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  1. Congrats on beating Holland today but again this game was just not one that shouldn't have been played with all the idiots on the field but a win is a win i also did see Portugal play some defensive football i mean Portugal didn't light up the score board i mean u guys did win 1-0 lol anywayz on the Fifa Rankings who can stick that up where the sun don't shine it just doesn't count plus the next game when u play England u will go home not b/c England is that good just b/c Deco and Costinha will be out of the next fixture and when Portugal comes home with no silverware the Greeks can always go one to the Euro cup and do remember Portugal played Greece 3 times in a 10 month span and failed to get a victory we played Portugal in a friendly in September of 2003 to a draw in the first game of a newly renovated stadium then off course we beat u guys in Portugal twice i'd like to see the Portugese make the trip to Greece how about that for a change
  2. i just have one question for all of u haven't been that much on here recently how come Pao is after Saviola ?? i mean why don't we go after Saviola as well i mean we can offer C.L. i know Pao won't get Saviola anywayz now its seems we got Z e Roberto from all reports how is our CB position looking its still voided to say the least
  3. Roque Junior has been rumored to Olympiakos once before it was during the offseason of 2004 when we signed some Brazlian by the name of Rivaldo lol turned out to be a great move !!! we need to get CB's before we do anything else Olympiakos#1
  4. Domi has been rumored to sign with Olympiakos for quite a while now he is at age 28 which is a solid age in my perspective he has both experience and talent at the same time we have Zemlakov at RB as well now we need 3 cb's i want one of them to have alot of experience like being late 20's another being in the mid 20's and another being that same age that hasn't prove its worth tyet we need to not only build a strong starting 11 but a team with lots of depth Kyrgiakos was freed by Rangers and Sollied is intent to have Greek players on the squad as well
  5. was there ever any doubt the only thing missing was a great goal by Rivaldo but give Castillo credit he did a nice job in filling that role i want castillo on the roster for next season he is great of the bench and a spot starter and he brings energy
  6. Olympiakos administration is supposedly putting Kyrgiakos in the rumor mill so if they do end up signing him then the fans would have an easier time dealing with him
  7. the Seitards rumor was to add some spice to the media the only way we can get him is through a loan remember that russian club bought Seitards for 10 million Euros but i do think Kyrgiakos is heading our way
  8. I really don't understand the entire Antzas saga it was just over a month ago when Olympiakos played at Xanthi and everybody was saying how he is basically Olympiakos wut happenned now did somebody ###### his wife again cause if thats the case please get rid of the whore lol as for Simunitis i am a bit worried about his shape he gets alot of these small nagging injuries that carry on over a course of the season i think Sollied needs to take a step bak and reevaluate everything as for Kyrgiakos i saw him in many greek headlines today i view this as a solid move and a no brainer he is basically a starter on our national team he hasn't worn the Pao jersey in quite some time and he doesn't even like Pao i know the fan club is against this signing if it were to happen but we can listen to the fan club about everything as for Broxa can we please sign him so i know this thing is over with its been a month now that his name has been mentioned as for Seitrads the only way he comes to Olympiakos is on loan remember the Russian team paid Proto 10 million Euros for him so Olympiakos ain't gonna dish any type of money towards him
  9. well to this point it looks like Pao won't be in C.L. next season and they certainly won't win the championship next season thats for sur e so i guess u can say they will be looking for a new coach right about this time if not earlier lol Olympiakos#1
  10. don't forget we need to now warm up for the Kipelo keep in mind that Rivaldo won't be playing and we haven't won a big derby w/o Rivaldo for some time so Sollied will put in a mix of regulars and bench players we need to prepare for AEK as we speak AEK is 3-1 v Olympiakos in the kipelo finals so i want to cut into it on May 6th
  11. i really hope they come to the states and its not just one of these bullshit greek media crap where they hype u up for nuttin
  12. i know its a little late Happy Birthday Ribbo and get well soon Rivaldo brought us bak another title lucky #34
  13. in 2004-2005 season we had an unlucky break cause we played hard in all the games i can only question the first half of the Monaco game in France and the 2nd half game in Liverpool but the club showed great effort unfortunately it wasn't enough and we weren't able to fuel it for the following c.l. campaign again 2 things will depend where we stand : The players we sign this summer and the luck of the balls dropping our way when it comes to the group stage but we need to take control of building and strong and solid team players like dani, mavrogenidis, and etc have to go there not of class anymore
  14. you think ??well don't think too hard about it cause our competition will improve but Olympiakos is expected to be far better next year then this past season Panta Na Meini the Prothalima sto Limani
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