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  1. Here is the latest info about the stadium. Super Sport fm what do you guys make of this?
  2. Today there is gonna be a new meeting for the stadium. Hopefully we will learn a few more info on how things are going
  3. The new Stadium is gonna be complitely owned by PAO. I don't worry about that. If the government contributes something is gonna be a small part of the total, if they want to put the stadium in the bid for Euro 2012. Otherwise, PAO will put all the money for it. PAO officials have already stated that they have managed to find the 120 out of 150 million euros needed for the entire build.
  5. Those days are Long GONE mate. I would be happy if the tickets were about 15-20 euros in the new stadium.I think that reasonable nowadays in a modern stadium would be considered: 15 - Behind the posts 20-25 Corners 30-40 Central 20-30 - Everywhere upperdeck By the way in 1996 the cheapest ticket for the league in OAKA was 1500 and could go up to 8000
  6. Today is the big day for the stadium. The Mayor is meeting up with Vardinogiannis and Gianakopoulos Bros. to discuss the details of her proposal for Votaniko. Hopefully they will come to some sort of a preliminary agreement and we'll be able to start planning.
  7. www.sportime.gr/html/ent/036/ent.62036.asp It's almost official we are staying in Athens but going to VOTANIKO. I think this is a good outcome. Hopefully decisions will be taken shortly and construction will begin in September, as the Mayor said that would be posible.
  8. What on earth are you talking about? So every other club in Europe that is tearing down their 30K stadium for an even bigger are stupid? You are too young to remember the good days of OAKA. Wouldn't you like to see some big players with the green shirt? Well this is never gonna happen if we go for a 25K stadium.Do you remember how far we went in 1996 in Europe? Do you think it was only because we had a good team? We had the biggest average in EUROPE (Uefa tend to notice these things) So now 10 years later you are telling me that we need a small stadium because we do not have a good enough team to win every game on the pich, and that we cannot fill a 50K stadium? NEXT TIME YOU POST TRY TO BE SOBER AND MAKE SOME MORE SENSE. (Take a leak, have a shower,THEN post :D )
  9. Pappou relax you're gonna have a heart attack. All I am saying is that I would prefer a stadium of 40K to one of merely 28K provided they were both within Athens boundaries. IF there is a plan for redevelopement the land is gonna worth much more than you think and the refugees are not gonna be a problem for long. Usually what happens in that sort of situations is that Land gets a lot of value as soon as such a redevelopement is scheduled and consequently modern housing developments are raized and in no time at all from one of the worst districts it could become one of the best. I think the plan is good in respect of Leoforo as well as it's gonna become a park and not a church like some other plans mention. What's not to like about this? I think Goudi isn't gonna be an issue anymore since the facts talk about a 28K maximum stadium and insufficient parking and shops (is this what you call a modern stadium PAPPOU). Even Gianakopoulos :nw: will like the Votaniko offer better (he has always said I want Goudi but if that is not possible for any reason we should go to Votaniko)
  10. THE MAYOR OF ATHENS MAKES PROPOSAL FOR VOTANIKOS Link Well that doesn't sound so bad. 40000 capacity plus shops and all this well within the boundaries of Athens. I like it a lot better than the 28000 of Goudi or the distance of Helliniko.
  11. The Minister of Culture (Fani Petralia) today held a Press Conference regarding a new law about the post-Olympic usage of the Facilities. Regarding Goudi (Badmington) she said that it can be given to some private company for use (without saying anything about PAO). The hint is that we might use this for Basketball. Regarding Helliniko she said that no part of it will be given away (UNTIL THE PROJECT FOR THE METROPOLITAN PARK IS COMPLETE) Hint PAO will be able to build there as soon as the entire project is complete. Mr HAtziemanouil (another spokes person for the government) said at the same press conference that MODERN PARKS ARE NOT BUILD AS FORESTS IN THE MIDDLE OF A CITY BUT RATHER SPACES OF GREEN THAT CAN BE USED FOR PEOPLE TO GATHER AND PARTICIPATE IN SPORTS. Hint : thelayout of the planning of the Metropolitan PArk could include a football stadium. ON a question from an attending reporter about what will happen with the PAO Stadium, MRS Petralia said that MR Souflias would give some answers on that as soon as his meeting with Tzigger ends today. The meeting between Tzigger-Souflias started at 14:30 and is likely to end today around 15:30 Local time. Reports says that Tzigger will be enquiring whether they would give him some more space in Goudi than originally planed (65,000 rather than 45,000) so he could build biger stadium and more facilities. If that is denied he will start talking about Elliniko. PS Pappou why can't you grasp the idea that that PAO CAN fill a modern 50,000 stadium anywhere in Attiki? I understand you come from a central VazeloArea of Athens, but try to stop thinking only about yourself and try looking at things from a different perspective.
