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  1. δεν είμαστε καλά στα μυαλά μας 🎶
  2. ref isnt blowing his whistle for anything lol
  3. Look up and down the squad. Where are goals going to come from. I don't see a prolific goal scorer anywhere near the NT. That is our issue.
  4. imagine bullying Sweden at home in front of a packed stadium but having trouble with Georgia at home
  5. Shocking first half, as some others have said, this is the best half of football Hellas has played since 2014. With the tiniest of margin difference this game could be 2-0 or even 3-0 in our favor. We do, however, need to make all these chances into a goal. I fear the Swedes wont be unlucky enough to hit the woodwork over and over if they get chances like this.
  6. Edit: i wrote "lost" but we are undefeated haha, but i guess what i mean is we didn't win games that we have dominated
  7. Yeah i don't think we will be dominant in possession this match against a good team like Sweden and also being away in their home. We will get our chances though, and hopefully we make the most of them. The story of this qualification campaign for us is missed chances and poor striking. We have lost games that we have dominated. We are really missing a true high volume striker like Gekas was or Mitro was. They got us to our two most recent appearances.
  8. didnt look offside, looked like he started the run before the pass, no?
  9. He started today against arsenal, and so far 15 mins in has been the best player on the pitch
  10. Yeah when we played Rijeka, only 1 player was greek. Paschalakis. So just the goalkeeper lol
  11. This is kind of a weird perspective but i've been stirring over this over the last couple of days If we could take 4 points from Kosovo and Sweden before those games, would we take it? (so 1 win 1 draw) I would almost say.. yes.. not the best scenario but also not the worst. Sweden are on a winning streak so hard to beat, a draw might be a good result here. Then Kosovo is the must win. So lets say we accept 4 points there. It's actually better to take 3 points from Sweden than from Kosovo, we have to come 2nd in the group, so you could argue Spain is going to run away with it, Sweden is our main rival. So letting sweden have a point instead of Kosovo is actually worse of. So basically what im saying is, this was the 2nd best scenario/result over the last 2 games that we could have hoped for.
  12. yeah he was, and he goes a bit deeper/elaborates later on in the interview as well.
  13. Say what you want about von schip but he was rightfully coming down hard and spitting facts about the state of the Greek SL right now lol
  14. Just watched the game Was very exciting and so proud of the team for getting that win and doing it with good football too. But im left with a bad taste in my mouth. This win just makes me feel even more upset about the games we should have won. Imagine we win at least one of the kosovo matche and/or against georgia. Anyways, let's see if we can make something from this win. I doubt it, and i don't want to get my hopes up to be disappointed again. I will say this, though, If Tziolos is fit, it is 100% criminal to not play him.
  15. I have really mixed feelings about that match lol. we really should have at least tied it up. Anyways on to Kosovo and Sweden. Hopefully we play like we did today against those teams but don't fluff our chances
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