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Gatoules vs Panathinaikos


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Panionios has started to make some good appearances. Still, I think that we will win.

I like the new system Malesani is using with the two defensive midfielders and one attacking midfielder. So I would like to see the following:







I would like to see Leontiou please!!! Not Seric

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i dont really care as long as we get the team playing good and positive football!

we have no real stoxoi left this year.

also if aek slipup 6 points it wont really matter cause we will also loose points until the end of the season so in the end they will get the 2nd place!

thats life in greece

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I too would like to see Seric at left back.

Darlas' return is positive but I think he should be on the bench

(let him work for his place back in the team - it might teach him

a lesson not to receive too many yellows in future) and use him sometime

during the game when required.

As for the player taking over Eki's position Leontiou would be a

logical choice but seeing how Malezani devises his starting 11 do

not be surprised if he keeps the same starting 11 as per the Levadia


My starting 11:






Malezani's 11:






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