  12. News about the stadium from Sportime.gr
  13. I have to agree with Drako on this. We will have travel as we have always travelled. (Don't kid yourself pappou, not all PAO fans in Leoforo are from Ampelokipi or Voreia Proasteia) It's just that you are not used to travelling for a match. Well I guess you'll have to get used to it like the rest of us. The way you are arguing this (mentality reasons) you make PAO fans look bad. I do not agree that we have an inferior mentality to other fans. Do not forget that all these years without a championhip people were really supportive and following the team everywhere. This year people are frustrated (Seitaridis, Kyriakos out - Shity Cros in) Tell me who am I supposed to go root for? As for this years ticket pricing have a look at what is going on with the family stand they are trying to establish and you will understand what's going on. (i.e. If a father wanted to see PAO with his son from a decent seat-not 13,14-he would have to pay around 80 to 100 Euros, now he only needs half of it. The family stand has been full for a couple of games now since it started. I am sure VArdinogiannis will do his research before he commits to such an investment. He will make sure that he will be able to get the attendances he wants. |I am sure the tickets will be cheaper because he will be able to get our money in so many other ways, I am sure he will bring in some quality players so that we fill the stadium. Have a look at the progress of Sporting Lisbon and their attendances this season or Benfica who fill a 65K stadium.
  14. Guys relax Ofcourse PAO can fill a 50k stadium. Doyou remember who many were watching Gavro games in Rizoupoli? They were 3rd in ticket averages After PAO, PAOK. A new stadium will bring in the crouds for sure. DO NOT FORGET THAT WE DID NOT SIGN ANY STAR PLAYER. (Doesn't anybody remember attendances at OAKA when Zajec was playing?) I am For a biger than 30K stadium (would prefer 50K) because we all know what happens in Europe or in Matches Against Gavro. Don't tell me that if KAraiskaki was 50K it wouldn't fill? THE STADIUM IS FOR A LIFETIME WE CANNOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKES AS GAVROI.
  15. I don't think we'll have a problem filling up a 50K Stadium. (provided that tickets are priced reasonably) Papou do not forget the European nights at OAKA with 76000 or the days of Zajec, Rocha with 50000 against Levadiakos and Doxa Drama. What I mean to say is that (hopefully) when we build a big stadium the philosophy of the transfers will change so that the stadium fills up.
  16. Is Pao Stadium gonna be in the bid for Euro 2012? If it is then it's gonna be a 50K+ stadium and that means that it is imposible to build it in Goudi. I am not a fan of Elliniko but I am gonna follow PAO anywhere they play. I live in the West Suburbs of Athens and for me it would be as much hustle to get to Goudi as it would be to get to Elliniko. Wherever the new stadium is, I just hope it is around 45-50K with cheap tickets. All big teams in europe have 40-50K Stadiums. Arsenal are going away from a 35K for a 60+ (in London of 10M) Liverpool have plans for a 55K (in a city 1,5 Million) Shakhtyor 50K (in Donetsk of 500K) Partizan 45K (in Beograd of 1,5) Real Sociedad 42.5K (in San Sebastian of 70K!!!) If you take into account that Athens is Around 4M (with the Suburbs) And that Pao is the Biggest Athens team we need at least a 50K Stadium.
  17. There is a large problem with Goudi (the municipalities around it own it and therefore it's ot a matter of the central government to give it a away, furthermore, even if one citizen of those municipalities opposes to the plan, the construction could go back at least 7 years, meanwhile Olympiakos will be making a great deal more money form his stadium and consequently hae more money to spend) Yes I agree Goudi is the Ideal location for PAO but time is of essence. This is why Helliniko is considered. On the pros for Helliniko we have to add that there already exists a Basketball Arena (realy nice one 13000), that there is a lot of space which Pao can take advantage of (commercial use), and finaly that in a few years time the Metro will have a station nearby. Let's face it Nothing is gonna be like Leoforos, whichever the solution Goudi, Helliniko or Eleonas. Personally I just want a modern Stadium of at least 45000 I don't care where it is.
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