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Golden Passport Corruption: the Cyprus Papers

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From the Guardian: Cyprus scraps 'golden passport' scheme after politicians caught in undercover sting

Official and lawmaker filmed pledging to support application from fictitious investor with criminal record

Al Jazeera has an hour show exposing corruption in Cyprus. One of those filmed was Cyprus's parliamentary speaker, Demetris Syllouris, who said he would step down until an investigation was completed.

Should the European Commission pursue legal action against Cyprus?

Watch the Cyprus Papers Undercover - an Al Jazeera investigation:


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  • Lazarus changed the title to Golden Passport Corruption: the Cyprus Papers

It's so funny, anyone could get a Cypriot passport for the right price, but my mom can't get one for stupid reasons. My pappou left Cyprus around 1948, 12 years before Cyprus became an independent country. He happily became an American citizen sometime in the 50s, as his British citizenship meant nothing to him. So technically he was never a Cypriot citizen. So even though he was born and raised in Cyprus, the government likes to split hairs on this. My yiayia was born here, so no chance going that way. As longtime Phantis members would know, we have connections there. Sotiris Kaiafas is my uncle. Another uncle, Dr. Christos Christou owns the American Medical Center, a state-of-the-art hospital and one of the best in Cyprus. Despite all that, my mom can't get her citizenship. 

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11 hours ago, Omonoia9 said:

It's so funny, anyone could get a Cypriot passport for the right price.

FYI anyone can get pretty much any passport if they have the asking price for it.


I'm going to watch this tonight, seems interesting...

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5 hours ago, Tzatziki said:

FYI anyone can get pretty much any passport if they have the asking price for it.


I'm going to watch this tonight, seems interesting...

It wouldn't be a documentary if it was the same as everywhere else. 

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I repeat, every country has a price, if you have enough money you can be a passport carrying citizen of just about any nation you like, from the USA to the Dominican Republic. I'm not saying they can change your name like they do in this documentary, I'm just saying every country sells citizenship/passport for the right amount of foreign investment. Do a little research you will find plenty of proof.

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