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PAOK FC Head Coach (Razvan Lucescu)


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Apparently the offer is 700K. The only positive thing if he leaves is that PAOK will save around 1.7 mil in salary this season and 2 mil next season. The big problem is that we might be going down the path where we will be changing coaches like our shirts. 

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Pablo García, is his managerial record with PAOK U20, above 80% in 3-4 seasons?! Really? 

Don't know his tactics, his preferred style of play. 

PAOK need someone to impact immediately. Lucescu is impossible but it seems crucial to be someone who knows PAOK internally and also the SuperLeague itself as a whole, all the "tricks" and traps, the difficult stadiums and grounds.  

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Sounds like Garcia will take over the team after today but I'm not clear if this is just as caretaker. Perhaps it'll be an Ivic-style test. I say give him a go, if for no other reason than to shut the fans up

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Abel, what a sad tenure at Thessaloniki. Glad to see him leaves but suprised how can he attract Palmeiras' interest (or this is just one more case of agents-business-partners?).

Don't know García, but hopefully he can confirm the very good performance with the kids. 

It's urgent to find some ambition and performance stability.  I'm not finding any realistic alternatives which could ensure some "confidence". 

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1 hour ago, Athens4 said:

A lad at the fan club said that he doesn't have his UEFA badge. Is this true?

It's true but he is in the process of obtaining UEFA Coaching license. Until then the assistant coach Amanatidis's UEFA license will have to be utilized on the paperwork. 

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Malezas is taking over the k19 team.  Hopefully the team is communicating with Garcia on their intentions, and either A.) Are actively looking for our next head coach or B.) Are fully prepared to back Garcia on a long term basis.  The musical chairs with coaches needs to stop.  

With our current financial situation, expectations for the winter transfer window are pretty low.  

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Well this came out of left field.  Never could I have imagined any team being interested in wanting to acquire Abel as their manager, let alone a big club like Palmeiras.  It’s quite bizarre really.  Maybe Savvidis has gangster contacts in Brazil and there is black money being sloshed around offshore accounts.  A case of conspiracy theory making more sense than anything else.

Regardless, much to my surprise, I’m not that keen on Abel leaving.  Yes, he can be inflexible but overall he has the team in a decent state.  The squad is quite fit, and we are playing a decent brand of football.  It’s not like we are playing terrible and are being outplayed each week.  Our problem is obvious to all i.e. lack of firepower up front.  We are lacking a killer striker and players that can run at defences.  Zifkovic, Tzolis and other attackers are all solid players but don’t have that ability to charge at and rip through defences like say a Mak or Rodrigues could.  In the striking department again we are a little lacking.  Give us El Arabi and we are winning the title.  Let’s see if Colak comes good.  The other obvious criticism of Abel is playing three at the back in the GSL.  Totally unnecessary for 90% of games in Greece and probably detrimental.  I’m sure he has his reasons, I just can’t work out what they are.

And now onto Garcia.  Again, much to my surprise I’m not that keen on his appointment. Not because I don’t love him, but precisely because I do.  Being a manager, especially in the modern era, is a thankless task.  It hardly ever ends well and the last thing I want to see is the “legend” of Garcia diminished, or worse, he leaves the club with bad blood.  If it can happen with Ivic or Lucescu (thanks for winning us a title after 35 years) it can happen with anyone.  I hope I’m very wrong.  He’s done an awesome job with the youth team and brought up a couple of hopeful kids (Tzolis, Michailidis) and that’s all I want from a youth coach.  I just hope however and whenever his tenure comes to an end it isn’t in typical kafeneio fashion.  I guess we’ll soon find out if Garcia is made for first team football.  Newsflash, ha ha, I can see it now “where are all the wingers”, “we sold them all because Abel didn’t need them”, “PAOK looking for wingers in next transfer period”.

I remember saying a few years ago that all I f**king wanted was for the circus of hiring and firing managers to end and to just have one manager stay for more than a year.  Behold, my wish was granted, and Lucescu stayed for two.  An eternity by PAOK standards.  We have reverted  to our mean for the time being.

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