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Yeah, I saw the game. 

Νικοπολίδης played a 4 2 3 1 with Ανδρούτσο in the striker position and left on the bench more classic forwards Καμπετσής and Κωτσόπουλος. I think that decision he would regret, as Greece had most of the possession but lacked a cutting edge in front of goal. Austria started well and had better chances in first 30 mins, but Greece controlled the ball and kind of dominated the match until the last 5 mins when Austria scored.

Although Greece had most of the possession (65%), Austria had more attempts on goal 13 vs 8. Greece played a lot of back passes and I got the feeling Νικοπολίδης was playing for 1-0 win. Main objective was not to concede at home, but it backfired in the end.

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Croatia, Czech Republic ansd San Marino once again in our group for the next U21 Euro.

Our group:

Czech Republic
San Marino

The schedule:

10/06/2019  Ελλάδα-Σαν Μαρίνο
10/09/2019  Ελλάδα-Λιθουανία
10/10/2019  Τσεχία-Ελλάδα
15/11/2019  Σκωτία-Ελλάδα
27/03/2020  Ελλάδα-Τσεχία
31/03/2020  Ελλάδα-Σκωτία
03/09/2020  Κροατία-Ελλάδα
07/09/2020  Σαν Μαρίνο-Ελλάδα
08/10/2020  Λιθουανία-Ελλάδα
13/10/2020  Ελλάδα-Κροατία


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