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  1. we asked for that but how did that get past everyone so easily? edit: oh its an o.g. makes sence now
  2. we are playing very deep in our half and not pressing much, i thought we'd be less defensive than this
  3. Was it the Zagorakis send off match or Karagounis? Cant remember but we played a friendly with them not all that long ago. But this is competitive so yeah more at stake
  4. Yeah, i get your angle on this however I don't think it is reasonable to condemn the Prime Minister of a country for discouraging criminal acts. He called it un Australian to discourage that form of protest. We might have to agree to disagree on this one but I completely agree with this comment. I mean, imagine the right wing protesters start reverting to violence or illegal activities in retaliation. Oh wait, they do. (Charlotte etc). My comment "Wake up" was referring to waking up to the reality that there are other political views that are just as legitimate as social democracy. Regarding "the people" yes that is a term traditionally describing the working class. However see the last USA election, how the working classes are switching to the message that Trump was trying to get across. The Democratic party seems to be drifting away from its roots - helping the middle class blue collar workers get a fair shake and has moved further left and the message resonates more with millennials than it does the middle aged factory worker. The election results echoed this. But i agree with everything you said, regardless. Just that some of "the people" feel like they haven't been heard under the Obama admin and decided that their voices might be better heard if they jumped ship. Which they did.
  5. On the Scomo "un-australian" comment I still don't think you understand. He wasn't calling the protest unaustralian, just the way they went about it. In other words he was calling the criminal act of breaking, entering and disturbing the peace "un-australian" Regarding people not thinking like me are not part of the same reality, first when did i say that? I agree wholeheartedly and absolutely love debate, discussion and questioning. This is how Democracy thrives. Socratic Method. Question. Offend. Critique. I welcome healthy debate. Your Plato quote i could etch into my skin. Your comment earlier "It seems that everywhere one turns, it's a right wing full frontal attack to the voice of the people." If there is a mass of people swinging Right, then aren't they also "the people" ? or can only the liberal left be labeled "the people" ? Don't both sides of the spectrum deserve a say? Isn't that the very essence of democracy? Balance.
  6. i hope we can do what other Greek teams struggled to do lately and get our coefficient back up to where it should be! Lets win some games in Europe!
  7. I guess the electoral college allows candidates (like Trump did for instance in his last campaign very effectively) to focus on swing / close states and disregard states that have little or no hope of swinging. States like Texas, Illinois, California, New York etc.
  8. It's not un-Australian to be Vegan, you can do whatever you want in Australia as long as you obey the (fair and progressive imo) laws. The un-Australian thing Scomo was talking about was them chaining themselves to machinery in farms to prevent farmers from doing their job. That is most definitely un Australian and un democratic. It is anarchy. Why does everyone in here bash everything except ultra-liberalism ? Wake up
  9. fireworks show https://www.skylinewebcams.com/en/webcam/ellada/makedonia/thessaloniki/thessaloniki.html
  10. what i would do to be in Thessaloniki tonight for the biggest party in the world
  11. what exactly is he going to do once in the pitch, just stay up there as a striker and not involve himself?
  12. Was not winning last week actually the best thing that ever happened this season?
  13. if he had a bazooka holstered in his pants when he walks on the field DOESN'T mean he intends to use it
  14. petition to shorten this match to 65 mins so we can begin the celebration early
  15. I was born in 84 literally waited my whole life for this moment today
  16. http://www.streamhd-24.com/live/stream.php?t=Flash&link=http://livesoccers.pw/ch24.php&id=327779 i found this but has no audio?
  17. Oh well, we get the chance to at least do it in front of home fans which will be more special i think
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