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  1. spot on on the desire and the passion! this also applies with work and in life, you get what you put in!
  2. me too! I have a signed autograph from him this big wig at espn that does basketball here in the states got it for me when Bolton played city when they just got samaras. samaras is another story of the talent but not the desire and effort to put in that extra time and hours! sickening and stelios played with passion! for club and country, gotta love it!!! big heart
  3. a couple things - how did the bosnians get past security with the flares? - is it me or is dzeko instigating violence when we go to over there?? sickening ! and his attitude and statement as to why he was kicked out of the game is shameful. everyone whom is Bosnian should be ashamed as to why he is acting like a spoiled little B^TCH! you pulled someones shorts down! like really!!! and then pushed him to the ground! you started s%$#! and have the balls to be a bitch!!!! and for the banner about the Bosnian genocide, I do not condone that! we should know better as we are victims of genocide ourselves! security should have stopped that s%$#! from coming in as well.
  4. also @ all the k paps bashers. please review the tape again the Bosnian person instigated it. true he should have been smarter, not infront of the ref but when hes not looking get in his face and make it known to watch your tongue. or on the pitch make an extra hard foul on him or elbow when possible. people in many sports fail to realize its the person who starts it that is to blame. root cause assessment, if one doesn't start anything then there will be no issue. and when someone does then they need to accept the outcome and whatever they have towards them.
  5. also look at it too he was instigated and the Bosnian player elbows him and before says something or should I say right after. he was baiting him... that sh^T; is classless and same goes for anyone. keep politics out and be classy. just stfu and play the game!
  6. manthatis is a beast! looks like we found a gem. nice call @ThrylosG7 watching him play he sticks out. I hope he keeps at it and doesn't become content. love the youth movement, that's the way to build a team for now but the future.
  7. whats it take for him to get on the n/t let alone playing time!!
  8. Very dipolmatic! Build a mosque in Athens and convert agia Sophia back into a mosque. Bravo tsipras and those running Greece! Makes me sick! This s%$#! should have never been build unless we're allowed to us our church ! Never will happen cause it's a sign of Turkish conquest!
  9. Turkey are also manufacturing there own helicopters as well. Fyi but what would I know it's probably a rumor like the immigration information I know about hahaha
  10. lynch should zip it she shown how biased she is. And about the bussed in, charlotte isn't to far from south Carolina. I was there last month.
  11. open door policy, his deportation is smoking gun and mirrors. unless you commit a felony your not getting deported. but others are very much knowledgeable with there gallop pole info hahahah
  12. @the grocery bagger... exactly what would immigration workers know. hell im a blind liberal whom believes Hillary didn't know what "C" standed for. your job must entail the importance of a grocery clerk bagger. yes facts hahah if facts hit you in the head you still would be in denial sucking off cnn
  13. yes im ignorant yet know many ice officers hahahah . ya ok look in the mirror keep listening to cnn and editing material for your pleasure. when you know people whom work for immigration then open your mouth. till then your words have as much value as mosquito with the zika virus
  14. lame is an understatement. tunnel vision is more like it
  15. @Korisos coming to the usa thanks to obuma open borders with NO and I repeat NO background checks on any immigrants coming from that area. followed up by Hillary and his whops I didn't know it was classified info hahaha.
  16. hahahah @1789 do you have a link to where he states erdogan "" says that to joe. that's so classic and expected. turkey will be the next iran the way it is going. book on it,
  17. @ saki mod. your assumptions are that. im stating facts from many and multiple ice workers who work at the fed building in chinda town, but what would you know you eat veggie sandwiches, while I hear it from the workers themselves! Your so blind that you probably would rebuff anything it were not to your liking. also obuma has done jack and does not enforece imm as your stating it. these are hallow words keep on getting your info from gallop poles hahaahh. great work
  18. I hope you guys do realize that there are many German companies that paid off these dirty politicians. the blame should go to them as well and those contracts should be cancelled and fines let alone more money should be given back. one company would be seimens off the top of my head, another would be a tank maker whom Greece bought some and also submarine contract as well, I believe they were fuel-cell powered. I can just imagine at the robbery the Hellenic military got from eurocopter with that piece of s%$#! nh-90 ! so many issues on that and they bought them!!!! wasted tax payer money to suck a big fat german one and take money on the side at the expense of the military!
  19. @1789- you also forgot to put down obuma doesn't believe in immigration let alone vetting these people in from Syria, Iraq and whatnot! so if you have tb come on in! spread the love around!!! obuma is so anti immigration its insulting. you come into a country, you follow the rules of law if not its simple get out. hes just another liar with broken promises in a line of presidents bushie sr, and jr.
  20. problem both Russia and the west use and steal from Greece. which isn't hard to do since were run by morons! one after the other. sickening
  21. the nukes if I remember were always stored there, due to a u.n. reasoning. cause of the airbase there. also about obuma and lybia. I forgot where prob read it on britbart or reading the wiki leaks of the liar Hillary... that there were 3 generals whom said over and over we do not want to touch lybia! reasoning is simple, the person whom takes over will be much worse....and she didn't care and pushed for it as sec of defense. shes just like bushie jr. a liar and war monger whom wants something in return. as for turkey again, the Cypriot turks are protesting. I would assume that the crazy guy is gonna do something about that next.. and his son is being investigated in Italy for money landering there is an arrest warrant for him. yup you got it dirty ertogan said something regarding Italy as well.
  22. there was a huge pro ertogon rally in colgne Germany yesterday. allot of security,
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