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Greece country coefficient

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I wish Holland would be ahead.

We are entering the Dark Ages of football here.

The avarage of some teams here is 21 and that is just because the keeper is 30 something. Young players leave earlier and earlier.

Not to mention the National team. 24 (!!!!) countries qualify for EURO 2016, but Holland failed.

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Very true about the Russian big spending Sheriff. Agree with your list above of countries we can't expect to surpass, with the exception of Holland. They can be inconsistent and have some years where they don't accumulate many points. They could possibly be caught assuming our sides got their shizen together.


I believe we are set to overtake Holland for a fleeting moment in the next year or so...as they are set to lose points from a big season...


However long term and into the future Dutch clubs will more often than not accumulate more points than GSL clubs...


Long term we have a greater chance of out performing Swiss/Belgian/Czech/Turkish clubs than Dutch...


I think the Czechs are capable of doing a 'Romania'.....blowing out by August for a season or two...just like Scottish/Croat/Cypriot clubs..


The interesting thing about Holland is if you look at the ladder in the Dutch league... clubs with strong coefficient points like AZ , Twente, Heerneven are down the ladder....so if they don't make Europe the other clubs that do face the prospect of being unseeded in the qualifying rounds and therefore bowing out early..leaving PSV and Ajax yo carry the burden alone...


if you look at the accumulation of UEFA coefficient points for the second tier nations.....a lot of the points gained come from good runs in Europa/UEFA by the second string clubs doing well for 2-3 seasons...


similar to how Greece went up to 6th spot....AEK/PAO/Aris collecting points over consecutive years in a weak Uefa cup...

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I think we will not be able to catch the Swiss and Czechs.

But for the next years it was good that Besiktas was eliminated after starting as leader in their group. It was also good that Liberec and Plzen were eliminated.

Rank - Country - Points - clubs still in competition/clubs started

10 Netherlands 35.229 1/ 6

11 Turkey 33.400 2/ 5

12 Switzerland 32.975 2/ 5

13 Czech Republic 31.325 1/ 5

14 Greece 29.700 1/ 5

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After the elimination of the last representative of Greece we trail by:

5.696 points to #10 Netherlands

4.500 points to #11 Turkey

3.875 points to #12 Switzerland

2.425 points to #13 Czech Republic

And they all have a representative left.

#9 is Belgium but they are to far away to even mention.

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I can imagine that, Reaper.

Next year we will start on spot #13 with the following (dis)advantages:

#08 Ukraine -/- 12.633 + ??

#09 Belgium -/- 7.800 + ??

#10 Turkey -/- 7.000 + ??

#11 Switzerland -/- 6.475 + ??

#12 Czech Republic -/- 4.775 + ??


#14 Netherlands + 0.304

#15 Romania + 1.050

#16 Croatia + 1.975

#17 Austria + 4.125

#18 Sweden + 5.125

Must hope that teams like Sparta Prague, Basel and Fener get eliminated in the next round.

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There is still a chance that our champion will go to the group stage of CL and the cup winner to the group stage of EL in the upcoming European season. It all depends on who will win the current CL and EL.


Frankly though I don't see Greece making the number 12 position in the rankings anytime soon. it will take several years. And the longer the Superleague remains a bourdello, the longer it will take.

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There is always a spot secured for the titleholder and the winner of EL. If they already have qualified through their League result than the spot goes to the next in line that is not automatically qualified. And so on.

See this:


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You both triggerd me, Reaper and Blackhawk!

Just saw the rules of UEFA. The winner of the Greek cup, not being Olympiakos, could go immediately to the GS of EL if the winner of the EL does not earns a spot for next years CL via the league. Like Sevilla last year.

This makes it interesting to follow the EL for that matter. Apart from following it for the sake of some good matches.

Liverpool vs Man Utd

Villareal vs Leverkusen

Athletic Club vs Valencia

Dortmund vs Tottenham

are all great games.

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So basically we want someone like Liverpool, who look unlikey to make the top 4 in the premier league to win the Europa? Because then they would go into the champions league via being the champions of the Europa, so that would open up a spot in the Europa league Group stage for the Greek cup winner? Am I way off?  :huh:

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You said it right, paokarag!

Liverpool is one of my favourite teams, so I don't mind.

Other "good" winners for Greece are:

Valencia who are 18 points behind for (Q3 of) CL;

Athletic Club are 14 points behind;

Lazio Roma are 16 points behind;

Braga are 8 points behind FC Porto and that team can not afford to miss CL.

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After last round in the CL and EL almost all of our next rival countries are eliminated after the exit of Fener, Anderlecht, PSV and Basel.

A pity that Sparta Prague surprised in Rome. Especially as the Czech Republic are #12 on the list at the starting of next season.

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Nothing for the next European season, where the only chance for automatic CL place is if Borussia Dortmund wins the Europa League.


It has big effect on the 2017-18 season. Right now we are in 14th place and Czech Republic is in 13th place and Sparta might help increase the already large gap.


The way things look right now, it will be almost impossible to crack the top 12 in the standings, which guarantees automatic CL group place in the next 3 to 5 years.

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A lot will be riding on what happens over the next few months - in an ideal world, we'd have five times make the group stages of their respective competitions, but it's likely. I remain hopeful that we'll actually gain some points this time around, hopefully at the expense of our direct competitors.

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Realistically we stand no chance of cracking the top 12 in the next 3 seasons in my opinion.


2016-17 is in progress and we finished in 13th place.


2017-18 is already set and we finished in 14th place.


2018-19 we are in 14th place with 22.300 points. 12th place Czech Republic has 27.675


2019-20 we are in 14th place with 17.900 points, approximately 1.3 points behind the 12th place.

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I don't see us getting automatic qualification anytime soon. But one thing that is embarrassing is the fact that not 1 Greek team gets automatic entry in Europe anymore, not league winners nor kypello champs, that's how disgraceful Greek Football has become. People can blame anyone they want but fact is EPO/Criminal Organisation has destroyed Greek Football, they don't even seem to give a F*** all our teams need to qualify, this is why those in EPO need to get the F*** out ASAP and those in Govt need to grow some arxithia and start prosecuting those in EPO who deserve to be prosecuted, but that sounds too good to be true....


Personally I don't see all the teams making Europa this season, hope I am wrong though.

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