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PAOK FC Head Coach (Razvan Lucescu)


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1. Konstantinos Andreadis (Greece): 1926-1931
2. Rudolf Gassner (Austria): 1931-1932
3. Aristotelis Armaris (Greece): 1932-1933
4. Nikos Sankionis (Greece): 1933-1934
5. Charilaos Papadopoulos (Greece): 1945-1946
6. Aristotelis Armaris (Greece): 1946-1947
7. Nikos Avelakis (Greece): 1947-1948
8. Kostas Deligiorgis (Greece): 1948-1949
9. Nikos Pangalos (Greece): 1949-1950
10. Willy Swetzik (Austria): 1950-1952
11. Nikos Pangalos (Greece): 1952-1953
12. Ermao Hoffman (Hungary): 1955-1956
13. Niko Polti (Austria): 1956-1957
14. Kleanthis Vikelidis (Greece): 1957
15. Walter Pfeffer (Austria): 1957
16. Kostas Zogas (Greece): 1957-1958
17. Dionysis Minardos (Greece): 1958-1959
18. Darko Mihajlovic (Yugoslavia): 1959-1961
19. Karl Durspekt (Austria): 1961-1963
20. Gyorgy Babolchay (Hungary): 1963-1965
21. Mile Kos (Yugoslavia): 1965-1966
22. Lefteris Papadakis (Greece): 1966
23. Nikos Pangalos (Greece): 1967-1968
24. Dimitris Kalogiannis (Greece): 1968
25. Ivor Powell (Wales): 1968
26. Janko Janevski (Yugoslavia): 1968-1969
27. Jane Csanadi (Hungary): 1969-1970
28. Ivica Horvat (Yugoslavia): 1970-1971
29. Giorgos Chasiotis (Greece): 1971
30. Les Shannon (England): 1971-1974
31. Apostolos Progios (Greece): 1974
32. Gyula Lorant (Hungary): 1974-1976
33. Branko Stankovic (Yugoslavia): 1976-1977
34. Billy Bingham (England): 1977-1978
35. Dimitris Kalogiannis (Greece): 1978
36. Lakis Petropoulos (Greece): 1978-1979
37. Egon Piechaczek (Poland: 30.09.1979 - 27.04.1980
38. Gyula Lorant (Hungary): 28.04.1980 - 31.05.1981
39. Aristos Fountoukidis (Greece): 01.06.1981 - 21.06.1981
40. Heinz Haher (Germany): 06.09.1981 - 26.06.1983
41. Pal Csernai (Hungary): 04.09.1983 - 06.05.1984
42. Walter Skocik (Austria): 23.09.1984 - 02.03.1986
43. Michalis Bellis (Greece): 03.03.1986 - 15.05.1986
44. Thijs Libregts (Holland): 07.09.1986 - 06.12.1987
45. Michalis Bellis (Greece): 07.12.1987 - 15.05.1988
46. Rinus Israel (Holland): 11.09.1988 - 22.01.1989
47. Nikos Alefantos (Greece): 23.01.1989 - 09.04.1989
48. Stavros Sarafis (Greece): 10.04.1989 - 21.05.1989
49. Rob Jacobs (Holland): 17.09.1989 - 23.12.1990
50. Christos Terzanidis (Greece): 24.12.1990 - 02.06.1991
51. Ciro Blazevic (Croatia): 01.09.1991 - 22.03.1992
52. Giannis Gounaris (Greece): 23.03.1992 - 07.06.1992
53. Ljupko Petrovic (Yugoslavia): 06.09.1992 - 24.01.1993
54. Stavros Sarafis (Greece): 25.01.1993 - 30.01.1993
55. Oleg Blokhin (Ukraine): 07.02.1993 - 27.02.1994
56. Stavros Sarafis (Greece): 28.02.1994 - 28.04.1994
57. Arie Haan (Holland): 28.08.1994 - 01.10.1995
58. Stavros Sarafis (Greece): 02.10.1995 - 26.11.1995
59. Dragan Kokotovic (Yugoslavia): 27.11.1995 - 04.02.1996
60. Michalis Bellis (Greece): 05.02.1996 - 05.05.1996
61. Gunder Bengtsson (Sweden): 06.05.1996 - 01.12.1996
62. Christos Archontidis (Greece): 02.12.1996 - 02.02.1997
63. Christos Archontidis (Greece): 03.02.1997 - 17.05.1998
64. Oleg Blokhin (Ukraine): 22.08.1998  29.09.1998
65. Christos Archontidis (Greece): 30.09.1998 - 07.02.1999
66. Arie Haan (Holland): 08.02.1999 - 28.11.1999
67. Stavros Sarafis (Greece): 29.11.1999 - 29.12.1999
68. Dusan Bajevic (Bosnia): 01.01.2000  08.05.2002
69. Angelos Anastasiadis (Greece): 25.08.2002 - 26.09.2004
70. Rolf Fringer (Austria): 27.09.2004 - 13.02.2005
71. Nikos Karageorgiou (Greece): 17.02.2005 - 16.09.2005
72. Giorgos Kostikos (Greece): 17.09.2005 - 20.02.2006
73. Ilie Dumitrescu (Romania): 21.02.2006 - 03.10.2006
74. Stavros Sarafis (Greece): 03.10.2006 - 12.10.2006
75. Momcilo Vukotic (Serbia): 13.10.2006 - 22.01.2007
76. Giorgos Paraschos (Greece): 22.01.2007 - 02.09.2007
77. Fernando Santos (Portugal): 03.09.2007 - 19.05.2010
78. Mario Beretta (Italy): 14.06.2010 - 22.07.2010
79. Pavlos Dermitzakis (Greece): 23.07.2010 - 17.10.2010
80. Makis Havos (Greece): 18.10.2010 - 25.05.2011
81. Laszlo Boloni (Romania): 09.06.2011 - 20.05.2012
82. Giorgos Donis (Greece): 02.06.2012 - 29.04.2013
84. Giorgos X. Georgiadis (Greece): 30.04.2013 - 30.06.2013
85. Huub Stevens (Holland): 14.06.2013 - 02.03.2014
86. Giorgos X. Georgiadis (Greece): 03.03.2014 - 17.05.2014
87. Angelos Anastasiadis (Greece): 11.06.2014 - 16.03.2015
88. Giorgos X. Georgiadis (Greece): 16.03.2015 - 17.06.2015
89. Igor Tudor (Croatia): 18.06.2016 - 09.03.2016
90. Vladan Ivic (Serbia): 09.03.2016 - 09.06.2017
91. Aleksandar Stanojevic (Serbia): 16.06.2017 - 11.08.2017
92. Razvan Lucescu (Romania): 11.08.2017 - 01.07.2019
93. Abel Ferreira (Portugal): 01.07.2019 - 29.10.2020
94. Pablo Gabriel Garcia Lopez (Uruguay): 30.10.2020 - 26.06.2021

