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Bosnia-Herzegovina vs. Cyprus (10 October 2016, Bilino Polje, Zenica)


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My heart won't be pulled in two directions here. Cyprus looking for their first win at the Bosnians. Of course, last time Kypro went to Bosnian soil, worked out pretty damn well!

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4 hours ago, 1789 said:

Beat them again. Do it for the motherland.:smoke:

Cyprus IS the motherland. Greece is the fatherland, I just went through the agony of seeing them have to play each other.

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1 Begovic(GK)

4 Spahic

5 Kolasinac

6 Vranjes

8 Medunjanin

10 Pjanic

11 Dzeko(Captain)

15 Sunjic

16 Lulic

18 Djuric

19 Visca




12 Sehic(GK)

22 Buric(GK)

2 Cocalic

3 Bicakcic

7 Cimirot

9 Ibisevic

13 Susic

14 Susic

17 Zukanovic

20 Hajrovic

21 Anicic

23 Jajalo


Manager: Mehmed Bazdarevic(BIH)

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12 Panagi(GK)

2 Junior

6 Demetriou

8 Sotiriou

9 Christofi(Captain)

11 Alexandrou

14 Laban

18 Artymatas

19 Laifis

20 Kastanos

21 Makris




1 Giorgallidis(GK)

22 Kissas(GK)

3 Charalambous

4 Merkis

5 Stylianou

7 Avraam

10 Charalambides

13 Mytidis

15 Antoniadis

16 Kyriakou

17 Efraim

23 Nikolaou


Manager: Christakis Christoforou(CYP)

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