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  1. i hope we can do what other Greek teams struggled to do lately and get our coefficient back up to where it should be! Lets win some games in Europe!
  2. I guess the electoral college allows candidates (like Trump did for instance in his last campaign very effectively) to focus on swing / close states and disregard states that have little or no hope of swinging. States like Texas, Illinois, California, New York etc.
  3. It's not un-Australian to be Vegan, you can do whatever you want in Australia as long as you obey the (fair and progressive imo) laws. The un-Australian thing Scomo was talking about was them chaining themselves to machinery in farms to prevent farmers from doing their job. That is most definitely un Australian and un democratic. It is anarchy. Why does everyone in here bash everything except ultra-liberalism ? Wake up
  4. fireworks show https://www.skylinewebcams.com/en/webcam/ellada/makedonia/thessaloniki/thessaloniki.html
  5. what i would do to be in Thessaloniki tonight for the biggest party in the world
  6. what exactly is he going to do once in the pitch, just stay up there as a striker and not involve himself?
  7. Was not winning last week actually the best thing that ever happened this season?
  8. if he had a bazooka holstered in his pants when he walks on the field DOESN'T mean he intends to use it
  9. petition to shorten this match to 65 mins so we can begin the celebration early
  10. I was born in 84 literally waited my whole life for this moment today
  11. http://www.streamhd-24.com/live/stream.php?t=Flash&link=http://livesoccers.pw/ch24.php&id=327779 i found this but has no audio?
  12. Oh well, we get the chance to at least do it in front of home fans which will be more special i think
  13. yeah im watching the stream you posted up and its def. couple of minutes behind Live fairly decent stream though!
  14. it already makes perfect sense to me. I think it;s great, i love the Euro nations league
  15. It makes sense if you are a smaller footballing nation with almost no chance of qualifying in the traditional method
  16. good read, very sad what they went through. My Grandfather (who survived 2 wars, both ww2 and the civil war of greece) always told me stories about those hard times. "τι τραβήξαμε" he would say often
  17. Greece win 1-0 TM ® Registered trademark Greece scoreline. You may not use or reproduce this scoreline without defensive play and/or underwhelming attack and without the expressed written consent of Michael Skibbe.
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