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  1. Vlaho should be starting not barkas! My god the corruption on our ethniki
  2. I agree. Italy took down two of our players when playing advantage should have given two yellows as they both were deliberate and ill timed. But wait, we wanna be friends with them not play competitive! Man it’s the Mindset. They don’t know priorities and competitiveness
  3. I wouldn't be like to see retsos at rb and call up sotiri just to get some experience. We do have depth, but injuries happen.
  4. He was explaining it to the Croat , I just caught they would not let me play FIFA. I gotta go back and see what else I can pick up. Seems like this is deeper than we know. Wow.
  5. The problem is going to be going forward. Whose next coach if there is? Clean house too and get rid of the weight. Tziolis, mianitis etc
  6. Sorry couldn't edit it. And yes the commentators suck and don't know what they are talking about
  7. Notice the espn commentator no trouble was going wide lol . Agh no it was close! Funny how croats are close but us wide?? Biased ????
  8. I hate to take people out and play dirty but these bastards are getting all the calls and still flopping and playing dirty. The crowd will do something if this continues... watch
  9. I would agree to disagree. Classy keep watching the game, the croats are playing. Classy with the flopping and actions.
  10. Look at that shows how many points we left on board;which we had. So many unfavorable outcomes which we should have had. Gutted looking at that.
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