than policy it is reckless. You really must be bitter. There is a difference between accepting globalisation and the changes in racial make up to circumventing constitutions to persecute minorities. If you can't see that difference it explains a lot of things about you.
  5. This is the problem with extreme conservatives. Anyone who doesn't agree with you becomes a liberal. No one has advocated any of that, but of course thats where you move the debate. The real elephant in the room is you can talk about advocating killing gays being exclusive to Islam, but really it's a fundamental value of the republican party. How else would you keep the bible thumpers on side? So I assume you Gyros are okay with gay marriage rights?
  6. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump The Executive undermining the Judiciary is belligerence. Undermining the constitution and attempting to circumvent process is no different to violence. When Hitler decided to undermine the German constitution i'm sure he had plenty of rhetoric too.
  7. Milo is that you? Thus following the logic of your post. Shame on a conservative who doesn't advocate the rights of the LGBT community? That'll be half the Trump supporters on this thread hiding under rocks.
  8. The tragic part is they wanted permits to film in Greece, and the government basically told them to go do one...
  9. I'm not suggesting dong nothing. What I am saying is Drumpf has gone way too far and making political points isn't going to achieve anything either. If you can't see the difference between politics and policy designed to work well that's just laughable.
  10. A lot of them? Probably closer to 1 in a 100k refugees end up committing atrocities.Additionally a lot of the attacks in Europe have been by people born/raised in Europe. The fact is there are bad eggs everywhere. What you will find through is this type of attack gets more profile. This policy is letting the terrorists win. When you stop going about your everyday life in the same pattern and change policy in such draconian fashion you have lost. The terrorists have succeeded in changing your values and now influence what you do on a daily basis. Trump behaving like a loser... Who would've thought.
  11. I found this for a stream, not the best http://www.stream2watch.cc/stream-sport/soccer-live-stream/skoda-xanthi-vs-aek-athens-live-stream
  12. All the scientists Trump hates would love to examine you. For a 40 something you really are truly unique. Why can't you ever respond to a post that destroys your lack of logic? Instead you hide behind one liners of bullshit. By productive I assume you see it as a positive that May practically sold off the NHS to American companies? Productive she refused to discredit torture. For a "devout christian" you're very confused...
  13. Yes which is why the US State Department hire British companies to protect their boys in the middle east with walls that actually work....
  14. As we discussed in the Trudeau topic, your interpretations of Canada's numbers are inconsistent and erratic. Deficit and debt are different things. You should know the difference, because you're speaking about deficit not debt. In fact a quick google search will show you Harper's deficit numbers are no better as a % of GDP. Given how big a portion of Canadian GDP government spending is, if Trudeau didn't spend the economy would shrink. Then again if Harper was so good Canada's finances would have been better. Look at Norway's sovereign wealth fund and Australia's government figures over the same period, since they are similar resource rich economies...
  15. A more positive update? http://www.ekathimerini.com/215022/article/ekathimerini/sports/soccer-stadium-gets-green-light
  16. That is fair enough, my mistake on the first part. Farage though, he is a racist no two ways about it. Look at the definition of racist, then see Farage's comments about Romanians and "Chinks". The guy is just an a**hole all round. He is no friend of the working man like he claims. I'm prepared to discuss the accounts issue, but lets not use that nut job Richard Milton as a source. As it stands Full Fact gave a pretty comprehensive debunking to that theory. HMRC's compliance is probably worse to budget. Re May, it's not her job to come up with a plan. There are three muttering Brexiters in charge of various departments, who can't come up with a plan between them. The latest is a transitional plan, which will probably be the end agreement (Brexit in name only and no real change).Just like the Lords was supposed to be abolished 100 years ago. Which brings me to this point, if that is likely to be the case should the UK bother? The by-election on December 1 should give us more clarity on the importance of Brexit in the electorate.
  17. The bigger nations have always had control. That is how a union/partnership will always work. The smaller nations take the bung in terms of subsidies, which generally keeps them happy(unless it goes wrong). Singling out Germany isn't IMO accurate. The UK has also had a significant influence on the EU. The single market, expansion into the east and opt outs evidence that. Here is an article on the EU controlling UK laws; https://fullfact.org/europe/eu-facts-behind-claims-uk-influence/. The UK more often than not gets what it wants out of the EU. I agree with inflexibility, but that is more a problem with the common currency than the single market. The UK and Scandi nations all were able to control monetary policy, and were able to recover fairly well.
  18. It's absolutely true. But that is Blair and the Tories failing with the city. Ironically, Barnier wanted to regulate the city further but the UK said no, several times. But then people feel disenfranchised with the benefits of the city. So they decide to tell the EU to sod off. The same EU who wanted to regulate the city in a better manner, so the average Brit wouldn't feel so left behind. The problem that exists now is that is the UK's only significant export. Revenues are already forecast to get hammered, regulating the city means less government spending = lower growth rates. Staying in the EU is not palatable politically either. Another massive conflict for the government. The people who voted for Brexit have managed to cut off their noses to spite their faces.
