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  1. Suffer too much against teams that close spaces. Embarassing unability to find practical solutions to overcome these systems. For how long Abel? It's clear that he will not work here. Too early in the season for a discredit horizon (again). Now, we all know the story. No faith at all.
  2. The “warm” sky of Athens… but OAKA is empty. Until when? Carrera's AEK, from the usual 4-3-3 (which he has used since Spartak days) for a reformulated 3-4-3 / 5-2-3. Mirrored in Abel's PAOK. Good pace but no ideas. PAOK with more ball but insisting on long ones. Waste of time. No depth. AEK more on hold and exploring the spaces. Giannoulis non-stop runs and criterion with Tzolis. They will be the next ones to leave (Pelkas scored in his debut for Fenerbahce). Abel taking a long time to change. Finishing in a 4-1-3-2 / 4-2-4, more chaotic, more "anomalous" in attack, but th
  3. Abel, you were late... https://www.sdna.gr/podosfairo/770416_ampel-argises
  4. Abel: "Good match to see. Congratulations to my players, they respected the game plan". Final hunger, spirit is praiseworthy. But we need to improve connection between lines, "junction" and minimize disorder. And obviously to speed up incorporation of new comers.
  5. "Draw is fair" - Carrera, satisfied. Change in the system may have impacted.
  6. Giannoulis, infinite runs. 4-1-3-2/4-2-4 to try to at least a draw. But too much dispersion and poor precision. Can't we prepare something simpler, practical? Missing Lucescu.
  7. With ball I believe he can do better. But it's his typical. No surprises. We need to filter and create more at center midfield (anyone on the bench?). Insisting in direct balls when thae have three center backs, it will be hard to find depth.
  8. Esiti with ball....poor. No ideas in center midfield. Senseless direct balls.
  9. Too passive .....in 1-0 by Ansarifard. Sharp finish by Tzolis...
  10. Giannoulis e Tzolis, how they are still "here" in Greece?!
  11. Giannoulis - what a speedy train! Up and down.
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