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  1. A win puts us into 5th (playoffs). I'll be missing the game unfortunately due to work PAME AEKARAA!!!
  2. Galo, Bakakis, Chyrgrinskiy , Almeida all out. Who do we play at RB? None of our CB's are fast enough.
  3. AEK vs Olympiakos Date - Sunday, 19th February 2017 Venue - OAKA, Athens Competition - SuperLeague Greece Round - 21 Time - 19:30 (Greece time)
  4. Inexperience fro him, hopefully he learns from this and it isnt a common theme like with Anestis.
  5. 2-1 Iraklis another mistake by Anestis....I mean Barkas taking too much time with the ball gets shouldered off it, loses it and is put into an open goal by Monterio. 66' Ajdarevic coming on for Johansson 70' GOL 2-2 Lazaros with the rebound. 76' 2nd Yellow/RED for Bakakis for diving. 83' FT 2-2 Terrible performance, Barkas to blame for the 2 goals IMO. Poor performance all around from everybody, Lazaros only one that was decent imo. We played the whole game like we were 5-0 ahead.
  6. Nearly an OG with Vranjes heading back to Barkas but not knowing Barkas was on his way out ball was rolling in only to be saved by Bakakis, comical stuff. Araujo coming on for Vargas. We will play Lazaros.......Araujo....Mandalos .............. ...Pekhart 59'
  7. Yellow for Vargas for a late challenge. Things are getting heated. HT 1-1 We have been pretty poor, a lot of the ball but not doing anything with it. Lazaros had a chance to go 1-on-1 on at the end but was cleared nicely last second. Pekhart has not touched the ball I dont think, lack of service. Other than the Didac chance and our goal nothing else has happened on our end. Iraklis had a chance with a header and there goal. Lacking a creative spark. Mandalos needs to be that player but he has been poor.
  8. 1-1 Smart cross into the box flicked on by Perone, Barkas could have done better, ball rolled in. 40'
  9. Galo coming off for Bakakis, problem with his toe, hopefully nothing major. 32'
  10. GOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL VARGASSSS 4 on 1 break after a Iraklis corner, Vargas with a nice finish into the right 0-1 19'
  11. Didac misses the first decent chance of the game, difficult angle from the left the ball rolls across the face of the goal. Tzanetopoulos starting for Iraklis.
  12. @AEKAlex yeah for the derby next week, he might make an appearance however. Decent link; http://albtvhd.com/live/Novasports1.html
  13. Full strength lineup Jimenez taking no chances: Barkas, Galo, Duaz, Vranjes, Lambro, Simoes, Jakub, Lazaros, Vargas, Mantalos, Pekhart KO in 15
  14. Iraklis vs AEK Date - Monday, 13th February 2017 Venue - Kaftanzoglio Stadium, Thessaloniki Competition - Superleague Greece Round - 20 Time - 19:30 (Greece time)
  15. Dikefale11

    AEK BC

    Joint 1st on 31 points with a game played more, fantastic stuff.
  16. At the end of the day despite the shitstorm that GS caused towards the end I think its best for it to be remembered for the good things it provided, a chance for diaspora Greeks (English speaking Greeks and non Greeks) to come together and talk about a variety of topics ranging from predominately Sports to History to Politics to TV Shows to dating advice to general conversation etc and so on. Im sure alot of posters have gone on to make good/lifelong friends from it, it didnt work out in the end but it ran its course of 10+ years , thankfully we've been given a 2nd (and for some posters a 3rd) life. I dont see much difference from the good parts of GS and Phantis, its continuing on where GS left off when it was at its heights, sure its not as busy but a thats got a lot to do with a range of factors (The state of greek football/the NT/Greece in general compared to back then). The main thing is we still have a site where we can do this, and as time goes on will keep improving and gathering more traffic im sure of it.
  17. Vranjes being back there has helped, guy gives his all, question is what happens when Chyg is back? Who gets dropped? I'm guessing Kolovetsios but he has been good, Lambro too. Why do we never have this problem in the ST department haha
  18. A fair result in the end, we only had 2 real chances with the Mandalos shot ad Galo's that just went wide in the first, Platanias had the best chance but Anestis did very good. A strange/different lineup 3-5-2 to what the team is usually used to probably played a part in the lack of chances. I think the main goal by Jimenez was not to concede and take them back to OAKA. Looking forward to the return leg.
  19. I only tuned in 30 minutes in and only now realised Bakasetas is playing, Platanias are a good unit, few dirty tackles. Mandalos or Bakasetas I think it was had a decent shot on goal if it fell a little better it would have been 1-0 with Araujo on the rebound just didnt sit right for him. I love Vranje's passion/anger we need more players like him, just hope it doesnt lead to red cards haha. Game has opened up more now, Araujo is like a dog running everywhere. What a save by Anestis, unreal.
  20. Jesus another obliteration! Didnt get to watch but sounded like more of the same as the game as Levadiakos. Good to see Lazaros start to show what he can do. Vranjes looks to have turned out solid, I wonder what a pairing Chygrinskiy would make next to him. Managed 6 goals with Bakasetas, Vargas, Patito, some of our most creative players, on the bench, Did Vinicius look good??
  21. A similar performance as the one vs Levadiakos would be nice. Simoes will miss the game due to cards.
  22. AEK vs Veria Date - Sunday, 5th February 2017 Venue - OAKA, Athens Competition - SuperLeague Greece Round - 19 Time - 15:00 (Greece time)
  23. I feel we were more dominating last year compared to how we've been so far this year, only our 3rd game where we scored at least 3. First game since 2003 we've managed 6 goals vs a A.Ethniki team/Superleague team!
  24. And that's all she wrote, 6-0 full time, 7-0 on aggregate. Complete domination throughout the game and reminded of of the AEK of last year. It seems Manolo has implemented his ideas to the team and they seem to be playing with a little more passion/drive. Definitely a plan in place instead of passing to anybody as it was throughout most of the year with Ketsbaia and Morais. A nice confidence booster with a 5 different goalscorers. Araujo getting 2, good game from him, 2 nice headers, hopefully he keeps it up. Bravo sta paidia.
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