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Greece country coefficient

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Finished 3rd (after the playoffs) as Greece's automatic entry to the Europa.

1st. Olympiakos Group stage UCL as GSL Winners

2nd. Panathinaikos (After playoffs) - Third Qualifying Round of UCL

3rd. Asteras Tripolis (After playoffs) - Group Stage of UEL

4th. Atromitos (After playoffs) - Third Qualifying Round of UEL

5th. PAOK (After playoffs) - Second Qualifying Round of UEL

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Tomorrow we need big games from PAOK and Atromitos. 

I'm fairly certain of their progress, PAOK should at least score 1 which will make Spartak to need to score 3.


Atromitos lead 3-1 so even if AIK somehow put 2 past them without reply, Atromitos still go through on the away goals rule.


However stranger things have happened.

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If we look at the countries surrounding us at the tabel. Greece is the only with al starters left:


Ukraine  4/ 5
Belgium  4/ 5
Netherlands  4/ 6
Switzerland  4/ 5
Turkey  3/ 5
Czech Republic  4/ 5
Greece 5/ 5

Romania  2/ 4
Austria  3/ 5
Croatia  2/ 4
Cyprus 1/ 4

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we are essentially above the Czechs as Oly will get the bonus points for making the CL group stages...I was hoping the Czechs would also lose two teams today as they were on the brink...


Interestingly the Dutch will lose the points from a huge season so they are essentially behind us at this point 12 months on...

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Czechs were handed easy draws in the Europa League.


Viktoria Plzen vs Vojvodina


Slovan Liberec vs Hajduk Split 


Thun vs Sparta Prague


only difficult one for them is Jablonec vs Ajax and even that might not be as Ajax were poor vs Rapid Wien in the CL 3QR


I expect atleast Sparta and Viktoria Plzen to advance.



Turkey wise im confused they have only Fenerbahce and Galatasaray left in Europe if im not mistaken? and not 3 teams?



Romanias 2 teams I cant see both progressing, I think Rosemborg will be to strong for Steaua Bucharest, Astra Giurgiu is a tough one as they did hold West Ham, who knows.

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So Panathinaikos got probably the easiest draw on paper against an Azer club, they have to qualify. 

PAOK got a decent one vs. Brondby, 50/50
Atromitos got the worst of all draws as they face Fenerbache. 

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Greece lost two clubs today. Romania also but they have none left. The Swiss also lost two.

This is what is left for the GS in CL and EL for the countries surrounding us:

Ukraine 3/5

Belgium 3/5

Netherlands 4/6

Switzerland 2/5

Turkey 3/5

Czech Republic 3/5

Greece 3/5

Romania 0/4

Austria 2/5 *

Croatia 1/4

Cyprus 1/4

* Austria probably loses another club as Altach is down on aggregate by HT against seeded Belenenses from Portugal

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Thanks PAO you are a disgrace for Greece you are useless worthless we needed your points now it seems always the same teams have to save Greece.


We [Olympiakos/Marinakis] needed your points.


Too bad so sad.  Poor Marinakis must be hyperventilating at the prospect of a play off game to get what used to be his guaranteed money.

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