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  1. Goal! If we make it 2-2, do we advance to the finals on away goals?
  2. Can someone clarify, is there an away goal advantage to draws in this year's tournament?
  3. I'm proudly watching this match (at 6am from the Hawaiian island of Maui) as an American ancestor of Epirotes from Metsovo. It will be a tough match, but surely one of the most significant in the club's history. Giannina just conceded the penalty (deserved due to a sloppy hand ball), so this will be tougher yet, but still an exciting watch for me thanks to access to ANT1 through SlingTVs "Greek Mosaic" Package ?.
  4. I think this squad would've pulled out the win. No way Tsimikas does any worse than Mavrias against their goal-scorer, regardless of natural position.
  5. I guess now we have to hope to pull out a win against Sweden, and a draw between Sweden-Georgia. But, not sure we can get 3 points against anyone but Honduras these days.
  6. this is the sub (Giako and Masouras) I predicted would get us the go-ahead goal ?
  7. I dont see Bakasetas creating enough for us...let's move Fortounis to middle, Tzolis left, and Masouris right. Giannoulis might be faster and get into the box, but Tsimikas may help us keep possession and keep the ball in their half more overall. We need more playmaking from the back and middle (as usual).
  8. Im just happy not to see Mantalos or Limnios in there. Perhaps Masouras and Giako will sub in together late and pair up for the go-ahead goal.
  9. I'm hoping we see Tzolis start. Sure he missed some easy opportunities on Sunday, but the key thing for this squad is that he is CREATING opportunities in the first place. He made some strong crosses into the box, and made a lot of those (albeit missed) opportunities with his speed and timed runs. I think he is the kind of player that can find a goal during a brief opening against a likely aggressive Georgia side with more fortune in his feet tomorrow.
  10. Incredible defensive performance. Annoyed with Limnios for killing two promising attacks in the first half. The first one he tried to do too much on his own against Ramos, with the easiest pass to Mantalos running down the middle of the box. Mantalos would've had a clear shot against the keeper. Still super proud of the guys, and hopefully Tzolis gets the start over Limnios moving forward.
  11. Limnios brings an exciting bit of Brazilian flair to the squad. That kid is bound for Benfica eventually.
  12. Pavlidis has passed up on too many opportunities. I would sub in Fortounis for him in the second (which tells us how limited we are re: pure strikers). Primetime Mitroglou ain't walkin through that door!
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