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  1. Good win and much needed, 2nd leg kypello this week then Panionios away, another win there is needed and the irony there is if we win we hand Oly the title...:
  2. Lol first theodoridis said Dimitriades went into the refs rooms in his interview now they are saying Meli too hahaha this loss really hurt them. it seems they forget the days when marinakis was doing things like that during kypllo finals, the irony just makes me laugh and shows how bitter they are with this loss. fact is aek wanted it more and played with passion, Oly didn't create a real chance all game and even Oly fans hammered Karapapara on his fc about it, instead of trying to make battles off the field how about just winning the battle on the pitch where it matters most. by the way guys Amorgos told me he can't post here anymore has he been banned?
  3. Will be a tricky game away as Platanias aren't a bad side but hopefully we keep a clean sheet and get a goal or 2 away from home.
  4. Good to see we are finally showing the potential this team really has, shame we left it late and are now playing catch up to others. But if we make the playoffs I can see us giving it a good go if this form we are in keeps going.
  5. Big game for us and a win here can really turn our season around. Wont be easy as Xanthi are hard to beat at home but we are playing with more confidence now and players surely believe they can get something out of this one.
  6. Good win away from home and good to get another clean sheet, only lifts our confidence. Great build up for the goal and also great to see Bakasetas score after being out for so long. Lets get the job done at home now.
  7. Great to see this didn't drag on like other players we have chased, now for him to get prepared and show us what he can do. Seems he can score goals from everywhere so hopefully he turns out to be that missing link up front that we have been needing for a long while. Welcome Sergio!!!!!!!
  8. @Amorgos that's the best part about it thank you Australia Day hahahaha
  9. http://www.aek365.com/a-501435/epishmo-o-araouxo-paei-sthn-aek.htm Seems he is going to Athens today, one person has claimed.
  10. Although I think this kid can be good for us I wont hold my breath, Diaz said the same things about wanting to come if we believe reports. Las Palmas president said Araujo will be leaving by end of the week also but they need to find a replacement. I will wait until I see him in Athens before I get excited. I do agree that we need another LB also, Didac has been terrible this season.
  11. Lets hope we get a good result away from home, the team looked rejuvenated last weekend and hopefully they bring that same attitude to this match. Also kickoff time is good for us Aussies because those 2am and 3am are a killer, midnight isn't as bad.....
  12. Look its not a bad thing but we need a plan in place as a club, we cant be going coach to coach each season. If they want Jimenez to stay on then give him a 2 year contract and let him finish this season off and also start putting a place in place for next season, along the way work out who he wants to keep and also get rid of. In the end he has coached in this league and he knows what's needed and what style you need to play to get results. I just don't wana see him go at season's end then we are looking for a new coach and trying to do everything rush rush, it just wont work.
  13. One thing that makes me wonder is why not give Jimenez a contract and not only until end of season? Bring someone in if you don't plan to keep him, let him gel the team from now, get his style across and get rid of the deadwood he doesn't want for next season. If we don't keep Jimenez now we go back to square 1 end of season. Finding a new coach, then chase players he wants then hoping they gel.
  14. I heard the 1st half on radio and we seemed more energetic and hungrier than we have all season, good to see. Pekhart once again scoring and doing his job. Everyone was doing their job yesterday. Good result but need to keep this going and hopefully string up a good winning streak. Big test next week away to Xanthi wont be easy but with this attitude we can get the 3 points.
  15. Its not only him jvc, Dusan is a big to this mess also. Yes Meli is the owner but he put Dusan there to run it all and he rules with an iron fist.
  16. Certainly hope so mate, I don't expect him to be the owner, but take over Kermit please. I listen to his show weekly and the things he says about AEK are spot on, even the players he says he wanted to bring in would've been big for AEK. He has plenty of contacts and knows the game very well, just a shame that AEK fans turned on him, now most are opening their eyes
  17. One can always dream I guess, but since Dusan is Meli's big mate I cant see Meli getting rid of him for Demi.
  18. There is one man who needs to come back and can make a change for us - Demi.
  19. Yes he did and he did also play a decent brand of football and I agree with you Dikefale, that team was ok, this team I have always said is good on paper but never got the guidance they needed this season from the coaches we had. Also the players lost their hunger/desire along the way. Still I would've preferred AEK to lower their pride and bring Dellas back, they lowered their pride and brought Zikos back last week so why not do the same with Dellas.
  20. Adamidis is a wanker, he was a sellout by doing deals with Oly under the table. As much as Meli is being a tight prick lets not forget if he didn't come in AEK prob wouldn't even exist right now. As for Jimenez, not sure what to make on it, cant be worse than Morais.
  21. That's one game that certainly comes to mind and ok to be fair PAO missed some big chances and had a penalty turned down but you could see players dying in the ass, then you see Celta's coach make subs which won him the game and the Italian didn't do anything.
  22. The Italian set up his team well, what killed him was the lack of depth and the times he wouldn't make subs when PAO players were dying in the ass and then lost the game from that.
  23. I think AEK is waiting on Diaz which has been a long boring saga, if not I can see this guy coming in.
  24. Well its either him or Diaz coming surely, we shall see in the coming days
  25. On the flip side of that one can argue that he doesn't have faith in his CBs, or knows his teams transition isn't the best hence why he doesn't want them going so far forward. Also he may have enough confidence in his front 4 and 2 backs who overlap (if they overlap) can be many reasons why he chooses to do that. I personally don't see it as a negative though, each coach has their own style and philosophy of football they want their team to play.
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