31. Razvan Lucescu (Romania): 26.06.2021 - Present

Stavros Sarafis coached PAOK on 6 different occasions followed by Aggelos Anastasiadis, who coached PAOK on 4 different occasions. Michalis Bellis, Christos Archontidis and Giorgos X. Georgiadis coached PAOK on 3 different occasions.

Aggelos Anastasiadis is the overall longest serving coach at PAOK (4 years, 11 months) on four different occasions.

Fernando Santos is the longest continuously serving coach at PAOK (2 years , 10 months)

Mario Beretta is the shortest serving coach at PAOK (38 days)

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The Croatian Igor Tudor is PAOK's new coach. He signed a 3-year deal (1+2) worth 240,000 Euro per season. His only coaching experience is coaching Hajduk Split for 1 season, winning the Croatian cup. He was a successful player with Juventus Torino.

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I can't see Tudor lasting in such an immediate results expecting environment.

The pressure from the fans/owner and media will be intense. If he's allowed a season to acclimatise then he may well turn in to a great coach but what happens when things aren't going well? He's sent packing?

First thing is he was 1 month to prepare for the Europa matches. Logically I think PAOK will get through the first hurdle without much stress and with the current squad. The challenges are in the next rounds to get to the group stage and then managing these fixtures with the League.

Iraklis' promotion will provide the first derby in 2 seasons so there will be some angst there. Good luck to him though.

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  • 2 months later...

