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Started to watch the game on Laola, but could not stand to watch the whole game. Pathetic.


if can't beat Albania and lose to Israel at home, you have no right to speak about qualifying from this group.

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4 runner-ups qualify for a playoffs, correct? But, seems like a very difficult task: its the 4 runner-ups with the most wins against teams 1,3,4, and 5 in their respective groups. If we win the next two, maybe we can start dreaming of a push for the playoffs. 

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Katalava, well looking at results and match reports looks like he is in way over his head. Blackhawk you said it was horrible to watch?


This team has potential and in the past has done great. I looked at our line up, I though the two guys from PAOK were picked in Charissis and the guy Pash loved - Mystakidis? they didn't play... Also the guy who is not playing in Spain, Vergos started, was replaced by Koulouris, who is he?


I stand corrected, turns out Charissis came in on the 2nd half as a sub



Don't question my love. Mista is not in any squads because he is out for 4-6 weeks due to an injury in the last game.


Koulouris is a PAOK player, loaned out to Anorthosis Famagusta. I don't know enough about Vergos to compare them, but judging by the results this campaign, neither were good enough.

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The U21 plays Albania in the 7th round of the U21 EURO qualifiers on the September 2nd. Albania is currently in second place in that group, we're in 5th. Portugal is way ahead of everyone based on points and games played.

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Greece won 2-1 after trailing 0-1. Goals Nikos Ioannidis (penalty) and Kosmas Tsilianidis in 90'. Adam Tzanetopoulos was sent off after two yellows. Albania also ended the game with 10 (red card leading to the penalty).

With Portugal - Israel at 0-0 a few minutes from time Greece is just two points behind second place that gives the opportunity to go to the play-offs.

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