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  1. Limnios brings an exciting bit of Brazilian flair to the squad. That kid is bound for Benfica eventually.
  2. Pavlidis has passed up on too many opportunities. I would sub in Fortounis for him in the second (which tells us how limited we are re: pure strikers). Primetime Mitroglou ain't walkin through that door!
  3. Finally got around to watching the replay of Mavro's first start for Stuttgart. Very promising performance! Before a groin strain (can we get this guy a new groin already?!) had him off at ~70', he showed a lot of talent on the right side of the back-3. Two near headers on goal, great footwork on a saving tackle, and showed a combined aggression/strength/speed that reminded me a bit of Manolas. His teammates played the ball back to him often to make plays (including some accurate lofts up the field that created openings for chances). Seemed comfortable playing the ball up past mid-field a coup
  4. Gotta pray for a second yellow on one of their guys, and a goal in the next 10 minutes to start to believe again
  5. Without that killer in front of goal, PAOK has to keep creating opportunities for a lucky moment. They've done a really good job creating those opportunities for a lucky break this game, IMO.
  6. With crosses like that, he's bound for a Big Five league at some point.
  7. Damn, PAOK has had plenty of chances...I like the attacking I'm seeing the last couple of minutes!
  8. Donis is entering extra time with Reims after being subbed in at the 69' mark in the Europa Qualifier match! Exciting opportunity for him to improve his ranking in the club.
  9. I can see Kaio getting a second yellow at some point. Let us hope.
  10. Tsimikas is listed as a sub for today's game against Chelsea. Truly a great moment for Greek football. Transfermarkt has Liverpool as the most valuable club at 1.21 billion euros. Has any other Greek before him been in the lineup of a club team in the pole position?
  11. Pavilidis, Fountas, Donis...we are finally seeing exciting attacking prospects that have the potential to land and stick in the big leagues.
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