Of course he's using it as a resume-builder - he's practically a kid. The philosophy that applies to the players we buy, extends to the coach as well. We just have to trust that Arnesen sees that, and that the desire to show what he can do will lead to successes.

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I feel he's using this PAOK role for experience and to sell his merits to a better Italian club.


Nothing wrong with that. Only if we had players with the same mentality. Instead we used to have over-30 year old old timers lookin ahead to their retirement. 

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I was a disbeliever based on his lack of experience and accomplishment as a coach but he's won me over. He's determined and has belief.

He's stumbled in the league because he (and most people) underrated the standard of the Greek Super League but if he's a good coach he'll find solutions to unlock tight defence and catenaccio tactics.

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  • 4 months later...

4 months later, looking at my comment, I still feel the same way.   I still like him, but his inexperience is really starting to show.  He wasn't the greatest choice for coach in a rebuilding from scratch year.  (I think Boloni would have perfect right now)...but I think if he's given the chance, and opportunity to sign more players he'll do better next year.  


A lot of the problems the team is having is Savvidis' insisting on stirring the pot, and getting too involved in matters that he has hired people to handle.  


Here's an interesting graphic from Facebook:


FULL DISCLOSURE:  I did not confirm the stats, but it's on the internet, so it's gotta be true, right?

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  • 1 month later...

I feel like Tudor got shafted from the beginning.  He got a dud in Olsen, who cost the team more than just a few points.  Then he was force-fed Berbatov, who just doesn't fit his plans for the team.  I'm sure the money spent on Berbatov could have gotten us a 10ari and a CB that we desperately needed.  Then, he's literally got a fresh new team that gets thrown right into the early stages of Europa League....with little time for preparation.  Then the team is absolutely plagued by injuries.  We lose Konstantinidis, who showed that this would be his break out season.  Leovic and Cimirot missed the first few months with the team, and then Leovic gets injured again.   Then I'm sure sitting Kace wasn't his idea, seeing as he's been a vital part of the team, and seems to be healthy....


I truly believe the his 3-5-2 system would have worked if 1.) We signed a class CB to take Costa's place early one.  2.)  Signed the Striker that the coach actually wanted and 3.) Olsen didn't turn out to be worthless.


I think a middle line like: Rodrigues - Cimirot - Pelkas - Kace - Konstantinidis is pretty solid, with Mak and anothor fast striker up front.... But these guys haven't all been healthy at the same time.

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Chatzisias is looking so far like the CB we've been lacking.  One more of him and I'd feel a lot better about our defence.  I think it's time to let Vitor go.  Up front we have problems.  Berbatov and Klaus are not high work rate players and then when you add Tziolis into the mix you've got 3 players that don't run hard.  Makes it difficult for everyone else.  They are all good players in their own way but I wouldn't have all 3 playing at the same time.  I also think that Klaus is not good enough to be a starting CF.

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Tudor's squad though on paper is the second best squad in the league and the problem is we are currently sitting on 4th/5th spot! We got knocked out in first round of europa, we are playing crap football. 


Santos had way worse squads and look at how we were playing , aggelo had 11 players and he was at this point sitting first! 


Tudor has been given support by the board even though all the fans wanted him out. 


Tudor was given berbatov the best player to ever play for paok, if he cannot use him correctly whos fault is that? 


Tudor has a 22  year old kace not an 19 year old kace! 


Tudor has been given more than a fair go. 

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Our injuries have been ridiculous.  The tricky part is working out if there is something the club can do about it.  Is the training too hard ?  Are the facilities or doctors not good enough ?  Add to that the fact that you don't really know with new players what they are capable of.  What I mean is, we buy a player, but more than likely they have come from a team that doesn't play in Europe regularly and then when they have 2 games a week, their body can't cope.

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I still think Anastasiadis was thrown to the wolves.  Yes, he's a bit of fruit loop but the fact is, he got us into 1st position for the first time ... this century.  The problem of course is his personality but I still rate him as a manager.  Either way, it doesn't matter anymore.  What's done is done.

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  • Blackhawk changed the title to PAOK FC Head Coach (?)
  • Blackhawk changed the title to PAOK FC Head Coach (Razvan Lucescu)

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