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  1. So far so good for the Panthers' season, then. Disappointing that we're still letting in late goals (something which seems to have blighted us for years), but got to be happy with 4th place after 4 games. Just watched the goals from the weekend and we look like we're playing well - lots of nice passing and a couple of good goals. Onwards and upwards!
  2. :-( http://www.ekathimerini.com/4dcgi/_w_artic.../04/2011_388324 Iraklis and Panionios risk relegation By George Georgakopoulos The Hellenic Football Federation's licensing committee rejected applications from Iraklis, Panionios and Panserraikos on April 20, which means they are immediately relegated to the Football League, pending a possible appeal. While Panserraikos's relegation was already certain after it finished last in the regular season of the Super League, Iraklis and Panionios will be desperately trying to avoid the drop after the competent committee of the federation turned do
  3. Ah, that's right - remembered the Xanthi one, but had forgotten the Ergotellis one. But, yes, amazing run considering we were bottom of the table at one point. How many teams get into the play-offs? I get a bit confused by the Super League format...
  4. Another great win for the Panthers today - particularly as Kerkyra equalised with a penalty which also saw a Panionios player get sent off. To get the winner with only 10 men is *really* impressive. Not sure that we've lost a game since the start of January, have we? Amazing to think we started 2011 looking like relegation candidates. Think we're up to 10th now?
  5. Stay up?! We're aiming for Europa League... :tup:
  6. Our amazing run continues! Well done Panionios. Great to come back from 1-0 down, too.
  7. Sadly I don't get to see many - never found a way to get Greek football on TV over here in the UK, but I can sometimes watch them online. I go whenever I'm in Greece, though (must've seen about 15 games now). But, yes, we've really turned it round in the last few games!
  8. Well done Panthers! Seems like we've really turned it round these last few weeks. Last three games, we've drawn with AEK and Olympiacos and beaten PAOK. It wasn't looking like results like that were possible a few weeks ago.
  9. Great, great result for the Panthers. Another goal for Babalan (albeit a penalty). We're doing a great job of fighting off relegation.
  10. That's a massive win for Panionios, against a team having a much better season that us. Well done Panthers! Let's make this start of something...
  11. Really not the start to the year we were looking for. Relegation is beginning to look like a very real threat now. :-(
  12. Another good win, lads. Means we've pretty much doubled our points tally in two games. We're moving in the right direction...
  13. A result we *really* needed. And we've got three games against middling teams coming up. Let's get off the bottom of that table!
  14. Thanks George - that's really kind of you.We'd be bottom by two points if we hadn't won today, so it really was a huge result. Let's hope it kickstarts the season for us. And good luck to AEK for the rest of the year!
  15. Once upon a time... Towards the end of 2000, I visited Athens with my newish Greek girlfriend (we met in London, where we both lived). Being a big football fan, I wanted to go and see a game. Panionios were at home, so we decided to go to that. It was a Saturday night game against AEK and, against all the odds, Panionios managed to win. Inspired by the exciting victory, the friendly crowd and the fact that Panionios played in the same red shirts / blue shorts as my beloved York City, I became a fan. Ten yesrs later, I still look out for every Panionios result and go to see them whenever I
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