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  1. Kef

    AEK V Larissa

    3-0 FT Goals: Peckhart Chygrinskiy Almeida
  2. Any streams? Nevermind. Thanks D.
  3. Kef

    New Coach

    In addition to coaching issues and overall team management (i.e. spending on transfers etc...) the plain fact is that the players on this squad are just not that good. You kind of get what you pay for and combine that with second rate coaches and you have poor results week in and week out. Hopefully they can pull it together and keep a coach for the remainder of the season and finish in the top 5. Sad that a top 5 finish is the goal and challenging for a championship is again reduced to a pipe dream.
  4. How bad is Buonnotte that he never gets any time? He has to be fully rested yet he is firmly planted on the bench. Is he that bad?
  5. Beat these guys twice. Their only two losses of the year in Greece. Game was nothing spectacular but also not decided by the ref. Everything was fairly straightforward. Djebbour not only scored but also actually ran when not on the ball. Shocking to see. A cup win is a nice reward first season back considering the poor form the squad has been in the past month or so and the coaching nonsense.
  6. Any working streams?
  7. What time is the match in Greece?
  8. Apologies if there already is a thread on this but just heard the now eliminated Greek entry to Eurovision. Complete garbage. Hard to believe that was the best option out there. Granted, Eurovision as a whole is a marketplace of cheesy crap but this was particularly bad.
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