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Friendly: Greece - Belarus (9 November 2016, Georgios Karaiskakis Stadium, Piraeus)


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From the looks of the squad, we can expect to see more of the same. Putting my Skibbe hat on, here's how I think we'll line up:









----Stafylidis--------------------K. Pap--------------------------Sokratis--------------------------Torosidis-----




Manolas is a loss for the backline but I'm sure K. Pap will do fine. Stafylidis is starting to win me over and is 100x the player of Tzavellas, even if Holebas is 100x better than him.

Maniatis is unfortunate and Samaris needs to step up and prove he can boss this team from midfield.

Karelis is useless. Wish we had Holebas or an actual winger in his place. Bakasetas has shown very little so far.

If we win, it will be because of Fortounis and Mantalos.

Mitro has looked very poor and needs to be better.

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other players that are not matchfit at the moment and most likely wont play tomorrow.

sokratis , bakasetas , tzavellas , and offcourse fortounis. kapino stayed home due to injury and is replaced by kyriakidis.



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^yeah he will play players who didnt play alot yet. skibbe says he will start with glykos and tziolis. we know tziolis is useless but at least we know he aint a starter for the sttrongest line up anymore. this match will probably be hideous to watch and to be honoust i dont care as long as we win and since skibbe will safe some players what can we expect.


i expect something like this. i hope he dont play torosidis the whole match since he just recovered from an injury.






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^weird indeed. to bad that this is still standard.

sport24 comes with this horror line up. well karelis on the wings is more then stupid but i let this one go since we dont have any more wingers called up. looks like a 4-3-3 with 3 dm's?. dont we have anyone who can replace toro in the near future? good thing is that alot of players get a rest and can recover more. sokratis , mitroglou , torosidis , tzavellas , bakasetas and fortounis didnt even trained yet.






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official starting line up up with(take a seat) petsos right back.







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