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Portugal tied with Iceland last Friday so we are 1 point ahead of them in the standings. However Portugal has one game less.

We play

Portugal (home)
Cyprus (away)
Portugal (away)

Portugal plays

Greece (away)
Belarus (away)
Liechtenstein  (away)
Greece (home)

If we beat them tomorrow and beat Cyprus in June we will need just a tie in Portugal to finish in 1st place assuming Portugal defeats Belarus and Liechtenstein.  

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3:0 loss to Cyprus in a game that the Greek NT was non-existent. What a pathetic display. After this result we are still in 2nd place (and qualification to playoff round), but with a loss to Portugal and Iceland winning their last two games we are going to lose that spot as well.

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1:0 loss to the Hungarians. Our national team was pathetic, hardly creating any offensive threat.

Next game is Tuesday against Belarus:

EURO 2025 Qualifying:  Greece - Belarus
March 28, 2023, 17:00 EEST
Live stream on EPO's Youtube Channel

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