  19. When I come across a topic where Monkeydonian is used I would call it out. The same way I called out some posters for suggesting Greece should only take Orthodox refugees. Some people would rather take an Orthodox Syrian who will contribute nothing to Greece, instead of a Muslim Syrian who is a doctor as an example. I argued that the Muslim in that scenario would be better. So yeah, you can call me racist as you please, but I've argued against that several times. Absolutely. At the same time most people believe Farage isn't a fraud. It's delusional. The audited point is misinformation. See here: https://fullfact.org/europe/did-auditors-sign-eu-budget/ You'll find HMRC has similar issues. Obviously, we can't go anywhere as May is incapable of forming a plan to do so. Look at her record in the Home Office, she ballsed up everything she touched.
  20. If you look at it from that perspective, then I agree. It still doesn't change the fact that sometimes it would be better for the harmony of the EU for smaller nations to have their voices heard in policy matters. The perception from non-Europeans on the EU is fascinating. The benefits that the average European has gained from the EU are huge. Imagine being stuck in a backwater and as a European you can go to any EU member's embassy for consular assistance. Imagine travelling anywhere in Europe and being able to get free health care. Imagine before EU directives people used to get 10 days annual leave instead of the 20 - 25 as a minimum now. Instead in this country we are worried about immigrants filling jobs that Brits don't want.
  21. I understand the subsidy point. But Greece has no real leverage in policy making, and probably is not represented as much as it should be. Some will argue its a good thing, as the EU has brought desperately required reform. The issue is Greece is in no position to shape policy of the EU. The UK on the other hand...
  22. You make some good points from a Greek perspective. From a Greek perspective the EU hasn't delivered enough to the country. From a British perspective, its the opposite. The UK has benefited so much, that is why it is so laughable Brexit is going to happen.
  23. Well interestingly Nigel Farage said if it was 52 - 48 remain it would mean nothing. So using the precedent he set, this vote should mean nothing? It's not that simple. The UK has been driving the UK for years (expansion into Eastern Europe, opt outs and rebates, single market is a Tory idea). The UK has managed to get a really good deal by carefully negotiating when it had leverage. Now we are sat at a table still playing poker, instead our cards are exposed and we have a s%$#! hand. May's approach doesn't help either, nor does it fit with her government's plan on budget repair. The Tories are going to lose somewhere on it politically in a real big way. The immigration and wages point is not really true. But I get it, if I was from some s%$#!-hole area decimated by the post-industrial economy and had no chance of social mobility or having a good life then immigrants are good to blame. The problem for these areas are, the biggest investors in the areas were the EU. The government is forecasting reduced revenues and wants to cut a deficit, and suddenly the biggest investor in the area has been told to sod off. What good is going to come from that? Most of the immigrants are centered around the larger urban cities anyway.
  24. Extreme? Name a sensible Tory politician who was leave before June 23. Triggering article 50 isn't a plan. The plan is what happens, whats negotiated for, whats the fallback position and what are the objectives and what compromises are made. None of those exist, there is no plan. It wasn't legally binding because of sheer incompetence of the pro-brexit politicians. Ah the establishment doom and gloom. You realise, as there hasn't been a Brexit and there is a depreciated currency right now is considered favourable in economic terms. The fact we are doing nothing above ordinary with it is telling. The point about Farage is simple. What sort of anti-establishment candidate accepts a peerage, has an offshore tax structure and is an ex city trader? The answer is a racist fraud.
  25. David Cameron thought he wasn't going to win a majority. So at the time of the election it was a ploy to ensure they were bigger than the Labour party, and could govern again in some form of coalition (probably Lib Dems). The Lib Dems would never have allowed a referendum, so in many ways the referendum was never going to happen. However, the Tories won (mostly due to Lynton Crosby's excellent polling and analysis). Nobody except for a few extreme politicians in parliament wanted to leave, now loads are overcompensating on their position. It is a tough proposition at the moment. Vote Leave never defined what exactly their position was re single market and customs union. So it is ambiguous what Brexit means. Unfortunately, our negotiating position isn't very strong, and can be undermined be any of the other 27 members. The thing is May could Brexit to a Norway model and feasibly have Brexited. Part of the electorate won't have accepted that. But then again vote leave should have done two things; 1. Made the referendum binding in law, not in pamphlets. 2. Had an official position of what Brexit meant, not have every politician contradict each other. BTW on the anti-establishment theme. Nigel Farage (former currency trader, man with offshore tax structure) is considering accepting a life peerage in The Lords. I'm not sure he is the man of the working class people think he is.
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