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  1. So far so good for the Panthers' season, then. Disappointing that we're still letting in late goals (something which seems to have blighted us for years), but got to be happy with 4th place after 4 games. Just watched the goals from the weekend and we look like we're playing well - lots of nice passing and a couple of good goals. Onwards and upwards!
  2. :-( http://www.ekathimerini.com/4dcgi/_w_artic.../04/2011_388324 Iraklis and Panionios risk relegation By George Georgakopoulos The Hellenic Football Federation's licensing committee rejected applications from Iraklis, Panionios and Panserraikos on April 20, which means they are immediately relegated to the Football League, pending a possible appeal. While Panserraikos's relegation was already certain after it finished last in the regular season of the Super League, Iraklis and Panionios will be desperately trying to avoid the drop after the competent committee of the federation turned down their applications for a license to play in the top flight. "The club will get the license because it fulfills all the necessary conditions. Anyone who rushed to celebrate will expose themselves once again,
  3. Derbyshire's a really exciting player at his best - my stepdad is a Blackburn fan and is very sorry to hear he might be leaving. I think he'd be a great signing for you (and if you don't want him, feel free to put him on the tram to Nea Smyrni).
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