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@PaokCT here is the relevant link: https://digitalhub.fifa.com/m/f99da4f73212220/original/edbm045h0udbwkqew35a-pdf.pdf


And an excerpt from the first page is below. Seems participation in those tournaments provides greater weight, but qualification does not provide a bonus.



Termed by FIFA as “SUM”, the new algorithm developed specifically for the new FWR was fine-tuned to reflect a number of FIFA’s considerations, including the following:

- Adjusting the game weightings to give:

    o less importance to friendly matches and more importance to final round competitions, such as the FIFA World Cup               Finals

    o more importance to knock-out stage matches than group stage matches in final competitions

- Excluding losses in knock-out rounds of final competitions from the calculation


The second page goes into the formulas - I never thought they'd go so far as to use exponents in these calculations. Guess it makes sense; it actually would make the impact of beating a better team even better than UEFA's version (which just gives a set number of coefficient points for a simple win/draw result). Was this like this before? (Probably)


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