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Turkey warns Germany against recognising Armenian Genocide

By Paul Antonopoulos - 01/06/2016



 Turkey?s President Erdogan warned Germany that its plans to recognise the Armenian Genocide would damage bilateral ties. This comes despite German Chancellor Angela Merkel being an advent supporter of Turkey?s accession into the European Union. Erdogan claimed that Germany was being deceived without mentioning who by. ?If Germany is to be deceived by this, then bilateral diplomatic, economic, trade, political, and military ties ? we are both NATO countries ? will be damaged,? he said. The Greens Party have pushed for the resolution to occur and it is expected that it will be passed on Thursday. Ottoman forces began in 1915 to slaughter 1.5 million Armenians, a million Greeks and 700,000 Assyrians. The vote was to take place last year on the 100th anniversary verses of the beginning of the genocide but Merkel?s parliamentary allies, wanting to avoid tensions with Turkey, kept pushing it back.

https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/turkey-warns-germany-armenian-genocide-recognition/ | Al-Masdar News

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not knowing what the outcome or fall out will be...   it does feel good seeing your eternal enemy in disarray :D ...

BS Millions of Greeks and you speak down on all of them from behind a monitor as if you are better than all of them. Dropi sou.

new air violations and dogfights in greek airspace. http://www.ekathimerini.com/213000/article/ekathimerini/news/dogfights-in-aegean-amid-tensions-with-turkey http://www.ekathimerini.com/213

I will be in Istanbul for five days mid September before heading to the motherland, anyone have a good knowledge of the city? You can PM if you like.

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Actually there are 79 million (you were 20 million out) and Erdogan's approval rating is high. It is my right to find the country repulsive, just as it is your right to apologise for it or play the 'not every Turk..' card. That is the beauty of being in a country with free media unlike Turkey.  :smartass:

When I visit a country, I like to know the majority have no sympathy for jihadists and don't support an Islamist leader - rather than voluntarily go to a such a backward country to seek out the minority who don't support that.. like Vice magazine always try to do..  :lol: But we all have our own ideas of pleasure.. or punishment. 


Back to reality.



Turkish Refugee Camps: Unsafe Havens, Children Raped, Organs Sold

May 27th, 2016 print.gif

Stephen Lendman


Last month, Germany?s Angela Merkel urged EU support for Turkish refugee camps, saying her country intends providing its own.

She praised Turkey for ?not only?provid(ing) a safe haven for millions of refugees, but also?provid(ing) them with opportunities and perspectives? - an outrageous perversion of truth.

Her photo-op with former Turkish prime minister Ahmet Davutoglu was willful staged deception, covering up regime crimes against humanity against defenseless, largely Syrian, refugees. European Council president Donald Tusk called ?Turkey?the best example for the whole world for how we should treat refugees. Nobody should lecture Turkey on what to do.?

Amnesty International accused EU officials of ignoring horrific abuses refugees receive in Turkey - facilities more like concentration camps than safe havens, hellholes of mistreatment.

Turkish media reported about 30 boys, aged 8 - 14, were raped or sexually abused by a Nizip refugee camp worker - the country?s so-called model facility Merkel and Tusk were shown during their visit last month.

What they were allowed to see was polar opposite reality, an illusory snapshot unrelated to horrors refugees face. Opposition Republican People?s Party (CHP) lawmaker Elif Dogan Turkman called child abuse in the camp the tip of the iceberg.

Soldiers obstructed a CHP investigation team member and her colleagues from freely examining camp conditions, he said. They prevented them from speaking to parents of victimized children.

He accused Erdogan?s regime of ?tolerat(ing) bribery, poverty, the threat of terrorism, and now, depravity and immorality??

BirGun newspaper journalist Erik Acarer broke the story of mass rapes at Nizip by one camp worker identified only as ?EE.? He was indicted and faces longterm imprisonment if convicted.

How many others like him remain to be outed perhaps in all Turkish camps?

On May 24, Fars News reported on Turkish refugee camps ?turned into centers for raping children and selling refugees? body organs.?

BirGun?s Ankara correspondent Yashar Idan reported on mass rapes and sexual abuse at Nizip, organs of a number of refugees sold for profit.

Ankara knows what?s going on in its ?model? Nizip camp, yet does virtually nothing to stop it, EE?s indictment an exception proving the rule.

The Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) in charge of refugee camps turns a blind eye to rape and other crimes against defenseless refugees.

Brussels has no interest in protecting their rights, just keeping as many as possible out of Europe.


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Issues have been simmering in Turkey for a while now, Islamist Erdogan had something like this coming.


Shame Greece can't get their own shop in order, while Turks are at each other's throats.

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Yip, Greece voted in the far left.. there will be no benefit from any of this. 


What benefit would you expect from these events, if Greece had not voted far left?

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Act 1: Coup d'etat

Act 2: Victorious Leader

Act 3: Referendum

Final Act: President (Fuhrer!)

And curtains... Great play, standing ovation and all...

Yeah the coup leaders gave up rather quickly.... You'd think that it would last longer than five hours.

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It's over. A badly organized coup and a miserable failure. Even though I think Erdogan is a maniacal dictator and I wouldn't be upset if he was deposed, I don't think military coups are the way.  But, not only the planning was bad, they miscalculated the reaction of the people and even within the armed forces.  Frankly if there were elements who might have supported a coupe against Erdogan, they wouldn't risk their lives unless the coup would seem to be successful.  If the leadership, especially the prez and pm and some other key power heads aren't arrested, usually there's no chance for a coup to succeed.


Further, let's assume the challengers were honest in wanting to "restore democracy", did they realize that if they failed Erdogan would emerge even more of an brutal authoritarian?  He now has an excuse for more retribution against his enemies, including those who had nothing to do with this coup....


Amateurs...  I can hear some Greeks saying "the colonels" knew how to make a successful coup! 

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a turkish helicopter just landed in alexandroupolis. inside were military that were involved in the coup and now ask asylum in greece. how the hell did they landed without intervene? or did greece gave permission to land? interesting developments.




i also read and heard that pro coup players have taken over a frigate and are also underway to greece.



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a turkish helicopter just landed in alexandroupolis. inside were military that were involved in the coup and now ask asylum in greece. how the hell did they landed without intervene? or did greece gave permission to land? interesting developments.


Greece gave permission for them to land. Tsipras may have thought they were pakistani refugees who needed help getting to Germany.

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What benefit would you expect from these events, if Greece had not voted far left?


Say we had voted in a non-idealist who wanted a strong Greece. We have perhaps some vital and key players in the failed coup now in Northern Greece. We say to Erdogan - you can have them back if you recognise our international sea and air borders - otherwise they get asylum and cause just as much problems for you as Gulen does as they flutter round the West destroying Turkey and the AKP party from outside. Real Politik - not just handing them over for nothing in return like we did Abdullah Ocalan.

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Turkey's Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said Ankara had asked Athens to send the eight back following Friday night's challenge to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's rule by discontented soldiers in which more than 250 people died.

'We have requested Greece to extradite the eight traitors as soon possible,' Cavusoglu was quoted as saying by HaberTurk television.

Around 300-400 members of the Muslim minority of Greece, meanwhile, staged a demo outside Alexandroupolis airport calling for the 'traitors' to be sent back, an AFP photographer witnessed.


Hold on a second...are these muslims in Greece, -  Greeks or Turks???

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