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  1. hmm anyone else having trouble getting the opentv webstream to load? It just buffers for me
  2. very good save from pasxalakis but our defending looks terrible
  3. "Ohh paokara exo trela" is my favourite PAOK chant i think
  4. When will we know what channels will broadcast this game?
  5. Not a very convincing win but a win regardless. A better team scores 3 goals against us with how we defended. We attacked better, but the missed chances are worrying.
  6. Its pretty hard to call those to be fair. So many have been called no goal incorrectly over the years, and this one was really close. It looked only just over.
  7. if you have a VPN, use tvopens stream, its working good for me
  8. I'm gutted. I thought when they tied it up in the 3rd quarter they would come back to win. they were looking good. Serbia's goalkeeper was too good though he made some amazing saves. oh well. silver this time. maybe Paris 2024 we can improve for our first Olympic gold
  9. I actually prefer Serbia to Spain. Still a team to be respected, but Spain has been very good at this olympics
  10. Would greece be the favorites against Spain or Serbia?
  11. HUGE 4TH QUARTER! IM SO PUMPED, WE ARE ALMOST IN OUR FIRST EVER WATER POLO OLYMPIC FINAL!! Sorry for the yelling but this is a massive moment for Greek Water polo
  12. This water polo match is a nail biter 5-4 to greece going into the final 1/4
  13. The defense looks good so far, hopefully they keep this up! Zerdevis with some nice saves
  14. So close but so far, our 2nd 4th place finish in the Pole Vault, this time for Katerina Stefanidis. Weird final, most of them out or almost out at the opening height of 4.50m Oh well, do we think she has 1 more olympic games in her? She will be 34 i think
  15. I cant believe it I feel bad for the Cubans with their injuries, sad for them, happy they still got the silver and bronze But imagine the pressure on Tentoglous shoulders that he had 1 more jump to beat them....
  16. WHAT A FINAL JUMP!!! Gold for Greece, tentogou
  17. OH, interesting, what exactly was the scandal?
  18. He finished 3rd yesterday in Group B. Correction: The other group top 3 beat everyone in his group, and they got the medals.
  19. https://www.protothema.gr/olubiakoi-agones-2020/article/1147988/olubiakoi-agones-stivos-traumatistike-i-pesiridou-kai-egateleipse-deite-video/ Her interview was pretty heartbreaking poor thing I think she broke something, she says she hears something "crack" as she left the line κριμα 😥
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