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  1. But again who (realistic, obvious)?! It's easy to criticize...
  2. Forcing sent off?!...is he missing Thessaloniki?! Hope he returns soon.
  3. Paschalakis, I even understand he is elastic but with no brains. In any case, selling him and who will you be buying to replace him?!
  4. Honestly I did not expect this win. Globally, modest performance but a win! Against this also poor AEK, we should have all to manage second leg as confortable as possible and go to final against Oly. Finally all motivation there to win the Cup against them. Even playing this "nothing".
  5. Confidence and minimal sufficent consistency? Or just another empty, disconnected and sloppy performance? So many doubts...
  6. Just curious about how García will approach this match. Could we still believe in anything really promising?
  7. "Garcia outcoached the same way as in the recent game against them." That's it. And so easily. Against the practical and simple style of Bölöni... Are there still any doubts related to the repeated García's unability?! Too poor to be believed. Keep this lethargy regarding next season's preparation, coach and market and we will see next season be lost before starting.
  8. 4-2-3-1? With Warda supporting the Loco striker?! And Varela? And Augusto? Need to see any progression from Tsiggaras. We need a real striker.
  9. Do you still believe? Kagawa, 32, is retiring at PAOK...
  10. "Too easy" for what Pana had prepared. PAOK failed to effectively react to bad moments in the game. Individual performances suffering from collective unconsistency and the absence of alternative (previously trained) plans.
  11. More of the same. Other poor performance. Don't antecipate and don't work in advance regarding coach and players and we can be losing right now next season.
  12. Where is Jaba?! So promising player lost in "translation"?! Krmencik consistently good?! Seriously? I see him waste a lot of chances. Poor finishing. Swiderski should improve. Summarizing (1st part): Zivkovic (31), Jun.22, try to sell ; need a real upgrade here Paschalakis (31), contract exp. Jun.22, keep it as eternal reserve Talichmanidis (19), Jun.23, need to see him in action first Rodrigo (28), Jun.22, sell ; need upgrade Vieirinha (35), Jun.21, retire and join technical team Lyratzis (21), Jun.22, need to see him in action first Ingas
  13. At least one more season, I think we should "fight" to retain him. Sell all the other garbage that should never have come. Drop in value instead of increase...obviously but only if you have a poor manager or a non-attractive project, inoperative to empower and operationalize young promising players. I think it's the right time to change and allow PAOK to properly prepare next season. Not to loose it right now.
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