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  1. dani tried a nice flick to it but castillo was there to clean up the garbagedo u by any chance of the goal celebration of Castillo v Aigaleo over the weekend when he threw his jersey to thyra 7 ?????????????????????????????
  2. I agree do u think Mendrinos and D'acol are worth the hype ???
  3. there is no picture though its only commentary but its still all good
  4. congrats to Samaras and i wish him many more goals does anybody have a video clip of it
  5. The Rivaldo goal was added to the site its a must see for all Olympiakos fans RIBBO!!!!!!!!!
  6. just finishing up with those downloads and let me say its a great download lo Prasini pornes !!!!!
  7. Actually second, Seitaridis got transfered for 10 mil. Not bad though, I'm surprised Hereveen actually got Man city to fork over that much, especially over a raw unproven talent like Samaras. Fans are going to have high expectations of him, hope he can play at those expectations. Good luck Samaras. hopefully Manchester city gets there money worht with Samaras unlike Dinamo
  8. so its finally officially the saga ends with Samaras in Manchester City he is the future for our National Team and hopefully he turns out to be the player everybody is expecting he is one big motha F***er
  9. In a few hours Pagdatis plays in the biggest game in his life his run to the Austrian open final is amazing b/c of where he is coming from but he has the second best streak at the moment which belongs to the undoubtadetly best player in the world in Roger Fedderer best to dominate this sport since Pete Sampras (Greek American lol ) and even if Pagdatis slays the dragon or giant Federrer will still be the best in the world but Pagdatis needs only one day to be the best and it win a major grandslam the praises about his play has come from everywhere analysts, fans, opponents and wut can u say about his crazy supporters lol i know i am getting ahead of myself but if he is in the US open we Greeks and Cypriots here better organize ourselves to attend but for now Beat Fedderer
  10. for starters they can profit from it by leasing the stadio i think this project is also suppose to expand the Toumba area into a business area and that will increase the property value of that area but these are my assumptions
  11. i checked out the long clip and the best part wasn't the goals but the game being played in the snow and the PA announcer anouncing the scorer of the goals and both times he said Giorgos and the fans finished it off saying Samaras pretty cool lol and they played Zorba the Greek after he scored the 2nd goal lol
  12. Very nice to hear how many goals does he have in total this season ?? Does anybody have any links to the goals ?? did Charisteas or Anastasiou manage to score any of Ajax 2 goals
  13. aight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good s%$#! samaras how many goals does he have this season in all competitions ??
  14. Olympiakos fans must see video clips of different camera angles for the spectacular goal Rivaldo scored v Aris must see!!!!!!!!!!
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